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									Causes of Depression

Depression does not have one definitive cause. However, there is substantial evidence
that depression may be related to biochemical imbalances or changes in the brain.
What is less clear is the effect of external factors, and whether or not stress, grief, or
another significant emotion are the root cause of the biochemical imbalance.
Conversely, is it the biochemical imbalance that makes a person predisposed or more
susceptible to external factors and the resulting depression.

Current research has shown that almost one-third of all mental health patients suffer
from symptoms of depression. Many more people suffer depression but it goes
undiagnosed. These people never receive mental health care. At times, people
suffering from depression will use alcohol or other drugs to try and deal with

The Pervasiveness of Depression

One recent study showed that approximately 25 percent of women and 10 percent of
men suffer from the symptoms of depression at some point in their lives. Depression
among teenagers has also been increasing, and this is reflected in the staggering
statistic that approximately 500,000 teens make suicide attempts in the United States
every year. Some types of depression, such as bipolar disorder and severe major
depression, seems to run in families, indicating a possible genetic predisposition for
depression. causes of depression.

Some Common Symptoms of Depression are:

- Feeling persistently sad
- Not being able to take pleasure in activities that were once enjoyable

- Physical aches and pains

- Changes in sleep patterns (Either too much or too little)

- Loss of appetite

- Inability to concentrate

- Memory problems

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Depression

People who suffer from depression often feel worthless, helpless, and hopeless about
their ability to fix or change things in their life. Often, people suffering from
depression may have tried to get out of the depression repeatedly with little success.
The first step in treating depression for yourself or someone else is in recognizing the
signs and symptoms of depression, and in understanding the seriousness of the disease.
Depression can be successfully treated, but first it has to be identified and diagnosed.

Depression Can be Treated if Identified

There are numerous avenues to treat depression, and there is no one-best approach.
Some individuals will require medication, and most people suffering from depression
can benefit from some type of psychotherapy or counseling. Each case is different,
but sufferers from depression can find relief if they seek out treatment, especially at
the early stages of a depressive episode.
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