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									There are more than half a dozen pornographers that are working in California's
multibillion-dollar adult entertainment industry have come to a halt post an actor
being tested for and testing positive for HIV 鈥?and further shutdowns had been
expected. Vivid Entertainment Group and the Wicked Pictures had also been amongst
those companies that had announced production halts as a precautionary measure.
Steven Hirsch has stated that if you see from Vivid's perspective, then there was
simply no question when they had heard that an actor had tested HIV positive and
they had not taken a moment 鈥檚 time to shut down the production. Steven Hirsch is
the founder for Vivid that is amongst the top makers of adult pornographic films and
he gave this interview on the past Wednesday. He further stated that all the adult
entertainment companies should act responsibly, as no one would want to see another
person being tested positive especially if they can do anything to stop it. The actors
who star in these pornographic films that are made by the Wicked Pictures use
condoms. Bu in spite of this fact the company 鈥檚 president that is Steve Orenstein
stated that there had been two shoots that had been put on hold and the further
production was dependant on the future HIV test results that were to be given by a
clinic that serves the industry. PinkVisual Productions is another production that has
slated to halt the production for at least a few weeks at the minimum. The adult Video
News has given the report regarding additional shutdowns that were to take place at
Hustler Video, the Digital Playground, the Jennaration X Studios, Girlfriends Films
and last but not the least at the Kick Ass Pictures. There is a Broadway star who
wishes to expose the creep who has been claiming for the world to see on Twitter that
he has got a case of the crabs. The singer named Marty Thomas, who has featured in
the popular plays "Wicked" and "Xanadu", has filed for papers in Manhattan on this
Wednesday making the demand that Twitter make the revelation as to who is behind
the catty blind items that had been released on the "Broadway Anonymous." Get your
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