There’s so much to be done and seen in London, that only an extended stay does
justice to the place. Family vacationers, savvy young couples, budget travelers,
students, frequent business fliers and elderly people, there’s no single kind and type of
tourist that is not entertained and satisfied by the vast and varied offerings of the city.
Ancient architecture adorning the city just like its contemporary counterpart does,
cultural activities keep the place in a constant state of buzz, natural beauty inspiring
awe every moment of every second, and warm and friendly locals making your
vacation an even happier one, London steals your heart almost instantly. If you like
history, are a succor for all things arty and creative, want to dig up many a
scrumptious fares, enjoy a nightlife like none other and shop till you drop, then this is
where you got to be. The city scores a perfect ten in nearly all the departments of
tourism, be it culture and heritage, art, exhilarating entertainment, adventure, tours
and excursions, shopping, great food, lively encounters or memorable experiences.
You may choose to stay in a luxurious property or a cheap hotel, a bed and breakfast
or a holiday home, may rent an apartment of stay put in a villa, no matter what and
where you lodging might be, you are never too far from comfort and action. Museums
and cultural centers, art galleries and exhibition centers, experimental and traditional
theaters, opera houses and music halls, dance and film festivals and religious
celebrations, there’s nearly as much to be done and seen as you can think of. Don’t
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