; Choose the Right Tool to Record Flash Video Online-Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro
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Choose the Right Tool to Record Flash Video Online-Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro


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									When you are surfing on the Internet, you would frequently come into favorite videos,
Flash movies, games, PowerPoint presentations that you want to share with your
friends. Do you have the idea to record these favorites, but do not know how to do
this, or which tool is right for you? As a matter of fact, this would be a problem for
many beginners. In this article you can get a proper solution for most conditions.
  Record video, you need a proper tool. Though most recording tools claim that they
can record videos online, only software specifically designed to record video can
generate high quality videos or Flash movies with efficiency. Here we recommend
you to use the powerful software Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro.
  Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro is an all-in-one and easy-to-use tool to help
you download online videos (FLV/F4V or other videos) from the Internet at superfast
speed and with great compatibility. This program makes it possible for you to
download FLV files of all formats from the Internet accurately with the technology of
auto-parsing URLs as well as the technology of multi-thread downloading. You can
download multiple Internet videos (up to five) at one time or you can download one
by one.
  After recording, you can use its powerful build-in converter to convert Flash video to
MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, VOB and other popular video/audio
formats for easily playback on your portable players like iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4,
Motorola Droid X, Droid 2, Samsung Galaxy S, PSP, BlackBerry Torch 9800,
BlackBerry PlayBook, etc. Also you are allowed to import other video files from your
PC for conversion. And it supports UPnP connectivity allowing you to watch videos
on UPnP supported devices and share videos with other UPnP-clients.
  1. Download Flash Videos: Open the downloader program:
  You may find there are four parts one the left column: Video Detector, Downloader,
Converter and UPnP. In Video Detector section there is a Video Website Library
which covers overwhelming majority of websites like YouTube, Veoh, Boxee, Joost,
Yahoo video and CBS etc. Open the video-sharing website from it or directly type in
the URL of the video sharing-site(s) you plan to visit and download. Then the
program will auto-detect the URL of the online video for download. If you open
several videos at the same time, the program is also able to detect the video URLs
automatically in batch for you. Then select the videos you want to record, click the
download button on the right column.
  Once the downloading is finished, you can find the videos in the destination folder
that you set. Also you can locate them by searching in 鈥淗 istory 鈥?tab and 鈥淢
ovie 鈥?or 鈥 淢 usic 鈥?tab in 鈥 淒 ownloaded 鈥?section of the program.
Right-click one, you can Play, Convert, Delete, Clear, Locate and Download again
with ease.
  2. Convert: Once your favorite FLV movie is stored on your PC, you can play it back
and enjoy yourself any time on your PC. However, if you want to bring this movie
anywhere you go, you have to convert it into the common video file format, such as
AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, etc. This powerful FLV Downloader will do a nice favor
for you. With the great build-in Converter you can easily realize this.
  There are two ways: 1): Choose to convert when you start a new online Flash video
downloading task. 2): Go to the Converter Section: Click add button to add video files
for conversion.
 The great conversion program does support converting FLV files to AVI, MPEG,
MP4, 3GP, MOV, WMV, 3GPP2, 3GPP, WMA, AAC, MP3, etc. Just follow the
instructions on the interface step by step, and you will soon generate your desired
video files in few clicks.
 Tip: After you activate the 鈥淯 PnP 鈥?function by setting in 鈥淯 PnP 鈥?section,
you can easily watch the downloaded and converted movies/musics on your UPnP
supported devices or to other UPnP-clients.

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