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					Used as a chef's knife the Santoku has features that many chef's prefer. Because these
are such useful knives care should be taken to choose a well balanced knife. Most cut
injuries are caused because a knife is so dull that too much pressure must be applied
to complete a cut and if it slips very serious deep cuts are possible to the user.

However most knives can be used safety for multiple jobs around the kitchen.
Japanese or Asian style chef's knives are becoming popular with chef's and cooks. As
with most japanese cutting tools these Santoku knives are very pleasing to the eye.

     There is always a good variety of these chef's knives available including those
with shorter blades. These knives have a low tip style and a broad blade with a
slightly curved cutting edge. The blades tend to be sturdy and do not easily flex which
makes them ideal for heavier chores such as chopping potatoes and other large
vegetables. If a favorite all around kitchen knife were to be chosen in most cases the
chef's knife would be the favorite. This is a rather delicate style with smaller handles
having an unusual D shape which keeps the knife from twisting during use and are
great                       for                     smaller                       hands.

The prices are reasonable but low cost for a substandard knife could prove to be a bad
investment. The japanese have always been known to produce excellent cutting tools.
This will make long sessions in the kitchen less tiresome.

As with any good cutting tool all of these knives should be handled with care. This
allows the blade to be rocked while cutting which is an advantage while slicing or
dicing. Vintage Pocket Knives
These knives are used for everything from prepping steaks for the grill to finely
mincing onions. This often used tool should be of good quality so price should usually
not be the deciding factor.

A common chef's knife is a fairly heavy knife with an average blade length of eight
inches. Any experienced wood worker will rave about Japanese woodworking tools
such as saws and chisels. Another Asian stye chef's knife is the Nakiri.

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