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					If you are not with your significant other anymore, but have a child with him or her,
then you will need to figure out how you will take care of your offspring once the
funds leave with your spouse. Getting a reputable child support attorney can help you
to get the wages you need in order to care for your baby.
  When a couple has a kid, sometimes they do not stay together. If separation occurs,
there will be a time when the parent that has full custody and is raising the kid will
need financial assistance. This assistance can be something that the parents agree
upon themselves and does not involve the courts. However, often times, the courts get
involved and the financial assistance is decided by the law. Usually, if you’re the one
that has to pay, it’s best to get a child support attorney to oversee your case. By doing
so, you’ll feel at ease knowing you are paying what’s fair and not being taken
advantage of by the parent that has custody. Keep in mind that such costs will take
care of the kid's basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. In addition, you will
need to keep in mind that the courts may consider costs for school as well as medical
  Determining Payment Amount
  There are numerous factors that will affect how much will need to be paid when it
comes to monetary assistance. One of the first things that needs to be done is that both
parents will need to reveal their finances to the courts. This should include all money
made each month as well as expenses that are paid out each month. Having a child
support attorney during this time will prove to be helpful. In addition to basic
financial information, the courts can also consider your earning potential for the
future. This means that if you have a job that shows you may make a certain amount
as a gross income, but actually have the ability to make much more, the necessary
monthly amount paid for the child may increase to reflect the potential for increased
income. Furthermore, the living conditions before the parents separated will be taken
into consideration since the courts would like the quality of life to remain constant if
possible. After this information is defined, the courts usually take all of this into
consideration and come up with a fair amount that has to be paid to maintain the
living conditions.
  Ensuring Payment is Made
  Sadly, there are some parents that do not want to pay money to help aid their kids.
As a result of this delinquency, you will need a good child support attorney to help
navigate the process. There are ways for the courts to get the money needed, such as
by serving the non-custodial parent with an official document that will state in writing
that he or she should pay the money. If this does not work for whatever reason, the
courts have the right to garnish wages, take tax refunds and even put a lien on a
property if necessary.
  When seeking the legal aid of a child support attorney, Woodbridge, VA residents
may have many options to choose from. As a result, it is important to trust in the
services of an attorney well-versed in such procedures. For more information on steps
that you should take in such a case, please visit