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Creative, sustainable solutions for people and planet
                                                         N E W S L E T T E R 07/10

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                                                        NelsoN MaNdela Bay
                                                        Multi-purpose stadiuM

                                                        airport prepared to welcoMe
                                                        the world

                                                        cape towN iNterNatioNal airport

                                                        kv3 eMBraces corporate

                                                        iNterview: chris croNje

                                                        for presheila, aNythiNg is possiBle

                                                        MoviNg forward with iNNovatioN
                                                                                        The reinforced concrete bowl of the new
the ceo focus                                                                           Nelson Mandela Bay multi-purpose
                                                                                        stadium is designed to accommodate
                                                                                        45 000 seated spectators, with an
                                                                                        additional 4 000 temporary seats that
                                                                                        were installed for the purposes of the
                                                                                        2010 FIFA World Cup™.

                                                                                            he structure is divided into eight
                                                                                            portions, which are separated by
                                                                                            movement joints. The location
                                                                                    of these eight movement joints is
                                                                                    bi-symmetric in plan. The structure
                                                                                    is characterised by its hybrid design,
                                                                                    comprising a combination of precast
                                                                                    concrete construction, together with cast-

       mpty streets, discarded vuvuzelas and soccer-free evenings are some of       in situ reinforced concrete construction.
       the remnants left after hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ on South African
       soil. Fortunately we are also left with an improved international image,     The nature of this hybrid design was
a country bursting with pride and a healthy injection of an estimated R93 billion   developed to take full account of the
into the local economy.                                                             specific requirements of all stakeholders
                                                                                    in the project, prevalent site conditions,
In this issue of KV3 Focus, we showcase our company’s contribution to the           quality standards, the constraints and
biggest event this country has had the pleasure of hosting. Numerous stadiums       requirements of the project programme,
had to be revamped and newly built to cope with demand. KV3 was fortunate           the contractors’ preferred construction
enough to be involved in the construction of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium         techniques and the heavy-lifting capacity
in Port Elizabeth. We were also appointed to supply electrical and mechanical       available on site.
services for the upgrade of Cape Town International Airport – preparing the city
to welcome the world!                                                               The west stand of the facility comprises six
                                                                                    levels of suspended slabs (levels 1 – 6).
Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our business and we go to    The north, east and south stands comprise
great lengths to ensure that we make a positive contribution to the society in      four levels of suspended slabs (levels 3 – 6),
which we operate. With education as our main focus, we take a look at four          with level 2 being essentially a ground-
schools sponsored by us for a period of 12 months.                                  bearing slab with localised suspended slabs
                                                                                    at the vomitories. Ground conditions and
We also had the opportunity to sit down with two of our very own achievers –        water levels onsite required a suspended slab
Chris Cronje and Presheila Ismail. Chris was recently appointed as Director while   at level 1, rather than a ground-bearing slab.
Presheila received her Bachelor of Technology degree at the ripe age of 57! We      Terrace level is sub-divided into the lower
are fortunate to have you on our team.                                              tier, commencing at level 1 and terminating
                                                                                    at level 4, and the upper tier, commencing
KV3 is well on its way to become a pioneer of engineering with ideas streaming      above level 5 and terminating at level 6.
in for our Innovations project. We celebrate two forward-thinkers, Nico Britz and
Jeff Mutale.                                                                        The structure is supported on reinforced
                                                                                    concrete augured piles with pile caps,
As South Africans, we have proved that we can work together as a team. And          designed to resist all vertical and horizontal
that when we do, the results are truly spectacular. Here’s to hosting the Olympic   loads emanating from the reinforced
Games in 2020!                                                                      concrete bowl and the roof structure.
                                                                                    Global stability of the various portions in
         coNtact:     Francois Jacobs                                               the circumferential direction is achieved
                      (CEO)                                                         by means of shear walls and lift/stair
                                                                                    cores, whilst radial stability is principally
                                                                                    achieved by a triangulation of forces via the
                                                                                    suspended slabs to the raker beams.

