Checklist for First Home Buyers

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					Looking for your first home or requiring some information regarding how to get your
first home loan?
  Then don 鈥檛 worry and be a first home buyer by some outlined tips and hints on
how to get your first home loan. Multiple Australians, young and old, are looking to
buy their first home, but most of them don 鈥檛 know where to start or with what
  Just go through the check list helping you in your first loan and make sure you don
鈥檛 miss anything.
  鈥?How much amount can I borrow?
  鈥?What are the estimated costs?
  鈥?Which loan is right for you?
  鈥?Property search
  鈥?Buying procedure
  Your borrowing capacity often referred to as your 鈥渂 orrowing power 鈥? is
basically how much you can borrow to finance your purchase and is calculated by a
mortgage calculator.
  Multiple points are provided to access your borrowing power, which may be your
  - Income - Savings - Current financial commitment - Credit history - Living
expenses - Guarantors
  After the rough calculation regarding your borrowing power, determine additional
charges while applying for a mortgage. Because different charges and costs are
required to be taken that you will need to factor in when getting your loan, which
  - Deposit - Taxes - Stamp Duty - Legal costs - Insurance - Registration fees on a
  Multiple loans are available with different features and fees, but search for and
classify the most suitable loan for you.
  Few things must be considered by first home buyer while deciding what loan to take:
  - Can I make additional repayments without being charged extra? - Can I make
repayments through direct debit? - Can I have a 鈥榤 ortgage offset facility 鈥? - Can
I redraw funds at any time?
  If your loan has been approved in principle then it is termed as pre-approval, but
required you have met lending prerequisites.
  The pre-approved amount shows how much you will have available to purchase
  Property search is the exciting bit! And now you have a better idea how much you
can spend after pre-approval.
  Some useful factors to keep in mind when selecting your property: - Price changes in
recent years - Value of prices per suburb
  Finally buying procedure - The most important step to home ownership.
  And procedure is broken down into stages:
  - Making an offer - Contract of Sale - Finalize loan: After pre-approval you can work
on your loan through to the finalized stage by completing all of the necessary
paperwork and then on to settlement. - Settlement
  Just search a capable mortgage broker to find your timing right while entering into
the market. Make sure that you are choosing a loyal lending institution for securing
first home buyers towards your first home. Mortgage brokers are proving to be a big
help for buyer, where online mortgage applications are another excellent and time
saving way of expediting tedious business transactions.
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