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Carpet Cleaning Scam - The Bait and Switch


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									Generally, carpet cleaning businesses are being run by good people. They are in the
business to provide excellent cleaning service to both residential and commercial
places with carpets and upholsteries. However, it cannot be avoided that although
most carpet cleaning businesses are managed by honest people, there are those who
are just out there to scam innocent, trusting customers. I will discuss some things that
are a red flag for carpet cleaning scammers.

The 'Bait and Switch Style' is the most common type of scam out there. This type of
scam starts with the carpet cleaning company luring you with a low price, so that they
are able to enter your house. They will tell you they only charge a cheap price per
room, even without seeing your house first. Once they enter your abode, they will
change tune. They will tell you that price should be raised because they didn't realize
your carpet is so dirty. The cleaners will point specific areas that in their expert
opinion, is too dirty for regular cleaning, and that a special process should be done to
thoroughly clean your carpet.

When these type of cleaners see a pet in your house, they will mention additional
cleaning is needed to remove pet stains, even ones that you cannot see because it
simply do not exist. Additional charges are added to the original low price and before
you know it; your bill has reached hundreds of dollars.

A reminder, though, none-scammers carpet cleaners do sell extra cleaning products
and services, this scenario is normal. To determine which is a scammer or not, you
need to evaluate how they sell their goods and services. If they push too hard to sell,
that's a scammer. If the way they market is how a regular sales guy do it, that's just a
normal carpet cleaning person. Trust your instincts, it's usually right.

In order to avoid falling to this type of scam, you only need to be aware of how it
works. Know that a price as low as three to five dollars per room just wouldn't suffice.
The overhead of one cleaning project is too high, for honest to goodness carpet
cleaners to charge such a low price. It's advisable to do a research on how carpet
cleaning business works. What's the standard room size they can clean, if there is a
maximum size, know what it is. Usually the maximum is two to three hundred square
feet and anything above it, they will charge extra. Awareness is your best weapon
against these scammers; beat them by knowing the facts about the carpet cleaning
business. A carpet cleaning business that has been around for years is usually your
best choice, hire experts who have received great reviews from past customers and
you can never go wrong.

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Alicia has been writing for 7 years now. She also is an expert in different carpet
cleaning cleaning tips. Aside from writing, she also does some landscape designing on
the side.

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