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					Chefs are bringing a restaurant experience to Melbourne homes. Melbourne residents
can be catered to in the comfort of their own home with restaurant quality food at
affordable prices. Personal and private chefs give new meaning to eating in and are no
longer the sole bastion of the wealthy. They make a living by cooking custom meals
for professionals and time starved families. The market for personal and private chefs
is a new growing market in Australia where a rising number are dipping into the chef
for hire market. Chef hiring tends to start with assistance for dinner parties or for
occasions when a little extra help at home is appreciated, then follows with
negotiations for a more permanent arrangement. Going about hiring a chef In
Melbourne grows from the novel to the norm.
  Australians look to the expansion of the US market as an indicator of the potential
Down Under. The number of customers in America has been estimated to have grown
over 40,000 between 1999 and 2009 by the American Personal Chef Association that
was established to professionalize this industry in 1991 during the early era of this
market. The number of cooking specialists employed in this market has also increased
correspondingly in number from an estimated number of 50 in the early 1990s to
9,000 in 2009. Little wonder it has been said that the personal chef industry is one of
the fastest-growing businesses in the United States.
  To find a chef of your own, try searching by location through free referral databases
available online for a start. The market is diversifying with the provision of more
specialised services being made available on the internet. Yet, there still remains
potential for greater expansion. According to observers, the market in Melbourne is
growing more slowly than Sydney at the moment. It is believed this might be due to
the fact this is still a new option in the Australia and Melbourne residents may be
more conservative than Sydney residents. However, the same observers, and those in
this new growing sector of the food production industry, feel such services shall
become more ubiquitous due to the affordability factor and the benefits of good food
and the freeing up of family time that it affords.
  `Chefs today can be hired as private or personal chefs. Private chefs tend to
exclusively serve an individual employer full time. They may live in the house and be
part of the salaried household staff. Personal chefs may be self-taught or have some
culinary training. They work for more than one client on demand for special meals or
several meals on a regular agreed upon schedule. Groceries and supplies will be taken
care by these hired cooks. The prepared meals are packaged for the clients, who can
either reheat the prepared dishes or finish the meal with some additional light
  While some chefs may prefer using commercial kitchens others will plan on cooking
in the home kitchen. A menu designed to accommodate client needs and preferences is
a major advantage they offer over restaurants. The prices charged will vary according
to dietary restrictions, the number of prepared servings, the location and the frequency
of service. At the moment in the market in Australian has dinners as the most common
prepared meal.
  Chefs strive to accommodate their client tastes. The process commences when they
meet and interview new customers who fill out a questionnaire they provide or answer
their inquiries about preferences and other pertinent details. A customized menu of
meal is then devised according to customer preferences. This is something the more
inflexible restaurant setting cannot offer. Cooking equipment will be assessed and, if
necessary, cooking pans and other needed supplies will be supplied. Mouthwatering
items or personal favorites can be ready without having to slave over the stoves.
Customers learn that this service can be a cost-effective and healthier alternative to
eating out. Typically, clients are families with working parents and children with a
healthy appetite. For time challenged parents, a major benefit is the increased family
time together. Healthy cooked food for those who are keen to stay fit and adopt good
eating habits is now available with changes in menus so boredom is avoided with a
diet sensitive menu.
  When chefs for hire started in Australia a few years ago, they filled a niche for busy
time restricted families and young professionals. Those with not have much time for
themselves who loved the idea of having meals cooked for them. It is a respite for
those eating out because they or ordering fast food takeout because they do not want
to cook themselves. Gift vouchers for meals are a growing segment of the business,
with companies buying them to reward employees. At the moment, the most
established part of the market is the catered dinner party at home. This can come at a
cost of AUD 38 an hour per chef on weekdays, and between AUD 41 and AUD 46 on
  Room for expansion remains in Australia. It is understood by the purveyors of this
service that client education is still needed to bring appreciation for the service. It
need to be demonstrated that this an accessible and affordable service for Melbourne
residents.About Hiring Chefs By Melbourne Residents
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