Change Your Eye Colour by hkksew3563rd


									Do you want to change the way you look? If you seriously wish to spice up your
appearance, then you should try out a pair of colour contacts! In fact, Colour contacts
are an excellent way to accentuate your eyes. Today, Colour contacts are available in
numerous exotic designs and mind-blowing colours. Colour contacts come in both
prescription and non-prescription varieties.
 Basically, Colour contact lenses are of three types: Visibility tints, Enhancement tints
and Opaque colour tints.
 A Visibility tint refers to a light blue or green tint added to a contact lens. Colour
contact lens with visibility tint does not impact your eye colour.
 An Enhancement tint refers to a solid, translucent tint that is a shade darker than a
visibility tint. An enhancement tint highlights or enhances the existing colour of your
eyes. Enhancement tints look good on people who have light coloured eyes.
 Colour tints refer to deeper, opaque tints that can completely transform your eye
colour. Colour tints are especially suitable for people with dark eyes. They come in a
broad range of colours, including Hazel, Green, Blue, Violet, Amethyst and Gray.
 Costume or theatrical contact lenses are special-effect contact lenses mainly intended
for novelty use i.e. for parties, movies, Halloween, and for other special occasions.
 Tips to remember before buying colour contact lenses
 ? Always consult an eye specialist to get a prescription for your colour contacts.
Your eye doctor will surely recommend the type of colour contacts that will best suit
 ? Get in touch with manufacturers of colour contacts and check out the various
colour charts. You can choose the suitable one from among the numerous colours and
styles of color contacts.
 ? You can shop for discount contact lenses online, or purchase it directly from your
eye doctor.
 ? Take proper care of your colour contacts as advised by your eye doctor.
 ? Do not share or exchange colour contact lenses with another person. This could
result in infection, eye irritability or in some cases, even blindness.
 ? Make sure that your colour are properly cleaned and disinfected with appropriate
cleaning products.

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