cover: cape town international airport (photo: ferdi olivier)
                                                                                                                                kv3 FOCUS       2/3

NelsoN MaNdela Bay Multi-purpose stadiuM

At levels 5 and 6, shear walls are               terrace units. Horizontal load transfer is    their leading edges facing downward –
incorporated in the radial direction for the     achieved by means of friction, obviating      facilitating rapid mould turnaround, as well
purposes of transferring horizontal loads        the requirement for positive mechanical       as excellent concrete finishes all-around.
from the roof structure to the foundations.      connections between terrace units and         VIP and vomitory units were generally cast
                                                 raker beams. The longitudinal joints          in inverted positions, to facilitate concrete
The final configuration of the reinforced        between terrace units are packed out          placing, as well as quality surface finishes.
concrete superstructure (above pile cap level)   by means of high impact polystyrene           Raker beams were cast on their sides, and
was developed through detailed consultation      shims at quarter points, and subsequently     stripped within seven days and then stored
with all stakeholders in the process, in order   sealed. The cross section of the terrace      for curing prior to the final placing lift.
to deliver the project within the constraints    units themselves was designed to be as        The reinforced concrete sections were
of the project programme and budget, and         efficient as possible (200mm wide, 480mm      designed to accommodate all requisite
to the highest levels of quality. The optimal    deep beams with 110mm thick tread),           handling and placing lifts. Wall units were
hybrid design, comprising precast and cast       to be simple and repetitive to precast. It    likewise cast on their sides, resulting in one
in-situ reinforced concrete construction, was    also had to facilitate swift turnaround of    steel floated face. Steel floated faces were
identified accordingly, and comprises cast-in    moulds through carefully designed lifting     generally assigned to those not facing into
situ columns, shear walls, suspended slabs,      and storage scenarios and to provide an       the bowl, resulting in uniform high quality
moat and ramps.                                  excellent surface finish to facilitate a      concrete finishes throughout the terraces.
                                                 functional and durable jointing system.       The design team provided the Contractor
The layout, size and mass of all precast                                                       with fabrication drawings and bending
concrete structural elements, in particular                                                    schedules for each and every unique
the raker beams and the terrace units, were      DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE 45 000                precast concrete element, which numbered
designed to lie within the capacity limits
                                                 SEATED SPECTATORS
                                                                                               in excess of 400. The fact that each and
of the 400t crawler crane operating pitch-                                                     every precast element fitted into position
side. It also had to be reconcilable with the    All precast concrete production was carried   first time, each and every time, bears
challenging construction programme, as           out within the site boundaries. Raker beams   testament to the quality of the design
well as the establishment of an efficient        and wall units were produced in the playing   deliverables and the underlying design
and carefully controlled precast concrete        field area, whilst all other components       solution, as well as to the high standard
production facility within the constraints       (e.g. terrace units, vomitory units, VIP      of the contractor’s precast concrete
of the site boundaries.                          units, etc.) were manufactured in an area     manufacturing facility, it’s planning, control
                                                 to the immediate south of the structure.      and optimisation.
The raker beams provide direct support           A purpose-made precasting facility was
to the single riser terrace units and VIP        designed and developed by the Contractor      (Our thanks to the author of the original
units spanning up to 6.8m between                accordingly. All elements were cast in        article – Markus Hausen.)
them. Natural rubber-bearing strips              precision steel moulds comprising laser
provide the requisite rotational capacity        cut plate elements, stiffened as required.            coNtact:     Pravesh Naidoo
at interface between raker beams and             Terrace units were cast vertically, with
                                                                                                                                                  kv3 FOCUS         4/5

             airport prepared to welcoMe the world

                                                                                                                   a phased construction sequence to allow
                                                                                                                   the existing user and tenant facilities to
                                                                                                                   be decanted to the new building, before
                                                                                                                   extending the new terminal into the then-
                                                                                                                   partially evacuated existing terminals.

