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Card Printing For Design Dummies


									Every businessman needs a card that he can distribute to potential clients, customers,
partners, or associates. During meetings and presentations, one has to give a business
card so that can get in touch with the other. A meeting, for example, can have offer a
lot of possibilities, so you need to keep your communication line open with the one
you are dealing with. Your potential clients and customers should also know how they
can get in contact with you. Thus, before you even leave your office for a meeting
filled with all sorts of possibilities, always bring a business card with you. If you do
not yet have a business card, you can print one yourself. Business card printing can be
quite easy, especially if you already have a background in publications design. Do not
worry though if you are a design beginner. Business card printing can be made easy.
  Here are some pointers when doing business card printing:
  Below your name, position, and the company or business you are representing, list
down all your contact information. These include your phone numbers, email address
and website. You should make sure that all the information you are going to present
on your business cards are all updated. If you have changed departments or positions
in the same company, make sure that you have the most updated phone number and
email address. These two are highly important, since if you cannot be reached through
phone, potential clients or customers can just reach you online. Your website address
is also important. Do not forget to include this as your clients or potential partners can
take a look at what your business has to offer.
  Aside from those contact information mentioned above, you can also include your
addresses for networking sites, such as Linkedin. Linkedin is an online website that
has professionals as members. This website contains profiles of professionals all over
the globe. If a potential partner or associate is interested, he or she can take a look at
your Linkedin profile. Your profile lists down your educational as well as work
background. You can also post your achievements on your personal profile which can
endear you to your potential clients or associates.
  Make use design elements to improve the appearance of your business cards.
Although your business cards can work with a simple design, you can make these
more visually appealing inf you include design elements, such as images, lines, and
colors. You may want to put a pattern as a background, for example. The key here is
to be minimal with regards to the use of these design elements.
  Include your profile picture, so that the receivers of your business cards can
associate your name with your face. Use your recent picture and put that beside your
name. Also, you can put your company logo on your business cards which can
increase brand recognition. Aside from the logo, you can also include your business
slogan. In that way, your potential clients as well as prospective partners can be
familiar with the principles your company stands for. It is important, too, that they
know your business or company has to offer.
  You can make the most out of your business cards by using the back cover. For
example, you can use the back to include your messages.
  For comments and inquiries about the article visit: Business Card Printing

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