Capture Pages and Willie Wonka-s Golden Ticket by hkksew3563rd


									Here is where the rubber meets the road.
  So Willie Wonka, yeah of the chocolate factory, had a corporate internet site? Nope.
But if you saw the flick, hey I have 5 children, then you might remember the
competition at the start. Remember all of the young kids trying to win the golden
ticket. The likelihood at the factory. And they were buying all of the candy bars
attempting to find the golden ticket. Many of them could only afford one ticket, some
a pair, and some had unlimited resources.
  But only a chosen few really found the few golden Tickets out there. Now of course,
when they found the ticket on the inside of the universal wrapper they held it close
and never let it out of there sight. They knew where it was at all times. That was the
prize and the source of their future.
  All of the companies and programs out there have beautiful websites and films that
cost them 5 and six figures to make. Grand wrappers, but the new business searchers
can't see what's within until they buy the wrapper. And it doesn't matter how great that
inside is or if it holds their ticket to success-they'll never know till they buy the
Wonka opportunity.
  A pair issues : one. They may only have enough funds or patience to try 1 or 2 opps.
two. The bigger problem : is that when YOU wrap YOU up in a corporate internet site
no one can see the golden YOU on the inside or what you have got to offer. 3. The
biggest problem : even if they realize that you are that golden ticket-when they return
to find YOU - you are still in that very same company wrapper. They will very likely
finish up on another corporate site or while searching for you they find some one else
who has a golden wrapper.
  In today's's net environment you want to single your self out and show folks what
you have that is's different right away. A lead that you generate is an investment and
you want to protect your investments.
  Having a site that represents and brands you rather than the company is your ticket
to the gold.
  So what really should be on My Site
  OK. So I should not popularize my corporate site. Does that suggest I am into
Chapter 11 or that I should begin doing presentations and selling? I understand I want
to capture every lead that visits my site. How do I capture their information and make
sure that they want to opt in?
  That's what this lesson is all about. Getting them to opt in, capturing their info, and
otherwise basic content of The capture page.
  A pair quick things not covered in this video about audio and pics and video
content :
  It is best if you always use your own voice, videos, or photographs relating to you *
they can be of things you do or where you are walking or instructional just like these
* the key is branding you and making sure they're returning to you * this permit you
to build concord while asleep * they're getting comfortable with You on every video
or audio or voice blast
  Just be your self no hype, help folk, give value, and educate yourself so that you
have something of value to supply them ( that being you naturally )
  K.I.S.S. Keep It Sweet and straightforward * Some writers and videos love long
sales letters page upon page * peoples notice spans are only about 3-5 mins if you've
got something to point out * provide value and you don't have to do it with fifteen
minute videos of you simply talking and chatting and speaking * notice how my
longest videos are only 7-8 minutes-fully instructional-and customarily under 5
  If you are talking and not instructing and it's going to be a little longer then give
them a story to keep them awake.
  Action. Show them what you are doing and where you are going so they can begin to
identify with you as an individual. If you are at a game with your children or the park
with your significant other or skiing or jet skiing or what everlet them see who you
are. Some of the people will not identify with you and may go the other way but those
who do identify with you'll follow you like a young dog. Refer your new members
who want the basics here. I can do all of the explaining and you keep all of the c.ash.
If you haven't anything to supply because you are new or haven't any time to make
your own material then offer them my bootcamp.
  Learning and knowledge will add amazing value to your business and give others a
justification to work with you particularly.
  Ed From Ohio has a complete marketing sytem that solves the corporate site

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