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					If you are doing great in studies, have an open mind, and ready to work hard next
several decades then most likely you may get a Noble Prize for your hard work and
  After Alphred Nobel has established the international awards in 1895, Scandinavian
committees still give a chance to people to get a Nobel Prize for scientific innovations
and inventions.
  There are different categories a Nobel Prize may be awarded for. Such as:
  鈥?Psychology and Medicine
  Outstanding Chemistry Laureate
  Despite the gossips about women 鈥檚 mental capabilities, there have been plenty
of female Noble laureates since 1895. Among them is Marie Curie, nee Sklodowska.
She has won the recognition of the entire planet by discovering such important
elements for nuclear chemistry as radium and polonium. One can hardly imagine that
the discovery made in 1911 by Marie Curie would have changed our world if never
  Nowadays students are strongly motivated to study hard and persistant in order to be
able to change the world by possible future inventions in any spheres of science.
Talking about vital discoveries it is necessary to mention the Nobel Peace Prize.
  Nobel Peace Prize as a Peace Guarantee
  In terms of highly and rapidly developing society, we have to remember about
possibility to harm the mankind with the new openings in nuclear physics, chemistry,
etc. Luckily, Alphred Nobel was interested in social issues and peace movements, as
well. The well-known laureats are Nelson R. Mandela and Frederik Willem de Klerk
(1993), who have gained the right for people to be equal dispite their skin color.
  So, who knows what you are going to do in 30 years. Why not devote this time to
really necessary researches and scientific work?
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