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									      Indexing Backlinks – If you Build it, they will NOT come!

You made a backlink, so what? Here’s an important revelation that every new SEO and webmaster
must have: just because you put something on the web doesn’t mean that Google knows about it. If
you build it, they will NOT come. Most of the time you need to help Google find the content that you
have generated be it your site or some article in a directory. In other words, you need your web
properties to be indexed. So how do you do this? I’m glad you asked ;)
Getting backlinks indexed can be tricky. Sometimes it happens quickly and painlessly, but other times
you have to work at it a bit more. You can’t spend all your time constantly checking up on links
especially if you just made 1,000 profile backlinks, so you need a consistent strategy that you can apply
to every backlink you make. In essence, getting your backlinks indexed means pointing more
backlinks to your backlinks. There are two simple ways to go about doing this.
1.   Social Bookmarking
Social sites get crawled CONSTANTLY by Google. Any bookmark you post on a site like Digg or
Delicious is going to get indexed rather quickly. This is what happens: One of Google’s spiders is
busy crawling the social site and comes across the web page that has your bookmark on it. The
bookmark you posted has a link to the page with your backlink on it. The spider follows the link in
your bookmark and finds the page with the backlink you made on it – it is now indexed. In all honesty,
this is all you have to do most of the time to get your links quickly indexed by Google or any of the
other Search Engines.
2.   Pinging
Another very easy and efficient way to get backlinks indexed is by pinging. Think of pinging like this:
you create a page on the web, but no one knows about it yet (ie Google). When you ping the page, it’s
like you’ve raised a red flag – you’re saying “Hey! Come look at this!” And the search engines
respond appropriately. If used in conjunction with social bookmarking, you shouldn’t have too much
trouble getting any of your backlinks indexed.
The above strategies are the most efficient, cost-free methods of indexing. If you find that it is taking
too long to carry out this process for backlinking, you can always purchase an automation software to
do everything for you. There are also programs for more intense backlink indexing such as Backlink
Index Express, Backlink Energizer, and SEO Fast Indexer. These tools do more than just pinging and
social bookmarking and they do it well.
Backlinking is crucial to your site’s success in the SERPs, but it doesn’t stop there. Simply creating
backlinks is not enough to ensure high rankings; you have to make sure that these links are found by
the search engines.
You can do this through social bookmarking, pinging, or with paid tools recommended in this SEO
Course. Ben Jackson is an SEO expert and founder of : Master SEO for FREE
– No Payments, No Opt-ins, Just Knowledge.

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