                                                                                                                   Revised projections for passenger numbers
                                                                                                                   from the year 2010 brought on a realisation
                                                                                                                   that the original design brief will not be the
                                                                                                                   solution. The project was then temporarily

                                                                                                                   It was revived in 2005 with a new budget
                                                                                                                   and a target completion date of mid 2009 –
                                                                                                                   to meet the passenger requirements of
                                                                                                                   the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. The first phase
                                                                                          (photo: ferdi olivier)
                                                                                                                   was completed and opened in November
(photo: ferdi olivier)                                                                                             2009, while the last phases were completed
                                                              BACKGROUND                                           and integrated with the main terminal in
                                                              In 2003, KV3 was appointed to supply                 April 2010.
                                                              electrical services for the new Domestic
                                                              Terminal at Cape Town International Airport.         This formed part of a new proposal to
                                                              The exploratory designs developed with the           answer the new ACSA brief, which can be
                                                              project team, which included the project             condensed to the following:
                                                              managers, civil and structural engineers,            •	 Cater	for	the	increased	passenger	
                                                              mechanical service engineers, architects and            numbers	of	2010	and	beyond.
                                                              quantity surveyors, had to be confined to            •	 Have	a	common	check-in	and	security	
                                                              an existing space between the international             facility	for	both	international	and	
                                                              and domestic terminals. It had to allow for             domestic	departing	passengers.

             cape towN iNterNatioNal airport terMiNals

             FIRE PROTECTION INSTAllATION                     fire extinguishers. KV3 then did the detail          the systems of the new facility are as
             KV3 was appointed to do the design               design of the fixed fire protection system.          follows:
             of the fire protection system for the
             Cape Town International Airport Terminals        The new terminals have a total area of               SPRINKlERS
             (CTIA T2010). The scope of the work was          about 75 000m2. Sprinkler protection                 Four sprinkler control valve cabinets were
             to design the fire protection for the new        was provided throughout all the new                  installed on the front/western side, also
             buildings, as well as upgrade some of the        terminals with some of the existing                  referred to as the landside of the building.
             existing services.                               sections still unprotected. Provision was            One control valve cabinet was installed on
                                                              made to protect the rest of the entire               the airside, or eastern side of the building.
             A Rational Fire Design (RFD) engineer            facility in the future. Fire extinguishers and       Each of the control cabinets houses a
             was appointed on the project to oversee          hose reels were installed throughout the             number of sprinkler isolation control valves
             the overall design, which included fire          airport to provide the necessary means               through which water is supplied, controlled
             detection, smoke extraction, evacuation,         for “first aid” fire fighting. Hydrants were         and then distributed via pipe networks into
             hydrants, hose reels, sprinklers and fire        installed throughout the new facility to             the building. Water motor alarm gongs,
             extinguishers. In a totally holistic approach,   provide means of fire fighting for the Fire          as well as red strobe lights, are provided
             the RFD engineer determined which areas          Department.                                          at the outside of these valve cabinets to
             had to be sprinkler protected, as well as the                                                         provide the necessary visual and audio
             positioning of the hydrants, hose reels and                                                           alarms. Fire brigade booster connections
•	 Have	a	common	greeting	area	and	exit	for	     comprising several construction enabling         the Contractor provided for an accelerated
   all	arriving	passengers.                      phases, temporary relocations of services,       construction of the new substation on
•	 Make	optimal	use	of	existing	structural		     long lead-time plant orders, plus the usual      the first floor. Effective shutdown of the
   building	elements	and	infrastructure.         building services.                               old substation allowed the building to be
•	 Allow	for	existing	facilities	to	remain	                                                       demolished and construction to catch up
   operational	until	they	can	be	relocated		     KV3 had to develop a master plan design          with that of the main building.
   to	the	new	terminal	facility.                 concept to take all of the above into account.
•	 Non-negotiable	completion	dates.              The project’s sub-phase activities describe      CONSTRUCTION COMPlICATIONS
                                                 the electrical design input, namely:             The biggest complication onsite was the
All the above were met, with the exception       •	 Relocate	existing	main	11kV	Eskom	feeder	     many traffic diversions that had to be
of the intended reuse of the existing               cables.                                       made, to the discomfort of passengers and
structural backbone.                             •	 Relocate	existing	underground	electrical	     contractors alike. Unfortunately, this could
                                                    services	to	maintain	road	and	parking	area	   not be prevented, but the final outcome
THE PROJECT SCOPE                                   lighting.                                     proudly speaks for itself.
KV3 was involved in the following services       •	 Isolate	and	maintain	the	existing	
from initial concept to final delivery:             substation	to	allow	demolition	and	new	       CONClUSION
•	 The	fire	extinguishing	system.                   construction	to	proceed	around	the	           The past four years of disruptive
•	 The	medium	and	low	voltage	electrical	           substation.                                   construction activities have been
   installation	(12MVA	installed).               •	 Long	lead-time	plant	order	for	new	11kV	      completed and KV3’s Electrical and
•	 Emergency	standby	generators	(3.8	MVA).          switchgear.                                   Mechanical Services divisions are proud
•	 A	new	Apron	lighting	scheme	for	the	          •	 Commission	the	new	substation	room,	          of their involvement in this project. It was
   upgraded	bays	of	Apron	A	(the	main	              completed	as	an	accelerated	construction	     a great opportunity for design teams to
   aircraft	parking	area	in	front	of	the	new	       activity,	to	replace	the	old	substation	      find innovative solutions, while it exposed
   terminal).                                       and	subsequently	decommission	the	old	        younger generation technical staff to a
                                                    substation.	                                  world-class construction project.
This phase required the bulk electrical          At this stage, the new terminal building was
                                                                                                          coNtact:    Dürr Pieters
infrastructure building elements to be           enlarged and secondary substation designs                  
identified and coordinated as primary            were changed to suit, with more standby
design constraints for the further effective     generator capacity inter alia.
architectural building design. It required the
first order designs of electrical services to    KV3 had to develop, dictate and negotiate
allow infrastructure planning.                   a practical solution for the development of
                                                 a major 11kV switching station in the new
KV3’s project input and design approach          building to replace the existing substation.
was therefore multi-dimensional,                 The construction sequence developed with

