Definition of Municipal Services

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					                                                                                   Revised May 2008

Appendix Fl-B
Definition of Municipal Services
These definitions do not include staffing. The following are definitions of possible physical

     Administration               - office space for council chambers and administrative
                                    staff, office equipment and furniture, fax, copying,

     Public Works                 -   office space for public works employees
                                  -   heated storage space for service vehicles
                                  -   cold storage space for equipment
                                  -   open-air storage compound
                                  -   street lights
                                  -   community roads

    Environmental Services        - water and sewer facilities appropriate to community needs,
                                    (all facilities to be classified according to environmental
                                  - standpipe buildings where there is no underground
                                    residential service
                                  - water and sewer distribution and collection lines

                                  waste disposal:
                                  - a confined area enabling disposal of dry waste, includes
                                    incinerators where approved
                                  - may include waste collection and recycling program

    Protective Services           constable/preventive policing:
                                  - office space for constable, not including lockup or
                                    temporary detention facility

                                  fire protection/prevention:
                                  - one or two bay fire hall to house fire trucks and/or
                                     emergency response vehicles, includes ambulances
                                     operated by fire personnel
                                  - fire equipment storage space
                                  - classroom/office training area

                                  ambulance program:
                                  - one or two bay garage to house ambulances, if not
                                    included in fire program space

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Financial Policies
                                                                                Revised May 2008

Recreation Services             - office space for recreation staff and equipment
                                - community hall
                                - outdoor open spaces and recreation facilities (e.g. ball
                                   diamonds, parks, rinks, change houses)
                                - indoor curling rink and arenas

Vehicles and Equipment          - vehicles required for municipal service delivery where no
                                  private service capability exists may be considered. Use
                                  requirement should be greater than 10 per cent (four
                                  hours/week) of the equipment operating year's time
                                - fire and emergency vehicles recommended under the
                                  program for the community
                                - vehicles operated by qualified employees with appropriate
                                   operator certificates


1. Buildings and infrastructure used for purposes other than a defined, municipal service
   will not be funded unless previously approved by the department.

2. Where a service fee has been set by the community to provide a service, fees should
   attempt to cover the actual costs as much as possible. Where a shortfall exists, the
   community should cover the shortfall and identify the source of funds for this purpose.

3. No funding will be provided to support infrastructure that has been replaced and the
   original infrastructure remains and is:

        •    not used for a municipal service

        •    converted to another municipal service that is not identified in this policy

        •    is providing a duplication in municipal service

4. Where a portion of a municipal building is used for a non-municipal service (such as
   day care, development corporation offices) the cost for that space shall be recovered as
   rent from the group or agency using it. These costs may be calculated using the formula
   and the rental revenues defined as locally generated revenue.
5. Funds for building infrastructure, upgrading, renovating and replacement may be
   provided according to Capital Program principles and relevant capital five-year plans.
   Funds to replace equipment and vehicle infrastructure should be based on the Vehicle
   Replacement Guideline (See Policy FIO Vehicle Replacement). Reserve funds are held
   in the community for this purpose.

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