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Care must be taken with leaflet distribution

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					Using leaflet distribution as a form of advertising or simply to raise awareness about
particular facts or upcoming events can be an effective and cheap means of reaching
the public.
  However, a recent case has illustrated the need for those involved in the leaflet
delivery and creation process to be careful.
  Officials at Kirklees Council in Yorkshire had to withdraw a tourist information
resource they had created because it contained a range of errors, the Sun reports.
  Following a leaflet distribution campaign, 7,000 cycling maps had to withdrawn and
  Among the problems with the document were a number of spelling mistakes,
including the name of the district.
  The material had been produced in colour on two sides of paper and, thanks to leaflet
delivery services, had been sent to tourist information centres, libraries and town halls
across the area.
  One of the spelling mistakes involved using the word Kirtles, instead of the proper
Kirklees that should have been written. This problem occurred a total of 20 times
throughout the document.
  Meanwhile, the town of Holmfirth became Holsworth, while Cleckheaton became
  Also, the leaflet stated that anyone who wanted to contact British Waterways should
email enquiries.manic-depressive@brutalisation'
  According to the local authority, which is based in West Yorkshire, external printers
were to blame for the problems. They suggested that an automated spell check ruined
the document.
  Angry councillor Martyn Bolt said: "When I saw the leaflet at first I thought to
myself it was great that Kirklees was trying to encourage cycling. But what has
happened is beyond the joke."
  Meanwhile, a spokesman for the local authority remarked: "As soon as we became
aware of the errors, distribution was immediately stopped, the leaflets withdrawn
from circulation and destroyed."
  He went on to apologise for any offence caused by the mistakes in the leaflet.
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