are also provided inside the cabinets in case    FIRE ExTINGUISHERS
of inadequate water pressure.                    Fire extinguishers are housed inside hydrant
                                                 and hose reel cabinets throughout the
HYDRANTS AND HOSE REElS                          building, including at least one extinguisher
The main hydrant supply valves                   per tenant.
(connections) are inside the sprinkler
control cabinets. From there, all piping         Some interesting statistics with regards
is routed throughout the building,               to the fire installation:
also supplying the hose reels. Booster           •	 Number of sprinklers installed: 12 000
connections are provided at the cabinets         •	 length of sprinkler piping used: 25 000m              coNtact:    Donovan Britz
to boost both the hydrant and hose reel          •	 length of hydrant and hose reel piping                  

systems in case of inadequate water                 used: 5 000m                                                      David lombard
pressure. Additional booster connections         •	 Number of control cabinets provided: 5
                                                                                                                      Richard Ramplin
are provided on the elevated road, on            •	 Number of sprinkler control valves in                   
second floor level, to boost the system,            cabinets: 17                                                      Jaco Verwey
if required.                                     •	 Number of hydrants: 75                                  

                                                 •	 Number of hose reels: 150                                         Craig Dinnis
                                                 •	 Number of fire extinguishers: 400
                                                                                                                         kv3 FOCUS        6/7

kv3 eMBraces corporate respoNsiBility

       outh Africa is a land filled with
       opportunities, but it is also faced
       with many challenges. KV3
has been committed to tackling these
challenges in a constructive manner for
many years.

Our overarching Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) objective is to
contribute to the country’s social
development agenda and to nurture
a reputation amongst our stakeholders
for being a responsible organisation
that plays its part in assisting previously
disadvantaged South Africans.

