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									Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, in Atlantic Ocean. Its believed that, the
first native of Fuerteventura have arrived from North Africa. They lived in caves and
dwell. By the start of 11th century, the Phoenician settlers arrived in Fuerteventura. In
1405 French conqueror Jean de Be’thencourt conquered the island. The island began
to develop since 1859, when 151 year military rule was dissolved and is announced as
an entirely new capital. The major breakthrough in the history of the island happened
in the year 1912, when it secured the right to self-govern. By 1940s Fuerteventura
Island got it own airport. Tourism began to flourish in Fuerteventura by the building
of Fuerteventura airport. It’s situated in EL Mattoral, 5 km south west of the capital.
As the island is close to Africa, many illegal immigrants take the sea way to enter
European Union.
  Fuerteventura Island offers pleasant climate throughout the year. The sea protects the
Fuerteventura Island from the hot Sahara winds. A sand storm known a Calima can
cause the temperature in the Island to increase up to 10° Celsius. The temperature rise
is temporary. The island is also home to two endangered species of Canarian Egyptian
  The first tourist hotel was built in 1965. Fuerteventura is sitting comfortably in the
world’s stage as a major European holiday destination. It is also known as the surfers
paradise, as the summer trade wind and the winter swells of Atlantic make year round
surfing possible. Scuba diving big fish lovers are all drawn to Fuerteventura, as it has
got it all. Fuerteventura is also packed with long beaches and remote bays. In the
north there is Correlejo and El Jable which are made up of fine sand dunes. Most of
the surfing takes place in the south side, as there are rarely any beaches in the north.
No wonder, the economy of Fuerteventura completely depends on tourism.
  There are a large number of boats to travel from One Island to another. There are fast
ferries, which links almost all the island. Both type of transportation is capable of
transporting large number of people and cargos. Fast ferries are normally built of
aluminum and they are powered with most modern Diesel engines. There are an 8
airport in total, in the Canary Island group. Fast ferries travel faster than the
conventional ferries. The fast ferries can cruise up to 30 knots per hour, whereas the
conventionally ferries struggle to even touch the 20knot per hour mark. Most of the
people opt for the fast ferries. Road transport constitutes of public transportation
system and the hire a car service. As Fuerteventura is a tourist spot, the mast widely
used transportation system is hiring a car. Dedicated offices of cheap car hire works
throughout the Fuerteventura Island. Car hire services are reliable and comfortable
than other means of transportation. Facilities such as prior booking are made available
to the tourists.
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