Cheap Lexus GS Dorset by hkksew3563rd


									Since 1993 Lexus has been selling the GS which is a midsized luxury sports executive
saloon competing with the likes of the Audi A6. The second generation GS was
released in 1998 which included a V8 option, the third generation was launched in
2006 which includes a V8, a V6 and Hybrid variations. Since its launch the V8 and
V6s have been removed and only the V6 Hybrid is available. The GS has been
described as being stacked full of luxury equipment and priced reasonably; it is
powerful, smooth and good looking. The GS450h combines a 3.5 litre petrol engine
with and electric motor providing a combined 271bhp.
  All GS models are very well refined and give breathe taking performance, the car is
packed with electronic driver aids to make the drive more relaxing and effective. All
these driver aids can however make the driver feel detached from the driving
experience. For a big car the GS holds the road well, with very little body roll
although being a luxury spec vehicle it does sway a little to smooth out bumps and
lean which only adds to the limo experience. The cabin is so well sealed that you
cannot even hear a hiss at cruising speeds but, the tyres rumble most of the time, and
are susceptible to surface changes. The engine is very quiet, though, and the
smoothness of the gearshifts has to be experienced to be believed.
  A cheap Lexus GS in Dorset is very hard to find, trust me I’ve been scouting the
dealerships for a while now. The cheapest I have seen them listed for is £43,000 for
the 450h SE but, I really want the 450h SE-L which is the top of the range model and
costs £50,000.

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