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					Let me start with a few questions today!

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  路 Are You sick and tired of not knowing how to lose weight?
  路 Are You broke or if you just want to tremendously improve your income?
  路 Are Your emotions out of control at times?
  路 Do You really can 鈥檛 communicate with your partner/spouse/children/ or at
  路 Can You always say what you want to say without getting in trouble?
  路 Are You tired of feeling fat and frumpy?
  路 Do You feel you have, or will, run out of choices?
  路 Do You want more control over your life?
  路 Do You want to put out less effort, and have more free time to just do what you
want to do?
  Are you ready to change your life forever?
  NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling,
language and behaviour to produce the results they do. NLP provides people with a
methodology to model outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in
their field.
  A key element of NLP is that we form our unique internal mental maps of the world
as a product of the way we filter and perceive information absorbed through our five
senses from the world around us.
  * Neuro: Each individual has established their own unique mental filtering system
for processing the millions of bits of data being absorbed through the senses. Our first
mental map of the world is constituted of internal images, sounds, tactile awareness,
internal sensations, tastes and smells that form as result of the neurological filtering
process. The first mental map is called 鈥楩 irst Access 鈥?in NLP.
  * Linguistic: We then assign personal meaning to the information being received
from the world outside. We form our second mental map by assigning language to the
internal images, sounds and feelings, tastes and smells, thus forming everyday
conscious awareness. The second mental map is called the Linguistic Map (sometimes
known as Linguistic Representation)
  * Programming: The behavioural response that occurs as a result of neurological
filtering processes and the subsequent linguistic map.
  So What is NLP?
  In simple terms my definition of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the exploration
of how we communicate, think and change with the aim of replicating and improving
great performance in any context.
  NLP training is an exploration of these attributes using both conscious and
unconscious processes that leads to increased communication skills, confidence,
motivation and success and is directly related to increasing our ability to influence
and persuade. It is also effective in overcoming blocks or barriers caused by a lack of
these skills.
 This can lead not only to personal and business success but also increased personal
choice and freedom. Other related NLP descriptions include:
 * Learning to use our brains * The study of subjective experience, and what can be
predicted from it * The study of human excellence * The study of programming your
brain * The study of what and how things work
 To Your Success,
 Jose Maria Fonseca
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