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   DURATION                                                                                                       Training
   Training is given in one day (6                                                                                             
                                                                                                        "Personal Effectiveness"
   (The content and the duration
   of this session can be adapted                                                                               Series 
   for a personalized on-site

   TARGET AUDIENCE                   Delegation
   People who wish to learn how
   to delegate efficiently and

                                     DESCRIPTION                                                COURSE CONTENT
                                                                                                Why Should I Delegate?
                                     This course teaches participants the basic and
   DELIVERY METHOD :                                                                                •    Evaluating the realization
                                     essential attitudes and techniques to delegate                 •    What is delegation?
   Instructor-led, group-paced,                                                                     •    Why should I delegate?
                                     efficiently. Participants will find out why and how they
   classroom-delivery learning                                                                      •    What is the purpose of delegating?
   model with structured, hands-     should delegate to obtain the results they expect. They        •    What should I delegate?
   on activities                                                                                    •    To whom should I delegate?
                                     will also learn to understand the impact delegation has        •    When should I delegate?

   Follow-up available (Optional)    on their collaborators, follow up on delegation as
                                                                                                Process: Delegating a Job
                                     required, and implement delegation in their daily work.
                                                                                                    •    Presenting the delegated job to your
   CERTIFICATION                                                                                    •    Clarification & validation
                                     OBJECTIVES                                                     •    Evaluating the request
                                                                                                    •    Mandate and contract
   Training Certificate
                                     Allowing the participant to:                                   •    Mode of operation
                                                                                                    •    Delegating
                                     •    Acquire tools and techniques that will help them          •    Validating deliverables
                                          deal with delegation on a daily basis
   ACCREDITED BY                                                                                Understanding the Impacts of Delegation
   EMPLOI-QUÉBEC                     •    Know how to anticipate, analyze the situation,
                                                                                                    •    Motivation and confidence
                                          and prepare their delegations                             •    Recognition
                                     •    Motivate and implement the means to ensure the            •    Highlighting one’s self
                                                                                                    •    Acknowledging accomplishments
                                          success of delegations
        TELEPHONE :                  •    Be comfortable with delegation follow-up and          Delegating on a Daily Basis
        (514) 365-8397
                                          evaluation.                                               •    Setting delegation objectives
        EMAIL:                                                                                      •    Delegating in a meaningful way                                                                     •    Preparing delegated jobs
        WEBSITE:                                                                                    •    Presenting a delegated job and negotiating
                                                                                                         its terms
                                                                                                    •    Communicating in a motivating way
                                                                                                    •    Knowing how to listen
                                                                                                    •    Welcoming and dealing with resistance
                                                                                                    •    Determining the “rules of the game”
                                                                                                    •    Coaching a delegated job

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