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									                                  Cape York Bulletin
                                                       Cape York Peninsula Development Association Inc.
Issue 4 Oct–Dec 2007                                           Enhancing the quality of life of the people of Cape York

QUICK OVERVIEW                                                                                What’s inside this issue
Jim Petrich has completed his term as Acting Chief Executive Officer and has had a two
week handover to new Chief Executive Officer Paul Baxter. The Annual General Meeting
was held on the 31st August 2007 and we welcome three new members to the Manage-
                                                                                              New Chief Executive
ment Committee.                                                                               Officer
                                                                                              New Premises for CYPDA
Preparations are well underway on the refit on our new premises and we will be moving in      Turtle Nests Protection
on 10th October 2007 with an official opening celebration being held on 12th October          Project
2007. More information can be found below.
                                                                                              New Committee Members
As usual the Organisation has had an extremely busy past three months, however we are         Management Committee
still going from strength to strength. We have had to say goodbye to several staff mem-       Management Sub-Committee
bers but have also had the opportunity to welcome new ones.                                   Finance and Audit Committee

Thank you for all of your support for the Organisation, we look forward to working with you   What’s Been Happening—
over the next three months.                                                                   Project Reports               2
                                                                                                 Sawfish Project
Paul Baxter—New Chief Executive Officer
                                             Paul Baxter was appointed as the new Chief       What’s Been Happening—
                                             Executive Officer and commenced work on          Project Reports
                                             Monday 10th September 2007. Paul is a               Rangelands Fire Project    3
                                             Cairns resident and former Executive Officer
                                             of the Cairns International Trade Centre and
                                                                                                 Cape York Fire Project
                                             General Manager of the Bolton Group.

                                             Paul has a solid background in accounting,       What’s Been Happening—
                                             finance and project management so he is          Project Reports               4
                                             anticipated to bring diverse skills into the        Fire Economics Project

                                             Paul has quickly “got his feet” and has          Calendar of Events for
                                             already had a visit to Weipa, Mapoon and         October—December              5
                                             Napranum.                                        Meeting Dates

New Premises!
CYPDA will be moving to a new permanent home at 4/275 McCormack Street on 10th
October 2007. This is very much looked forward to as we have outgrown the building that
we are in at present and will give us a mot more space to work in.

The Hon. Warren Entsch MP, Member for Leichhardt will be opening the building on 12th
October and invitations have been sent to members and industry stakeholders to attend.

Turtle Nests Protection Project
Peter Thompson has taken on the role of Programs Manager due to the resignation of            Cape York Peninsula Development
Brian Benham. Peter now oversees the Turtle Project along with all other projects that
CYPDA currently administers. Five new quad bikes, a boat, satellite phones and several                 Association Inc
GPS’s have been purchased for rangers out in the field to help with the on-site
management of feral pig predation.                                                               4/275 McCormack Street
                                                                                                        PO Box 646N
Tim White, CYPDA Project Officer based in Weipa, has been involved in the night time                 Cairns QLD 4870
shoots and is the man on the ground for Turtles in the Cape.                                       Phone: 07 4053 2856
                                                                                                    Fax: 07 4053 2942
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CYPDA Inc working in partnership with community and
      Cape York Bulletin                                                     Committee Member Profile, New Management Com-
                                                                             mittee and Upcoming Meetings

                            New Management Committees for CYPDA
Nominations from the Members of CYPDA determined the new                 Two new sub-committees have been created in order to pro-
Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting held                  vide better governance for the organisation. These committees
in Cooktown on 31 August 2007. Those nominated then took                 are the Management Sub-Committee and the Finance and
a vote for positions within the Management Committee. The                Audit Committee.
positions were filled as follows:

President                                                                               Sub-
                                                                         Management Sub-Committee Members are:
John McDowall                                                            Neville Dunn
Vice-President                                                           Mike Hintz
Tony Hall-Matthews                                                       Tony Hall-Matthews
Treasurer                                                                John McDowall
Mike Hintz                                                               Kate Sutcliffe
Management Committee Members                                             Ed Woodley
Damian Curr                  Neville Dunn
Joseph Elu                   Tricia Gordon               Finance and Audit Committee Members are:
Penny Johnson                Bruce Lansdown              Neville Dunn
Bob Sullivan                 Kate Sutcliffe              Mike Hintz
Ed Woodley                                               John McDowall
                                                         Jim Petrich
Welcome to the three new members—Damian Curr, Joseph Elu Margot Richardson
and Kate Sutcliffe.                                      Bob Sullivan

The new Management Committee will hold their first meeting The Management Sub-Committee and the Finance and Audit
at Weipa in November.                                      Committee meet on a monthly basis.

