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									A chemical peel is facial rejuvenation procedure. It is non-surgical but, depending on
the depth of peel you choose, it is a much more serious treatment than the facials you
can perform at home, and does require some recovery. Chemical peels can
significantly improve wrinkles and discoloration while refreshing the skin and
improving its texture.
How a Chemical Peel Works
A chemical peel removes the outer layers of skin allowing it to be replaced with new
healthy skin cells and encouraging collagen production.
During the procedure, a chemical solution is applied to your skin. Then, over the next
few days the old, damaged skin will scale and peel off, revealing the fresh, healthy
skin underneath.
Depending on the depth of peel you choose, a chemical peel can make a very
significant difference in the texture of your skin and even remove precancerous cells.
Benefits of Chemical Peel
A chemical peel can improve the look and texture of your skin in many ways
including: Reduce fine lines and wrinkles Improve sun damaged skin Revive dull skin
Remove or reduce discoloration Minimize mild scars Minimize lines under the eyes
and around the mouth Encourage collagen production for plumper, younger looking
skin Improve acne Improve rough, dry skin Minimize large pores
A chemical peel is a great alternative to facial surgery for improving the appearance
and texture of your skin. It does not address the underlying structure or tissues, and it
does not remove excess skin.
Caring For Your Skin Before and After Chemical Peel
Properly caring for your skin, before and after your chemical, peel is an essential part
of the process. The new skin that is revealed by the peel will be delicate and fragile at
You must protect your skin from the sun before and after your chemical peel. After a
very deep peel you may need to stay out of the sun for several months.
Your cosmetic surgeon will give you detailed instruction and product
recommendations to help you care for your skin.
Chemical Peel Recovery
The length and severity of your chemical peel recovery will depend on the depth and
aggressiveness of the peel. The initial result of the peel will be similar to a sunburn.
Recovery can take a few days to a few weeks.
Regardless of depth, you can expect to experience redness, scaling, crusting, and
peeling. Moderate to deep peels can also cause facial swelling.
To learn more about chemical peels and other non-surgical facial rejuvenation
solutions please visit the website of facial cosmetic surgeon Daria Hamrah, serving
patients in the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area.

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