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					                                                                                                   Gold Coast
  car parking                                                                                        University
  December 2010
fact sheet        Car parking and access
                  Getting to your new hospital
                  Providing easy access for patients, visitors, volunteers and staff has
                  been a key consideration throughout the planning stages of the Gold
                  Coast University Hospital at Parklands Drive, Southport.

                                                                        Concept image of the Gold Coast University Hospital main entrance

                  An exponential increase in the size of a hospital           SurePark has been selected to build the Western
                  means more patients and more visitors - and an              car park, with construction commencing in August
                  increased demand for public transport and car               2011. The initial 2,229 space car park will operate
                  parking facilities.                                         a B.O.O.T. scheme car park. This means SurePark
                                                                              will build, own, operate and then transfer the car
                  Incorporating this into our planning, the Gold Coast        parking facility to the Queensland Government after
                  University Hospital site offers a number of ways for        an agreed period of time.
                  patients, visitors, staff and students to easily arrive
                  at the Hospital’s front door.                               Set down areas
                  A mix of transport options will provide convenient          Allowing you to get as close as possible to the front
                  access to all members of the community; whether             door, the Hospital design includes set down areas
                  you choose to drive and park in the ample on-site           for passengers to be conveniently dropped off at the
                  car parking facilities, use public transport, or enjoy      front of the main building, without disrupting traffic
                  the scenic cycle ways by using active transport             flow through the site.
                                                                              Short-stay parking options
                  Arriving by car                                             In addition to the Western car park, a number of
                                                                              short term parking spaces have been allocated
                  Car parking                                                 adjacent to the cancer services unit. This will offer
                                                                              improved convenience for those transporting
                  The Gold Coast University Hospital master plan              patients for short stay medical treatments such as
                  identifies a Western and a future Eastern car park.         radiation therapy and dialysis.

  Gold Coast Health                                       
car parking                                                                                                      fact sheet

Concept image of the Emergency department entrance

Emergency vehicle bays                                                     Taxi zone
Emergency service vehicles, ambulances in particular, have been            A designated pick up and drop off taxi zone offers another
designated ample spaces to ensure ease of access for urgent                transport option to and from the Hospital.
admissions to the emergency department.
                                                                           Healthy options
Forward planning                                                           Extensive walking and cycle ways around the Hospital will make
As with the design of the entire Hospital site, ‘future proofing’ has      it easy for staff and members of the community to stay healthy
been applied to car parking to ensure we are able to grow in line          using active transport options.
with the community’s needs.

Provision of a future Eastern car park will be triggered by demand
and development of the co-located private hospital. These
additional car parking spaces will be delivered in line with the Gold
Coast University Hospital car parking strategy that accounts for
future demand.

Other transport options
Public transport
Members of the Gold Coast community will enjoy easy access to
the hospital using public transport, with bus stops and Gold Coast
Rapid Transit light rail stations virtually seeing you to the hospital’s
front door.

building a
  community                                                                                    For more information call 07 5668 5000 or


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