                            What’s Been Happening—Project Reports

The most commonly caught sawfish is the Narrow Sterling with a 4.5m Green Sawfish (Pristis   Taking measurements of the Rostrum
        (Anoxypristis cuspidata)
sawfish (Anoxypristis cuspidata)               zijron)

Sawfish Project
Project Officer, Ben Jones has been assisting in the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) Sawfish Monitoring Project. The cross regional
sawfish project headed by Biologist, Sterling Peverell from DPI&F is a collaborative project funded by the NHT and CSIRO involv-
ing CYPDA, Mitchell River, Southern Gulf and Northern Gulf Catchments. CYPDA has committed ten percent of project officer’s
time in supporting the project.

Four of the eight species of sawfish, which are found worldwide, occur in Queensland. Sawfish are distinguished by the promi-
nent rostrum which houses the lateral teeth-like denticles. Sawfish populations are under threat due to habitat disturbance and
inappropriate fishing practices. The sawfish monitoring project aims to conserve sawfish populations by creating awareness in
the community about the fragile status of this amazing creature.

Research is being conducted throughout Queensland along with the development of an education program which will be deliv-
ered to schools throughout the state. The most recent venture was a field trip to Mapoon with a film crew who are making a
documentary about the sawfish project. Listening stations were deployed to record the data from tagged animals within the
Mapoon area and up the Wenlock and Ducie Rivers. Three sawfish were caught on this trip and DNA samples were taken along
with extensive measurements. Ben was helping out in the data collection and setting up the listening stations to download the
information collected from tagged sawfish.

     Cape york bulletin                                                                                Project Report Updates

Rangelands Fire Project
                                                                     communities to submit 5 funding applications to Round
Stakeholder steering committee meetings were held at Roma 10 (Coastal & Marine) of the Envirofund programme, which
on 5th September and Charters Towers on 19th September to closed in July. The applications are currently being
discuss what has been achieved to date and the milestone assessed. Meanwhile Lana, who is based in Weipa, is working
objectives for the next 3 months.                                    to build the capacity of Cape York indigenous communities to
                                                                     access future funding opportunities.
The on ground extension work at the coalface has spread like
wildfire and it seems fire, and in some instances in drought Successful projects from Round 9 (Bushcare) have recently
affected areas the lack of fire, is a burning issue with land been announced by Ministers Abetz and Cobb, and five out of
managers (no pun intended). At this early stage the majority of the eleven projects submitted in the Cape York NRM
land holders in the state have indicated their observations that region have been awarded funds worth $207,648 for riparian
vegetation change has occurred and there is a definite protection, weed control, and caring for country activities.
thickening, particularly of specific species such as cypress pine Congratulations to the successful applicants and everyone that
in the south and acacia in native bushland being mentioned. A supported them in developing the applications. Further rounds
gathering of historical photographic evidence and interviews of of Envirofund are anticipated in 2008. For more information
the elder grazier fraternity is in progress and certainly validates contact Deb Pople, CYPDA's Regional NRM Facilitator on 07
this comment.                                                        4053 2856 or check out the Envirofund website at:
The Coordinators of the project have delivered numerous
presentations to workshops, seminars, field and information If you were unsuccessful and would like advice on improving
days across the state marketing the satellite information and your application next time round, please contact Deb.
fire management practices. CYPDA trainers and GIS have also
been busy delivering the follow up resources and training Cape York Fire Project
requirements, next session will be in Burketown on the 2nd and Property owners would have
3rd October.                                                         received the “Queensland Fire
                                                                     Management Survey” and we
The next three months of the project involves obtaining the 30 greatly appreciate your time
metre resolution Landsat imagery dating back to the 1980’s and effort in filling in the
that covers the case study areas and identify the fire history. In information. The issues of fire
turn this should indicate what effect has been had on the management and the satellite
vegetation cover. From the combined evidence of old monitoring of fires technology
photographs, comments from the elder states people and the can only improve if the people
satellite imagery hopefully will inform us of a recommended who use it and experience it at
best practice of how, when, where and why or if for the use of first hand are prepared to
                                                                     share their knowledge and is
                                                 Woody thickening of the only true measures for
                                                 cypress pine taking improvement.
                                              over grazing land
                                              due to the lack of
                                                                 The   survey was distributed
                                                                 state wide and it is very                  Radio Tower
                                                                 noticeable in the returns of the
                                                                 high percentage of users of the
                                                                 NAFI site in Cape York in comparison to the south. Some people
                                                                 have made it quite clear of their passion in fire in land
                                                                 management and some have taken the extra effort to add
                                                                 comment on their observations of the affect in the landscape
Envirofund—Indigenous Communities Applications                   over time. We are very pleased with the over whelming
fire as a land management tool.
The Australian Government Envirofund is the local action         Peter and Bryan had a meeting with a State Department
component of the Australian Government's $3 billion Natural      Director General in Brisbane on the 6th September to discuss
Heritage Trust. It helps communities undertake local projects    funding avenues of enhancing the radio repeater towers
aimed at conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable       throughout the Peninsula. The proposal was well received and
resource use. Community groups and individuals can apply for     we wait in anticipation for an affirmative answer.
grants of up to $50,000 (GST inclusive) to carry out on-ground
and other actions to target local environmental problems.    These towers are all located on high ground and can be placed
                                                             at risk or damage by a wildfire or tree located within falling
A capacity-building grant from the Australian Government's distance, even though they are insured most things happen at
Envirofund programme has been helping CYPDA to assist the most inconvenient time when you need it most so we
indigenous communities in applying for grants for caring for recommend that landowners check out the tower sites regularly.
country projects on Cape York. Despite a very tight
deadline, CYPDA Consultant Lana Polglase helped 4
                                                             Users will note that there has been an improvement in the
     Cape york bulletin                                                                                              Project Report Updates

