Candle Holders for Decoration

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					Candle Holders For Decoration
  Candle holders have been with us since before the time of Christ, probably since the
invention of the candle. Archaeologists have discovered candleholders made of clay
dating back to 400 B.C.. They are mentioned in stories of Moses, Babylon, ancient
Rome, and through out history. Today candleholders are used to decorate our homes,
offices, restaurants, hotels, and other public places. They are used in churches for
various spiritual ceremonies as well as for decoration and symbolism. Candle holders
can be made from many kinds of materials including clay, ceramics, brass, iron,
aluminum, silver, gold, glass, wood, and rock salt. They can be as simple as a flat dish
or small cup to an elaborate and expensive chandelier. They can hold a single candle
or multiple candle according to your liking. These candleholders come in a great
variety of shapes and designs depending on the type of candle you want to use.
Sometime the hard part is making up your mind as to what kind you want. One of
most common types of candleholder is the votive candleholder. You see these many
times in homes, restaurants, and in religious settings. Votive candleholders are usually
a simple cup made of glass. They also come in a frosted or colored glass. Wrought
iron holders are very popular. These come in many different styles such as free
standing floor holders, table top, and wall mounted sconces. Candles mounted on a
beautiful candleholder are perfect for creating a relaxing, warm and romantic
atmosphere. They are great for placing around the bathroom while taking a nice
relaxing bath. Don’t forget the dinner table for a romantic dinner or the bedroom for
that matter. Another use that seems to be gaining in popularity is candles for
decorating when holding an outdoor party or cook-out. The outdoor candle lantern or
lamp which holds a single candle is the perfect holder for these occasions. One word
about safety. Candleholders are designed to be safe, but they must be used in a
sensible manner. Always place the holder on a flat, stable surface away from
household traffic, children, pets, and drafts. Never place a candleholder near or on
something that catches fire easily, for instance, curtains and drapes. Always extinguish
candles before going to bed or leaving your home. Just use a little common sense as
you would with any kind of fire. Whether you are decorating your own home or
looking for the perfect gift for someone remember this, candleholders are one of least
expensive and most satisfying thing you can buy.
  Jimmy Russell