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Canvas shoes_ exercise appropriate


									Bai Bai try hard and soft soles, is usually when many parents buy shoes "gesture", a
lot of people think that the more soft-shoe the better. There are parents always think
that children do not have to coddle, Nike Air Max 24-7 shoes to wear on the line. So,
back to the power of cheap shoes, canvas shoes became a lot of parents. Small groups
of students wearing canvas shoes common active in a variety of occasions - school,
shopping, and even mountain climbing outing exercise.
  Distinguished Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Zhongshan Wu
Kunying introduction, development of young people not yet mature foot, wearing
inappropriate shoes, only to let the child walk discomfort, fatigue, the might even
twist to the foot ligament, really outweigh the benefits. Opening soon, you can not
choose the wrong shoes for their children
  Canvas shoes, the two appropriate 1 Avoid: canvas shoes, sports shoes can not be
treated as Can be: jogging, jumping rope, gymnastics is not broadcasting: running,
playing basketball, football Warrior sneakers, Air Max 90 shoes are the canvas-based
rubber-soled shoes, the shoe design itself is too soft, shock-absorbing function is poor,
especially the heel cup and the bottom not thick.
  If the student's feet themselves relatively healthy (no flat feet, high arches and so on)
can be used for general wear jogging, rope skipping, broadcast gymnastics is not
strenuous exercise, but if the participation strenuous exercise, such as running,
playing basketball, soccer, etc., is inappropriate. These needs often jump jumping
sports, professional sports do not wear shoes, will bring the knee pain, foot heel pain
and other foot discomfort phenomenon.
  2 avoid: Do not have flat feet with canvas shoes Can be: no children for foot
problems Not: the children have flat feet
  Development from the foot for children aged 0 to 4 have a "pseudo-partial flatfoot"
because they have fat legs, a long middle. The fat will slowly disappear with the
development of foot, 4 foot 14-year-old is in the developmental stages of young
children there this stage, "flat feet" phenomenon is very common. Last year, the
Guangzhou Yuexiu Area with elementary school students in 1282 for the whole
school made a footprint analysis. Test results show that nearly 7 percent of the
students showed flat feet.
  Wu Kunying that children suffering from flat feet should not wear canvas shoes to
avoid pressure on the arch of the foot position of their feet soft tissue and tendon
damage; and not conducive to the fixed heel, easy to heel valgus, the foot is not
conducive to development. Canvas Air Max 2009 shoes, insoles and non-exclusive,
flat feet can not relieve the after-effects, long-term wear causes deformation of the
arch, there are likely to form a structural flat feet.

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