“NAFI” web site as you can now overlay the latest satellite pic- estimate the economic effects of managing fire, or not manag-
ture and on a cloud free day visually see smoke from any fire ing fire in CYP pastoral properties. The data collected for exam-
face.                                                             ple includes the time, effort and money spent by pastoralists
                                                                  actually fighting fires or implementing early season or storm
Fire Economics Project                                            burns, as well as livestock management costs resulting from
A CYPDA project has commenced in collaboration with Charles fires at differing times of the year.
Darwin University (CDU), and funded by the National Landcare                                           Map 3:
Program to investigate the Economics of Fire Management on                                             This map shows the pastoral
pastoral properties. Based on the fire frequency history for CYP                                       properties that have been clas-
                                                                                                       sified into various burning re-
(1999-2006) developed by CYPDA (Maps 1 & 2), pastoral prop-                                            gimes based on the % of the
erties have been classified into different burn frequency classes                                      property burned in MOST years
(Map 3). These classes include early, dry season or storm burn-                                        in the 1999 – 2006 time pe-
ing, and the percentage of properties burnt in any one year.                                           riod.

                                      Map 1:                                                                        The dotted areas represent
                                      This fire frequency map                                                       areas National Parks and the
                                      shows the land that has been                                                                        Non-
                                                                                                                    white areas represent Non-
                                      burned annually over time.                                                    Pastoral properties.
                                      The dark green areas repre-
                                      sent areas that have not                                                      The darkest areas represent
                                                                                                                    properties where over 60% of
                                      been burned from 1999 to
                                                                                                                    the area has burnt in most
                                                                                                                    years in the 8 year period.
                                                                                                                    The lightest areas represent
                                      The bright red areas have                                                     properties where less than 20%
                                      been burned every year in the                                                 of the area has burnt in most
                                      same period, with various                                                     years in the 8 year period
                                      degrees of burning repre-
                                      sented by the lighter shades
                                                                    Niilo is also attempting to link the woody thickening phenomena
                                      of green, yellow and orange.
                                                                        seen on the Cape with fire history. To that end he is recording
                                                                        the areas of tree thickening using GPS points and this will be
                                                                        matched to the fire history CYPDA has developed (Plate 1). Ac-
                                                                        tual tree thickening will be verified by analysing and comparing
                                                                        past and current aerial photographs and high resolution satellite
In the last couple of months, CYPDA Fire Project Officer Niilo
Gobius, has collected economic, fire management and woody
thickening data from five CYP pastoral properties that have vol-
unteered to be part of the project. Niilo hopes to eventually have
collected the data from a total of 10 CYP properties. CDU re-
searchers Adam Drucker and Stephen Garnett have completed
the development of a base economic model into which the ac-
tual property economic data will be fed. The data from these
properties will be analysed in relation to actual fire events to

                                      Map 2:
                                      This fire frequency map shows
                                      the land that has been burned
                                      in the early dry season (before
                                      August 1) over time. .

