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Check out DISH Network's Exciting DISH Latino Clasico Package


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									Are you interested in watching bilingual programming? Well then there is good news
for you. DISH Network brings this opportunity of providing you one of its most
popular packages- the Latino Packages. The DISH Latino Clasico is one of the most
prominent Latino packages and a very popular one too!
 Now you can enjoy excellent picture clarity and resolution par excellence in DISH
channels satellite Tv programming. The package has been specifically designed to
serve the interests of Spanish speaking people living in the United States. Enjoy
watching a huge variety of Spanish programs that include Spanish movies (both
original and dubbed), 鈥榯 elenovelas 鈥? better known as soap operas, sports, news,
music and many more.
 The DISH Latino Clasico provides you with more than 105 channels. Isn 鈥檛 it
exciting? What 鈥檚 more? Now you can also watch Soccer along with other sports,
Latino music, novellas and the other programs mentioned above.
 DISH Latino Clasico offers you free HBO and Showtime movie channel
subscription free for the first 3 months. Apart from this, you will also be entitled to
Standard Professional Installation up to a maximum of 6 TVs. If you subscribe to this
package you will get HD free for life. Please note that these require Agreement, Auto
Pay and Paperless Billing.
 Now you have every reason to refuse your friend 鈥檚 boring party. Stay back at
home and enjoy watching the exclusive programs of Latino Clasico. One of the
interesting features of this package is that it also provides you with local channels in
addition to its regular channels which cost $29.99/mo for 1 year. However, at present
the promotion price is reduced to $19.99/mo for one year (with agreement).
 Given below is the complete list of all the DISH Latino Clasico channels:
 鈥?America LIVE
 鈥?DISH Shopping                 鈥?Azteca Americ 鈥?DishHOME                   鈥 ?Latin
Music - Viva Mariachi 鈥?Disney XD
 鈥?Latin Music - Fiesta Mexicana
 鈥?Jewelry Television
 鈥?ESPN Deportes 鈥?Latin Music - Latin Styles
 鈥?Centroam 茅 ricaTV
 鈥?Latin Music - La Frontera         鈥?TeleFutura (East) or (West)
 鈥?CNN en Espa 帽 ol 鈥?Gems & Jewelry                    鈥 ?Latin Music - La Musica
 鈥?Fox Sports Espa 帽 ol          鈥?Latin Music - Mojito
 鈥?Galavisin        鈥?Collectables & Treasures
 鈥?Discovery Familia
 鈥?InCite Television
 鈥?QVC Utilisima
 鈥?DISH FYI 鈥?Inspiration Networks                鈥?ShopNBC      鈥 ?Gems TV
     鈥?MTV Tr3s 鈥?Telemundo (East) or (West)
 鈥?De Pel 铆 cula 鈥?HSN 鈥?Pasiones                 鈥?TV Colombia
 鈥?Discovery en Espa 帽 ol 鈥?History en Espa 帽 ol           鈥?mun2
鈥?Television Dominicana
 鈥?De Pel 铆 cula Cl 谩 sico
 鈥?HTV       鈥?Playboy en Espa 帽 ol
 鈥?TV Espa 帽 ola Internacional
 鈥?Univisin (East) or (West)
 What more can you ask for? Enjoy watching DISH channels and experience the
magic of watching the digital satellite channels.

 DISH Network, one of the leading Satellite TV providers of the United States offers
you excellent features on its Latino Packages. Go through DISH Network packages
and choose your preferred one.

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