Choose the beautiful countryside and fine cuisine of Chianti for a perfect romantic break

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					If your idea of an ideal destination for a romantic break includes stunning countryside
for meandering strolls and some cosy restaurants for fine dining, then look no further
than Chianti.
  Booking a romantic holiday in Tuscany is one of the best ways of getting away from
the rat race and spending a few days in the company of your other half. There are few
more relaxing places to visit in Europe and the Chianti area has the perfect
combination of lots of things to do and plenty of secluded spots where you can enjoy
each other's company.
  One of the things that will strike you about the region is how colourful it is. The
rolling hills that dominate the landscape provide ideal conditions for plants to grow,
meaning the area is packed with vineyards and olive groves.
  There is also some beautiful woodland, complete with yellow shrubs and the deep
green of the cypress trees. All this vegetation gives the area a uniquely rich
combination of colours that means there are spectacular views wherever you look.
  The gentle slopes of many of the hills and the banks of the five rivers that wind their
way through the region are perfect for romantic walks. When you set off from your
holiday cottage in Italy on foot you are also likely to find there is much more to
discover in Chianti than just countryside.
  You are almost certain to see a castle or two while you are out and about, as the
area's wealthiest families have been building imposing structures in the hills for
hundreds of years. Some are now just ruins, but others remain intact enough to be
used as lavish homes.
  There are also a number of fascinating medieval villages in the area, characterised by
old-fashioned stone houses, beautiful churches and the original marketplaces. The
villages are great places to find restaurants serving the traditional Tuscan cuisine.
  You can easily eat out every night in Chianti without becoming bored of the peasant
dishes, which benefit from the use of locally-produced vegetables, beef, game and
olive oil. And, of course, you will want to enjoy a bottle or two of Chianti's
world-famous wine with your meals.

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