                                      The dark green areas represent
                                      areas that have not been
                                      burned within this time period
                                      from 1999 to 2006.
                                                                        Plate 1: Photo point showing woody thickening on the right (burned twice in
                                      Bright red areas have been        8 years) and open country on the left (burned 6 times in 8 years).
                                      burned every year in the same     Last but not least, Niilo, CYPDA and the rest of the project team
                                      period, with various degrees of
                                      burning represented by the
                                                                        wish to sincerely thank those properties that have already given
                                      lighter shades of green, yellow   up their time and information and put up with Niilo for a day or
                                      and orange                        two. We also thank those that have already committed their
                                                                        time to the project and will spend the time with Niilo in the com-
                                                                        ing month or so. Your time, hospitality and generosity with your
                                                                        personal data are greatly appreciated, and your data will remain

CYPDA Inc working in partnership with community and

CYPDA General Meeting Dates                                    Calendar of Events*
              Friday 9th November                   1st—31st     Recycling Cooktown Competition
                                                    5th—6th      Pelican II Sail Boat Training (Cooktown)
                      Weipa                         7th—13th     Mental Health Week
                                                    9th—12th     2nd Indigenous Land and Sea Management
                                                                 Conference (Cardwell)
                                                    12th—14th    Palm Cove Fiesta
             Friday 14th December                   13th         Learn to Swim starts (Cooktown Community
                                                                 Swimming Pool)
                     Cairns                         13th—15th    Walkamin Country Music Festival
                                                    15th—17th    Cook Shire Council Meeting
                                                    22nd         Cook Shire Agricultural Show
                                                                 Pupil Free Day
  Membership - get involved                                      Leichardt Day
                                                    23rd         Pink Ribbon Day (Breast Cancer)
Becoming a member of CYPDA gives you a voice in     23rd—1st Nov Bike Race (Mareeba—Cape Tribulation)
                                                    24th         United Nations Day
determining Cape York Peninsula’s quality of life   26th         Universal Children’s Day
today and its future development.
                                                    1st           All Saints’ Day
Name                                                2nd           All Souls’ Day
                                                    6th           Melbourne Cup Day
Company                                                           Cook Shire Council P & E Standing Meeting
Address                                             10th—11th     Lakeland Horsesports Carnival
                                                    11th          Remembrance Day
                                                    14th          World Diabetes Day
                                                                  Seven Seas Mariner at Cooktown between
Phone                          Fax                                2pm—8pm
                                                    16th          Final day for Year 12 students
Email                                               19th—21st     Cook Shire Council Meeting
                                                    25th          International Day of Elimination of Violence
                                                                  Against Women
Membership Fees                                     30th          Final day for Year 10/11 students

Personal $25.00        Corporate $150.00            1st           World Aids Day
                                                    3rd—9th       Coastcare Week
Amount                          Date                9th           Breakfast with Santa for under 8’s (Cooktown
                                                                  Community Swimming Pool 8am—11am)
Signature                                                         Carols by Candle Light (Cairns)
                                                    10th          Human Rights Day
Proposer                                            10th—12th     Cook Shire Council Meeting
                                                    14th—25th Jan School Holidays
Signature                                           25th          Christmas Day Holiday
Seconder                                            26th          Boxing Day Holiday

                                                    * These events were sourced from the web and the AQIS
Please enclose cheque/mail order and post to:       Cape York calendar. Apologies if we have missed your event.
PO Box 646N North Cairns Qld 4870                   Send contributions to CYPDA on the details below.

                                                                 Cape York Peninsula Development
                                                                          Association Inc

                                                                    4/275 McCormack Street
                                                                           PO Box 646N
                                                                        Cairns QLD 4870
                                                                      Phone: 07 4053 2856
                                                                        Fax: 07 4053 2942


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