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					Timely Presentations on Insurance Trends, Emerging Risks and
Pandemic Models Created by Actuary

Press Release – February 18, 2011 – Pittsburgh, Pa. - Claude Penland, casualty actuary and webmaster,
has produced at three informative PowerPoint presentations and videos
for underwriters, financial analysts, actuarial analysts, actuaries, accountants, consultants, claims
personnel and others in the insurance and reinsurance industries.
The first is entitled "40 Insurance Trends for 2011". Forty insurance trends are considered, including
healthcare, health plan grandfathering, asset quality, Takaful, microinsurance, emerging risks, insurance
industry job losses, predictive analytics use, as well as other global insurance and reinsurance trends.
The second presentation is called "10 Emerging Risks for Insurers and Reinsurers". These risks include
infrastructure, cyber attacks, space weather, nanotechnology and municipal bankruptcies.
A third presentation, "10 Influenza Pandemic Models", profiles models from the Society of Actuaries,
Milliman, VirSim, Risk Management Solutions, Military Science, INFORMS, Los Alamos, open
source alternatives and others.
About Claude writes at least six times a day on the international business issues
that he explores daily. These global topics include insurance news (, insurance
startup companies (, insurance mergers and acquisitions
(, insurance trends (, reinsurance news and trends
(, web startups (, web trends (, web
development, pension risk (, catastrophe risk (, Solvency II
European insurance regulations (, Takaful (, predictive analytics
(, risk management (, odd business ideas (,
plus finance and investment.

Claude Penland

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