Central Payment Corporation Says 'Yes' to American Express

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					As a merchant, you need to realize that being part of something as large as American
Express does only good for your business. It not only shows that you are inclined
towards business growth, but it also shows consideration towards your customers that
use American Express, and the truth is that many of them do. By using merchant
services provided by , you'll be able to accept American Express credit cards and
witness an outstanding business growth.
  Increase Your Credibility
  Even for businesses that are just starting, American Express is great. It will attract
many more people to your online shop or business website and those customers won't
be just any kind of customers, but customers who spend a great deal of money, thus
helping you enhance your business and earnings. Not only will your business thrive,
but you'll also benefit from the essential payment method that many Americans use.
can help you do all that and increase your credibility. By accepting American Express
among other cards, you'll prove to your customers that you're not only financially
stable and well-established, but also reliable and trustworthy.
  Impression of a Legit Business
  It's a fact that customers believe that business that accept American Express are more
legit than those other merchants who only take Visa and MasterCard. By using you
won't only accept American Express, but also Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Think
about all the customers you'll attract to your business and how many of them will
spend more money shopping or purchasing your services. But let's not ignore that
merchants who accept American Express and use also have new customers coming
back to make even more purchases since the payment processing system is so simple
and secure.
  Boosting Sales and Earnings
  By taking American Express cards you'll be able to boost your sales and earnings,
thus help your business grow. By saying no to American Express you'll only lose
customers to your competitors. Studies also show that American Express shoppers are
more likely to spend higher amounts of money than cash shoppers. So you see, you
can increase your profit by simply saying 'Yes' to American Express, just like did.
  Secure Payments
  People who can use American Express to pay for their online purchases are inclined
to believe that not only the merchant is legit, but they also rest assured that the
payment is secure. And when you add into the picture, it all adds up into a growing
and prosper business. Make your customers feel safe and included by accepting
American Express so that they can feel even more protected from internet frauds.
  Take advantage of all the benefits that come with using American Express and
accept this payment from your customers. Combined with , it will benefit your
business even more. Think about all your customers who use American Express. Do
you want to cut them off and lose them to competitors? Of course you don't. This is
why said 'Yes' to American Express, so that it can help you grow your business even