KV3 is committed to aligning its CSR
initiatives with government priorities and
has selected the field of education as its
main priority.

growiNg a NatioN of eNgiNeers
KV3 sponsors four deserving schools
each year. The following schools will
be sponsored from March 2010 until
February 2011:

Moses Maren Mission school is situated
in Johannesburg. They will use our
contribution for purchasing textbooks
for the Mathematics department, while
the Science department will purchase
mobile laboratory trolleys and chemicals.
They also plan to host Saturday classes
for Mathematics 405 and Science.              chemicals for the laboratory. In addition,   extra mural activities. She is in Grade 7
                                              they will be upgrading a computer used       and boasts numerous accolades at her
Môrester high school is situated in           by these departments.                        school. As an all rounder, she not only
Oudtshoorn. In 2005, they decided to                                                       excels academically, but is also part of her
become a focus school for Mathematics,        Ntsonkotha senior secondary school           school’s hockey team. She is currently a
Science and Technology. The funds will        is situated in the lady Frere area. They     member of her school’s leader body.
be allocated to the further development       will utilise the funds for the hiring of
of laboratories, study guides and other       additional staff to teach Mathematics and    Bursaries
equipment for the learners.                   Science, for purchasing equipment such       From March 2009 to February 2010, KV3
                                              as data projectors, computer software        has spent R4 308 882.84 on 153 bursaries.
proteus high school is situated in            and study guides for the learners and        This comprises of 60 full-time university
Atlantis. They are allocating the money to    laboratory equipment and chemicals to        students, 35 technikon and 58 part-time
the following departments: Mathematics,       perform experiments.                         students who are permanently employed
who will purchase textbooks and                                                            by KV3.
calculators for the learners and educators    star pupil
and Science, who will use the allocated       KV3 has been sponsoring Thuli Manunga               coNtact:    Winky ximiya
money for the purchase of equipment and       since 2007 by paying her school fees and
                                                                 chris croNje
kv3 iNterview

                                                                 “The gratitude of a community for the provision
                                                                 of sustainable infrastructure is expressed in a way
                                                                 that cannot be described in words.”

                It actually happened by chance. I always         ACCOMPlISHMENTS IN YOUR CURRENT                 TIME?
                wanted to be a scientist, but I wasn’t sure      POSITION?                                       Mostly with my family. Alternatively I enjoy
                what career I was going to pursue until          Being part of the successful bid for            reading or watching TV, especially sports
                I enrolled at the University of Port Elizabeth   Gautrain. I believe our participation in this   channels and Discovery.
                (UPE) for a normal BSc degree. It was here       prestigious project elevated our company
                that I was introduced to engineering.            to a level where we could rub shoulders         WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE SPORTS
                I was immediately hooked! So, I completed        with some of the leading engineering            TEAM?
                my first year at UPE and then moved to           companies of the world.                         Cricket and rugby are my favourite sports
                Stellenbosch where I completed my studies                                                        and I obviously support our respective
                and graduated as an engineer.                    WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB?              national teams. On provincial level it
                                                                 When I was younger, the best part of            is Eastern Province for cricket and the
                WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR A YOUNG                  my job was when a new project was               Stormers for rugby – obviously!
                lEARNER WANTING TO BECOME AN                     commissioned, especially in the rural parts
                ENGINEER?                                        of our country. This is where the gratitude     WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO IN lIFE?
                Engineering is a very rewarding career,          of a community for the provision of             life is like a journey into the unknown, be
                but it’s important to be 100% sure that          sustainable infrastructure is expressed in      positive about it, do not shy away from
                it is what you want to do. It’s a tough          a way that cannot be described in words.        challenges, grab hold of opportunities that
                and expensive course. And that’s if you          lately, the best part of my job is to assist    come your way and believe in your abilities!
                comply with the university admission             and guide my personnel to the best of my        However, stay humble and be grateful
                requirements! Find out as much as you            ability and to be part of the management        for the abundance of undeserved and
                possibly can about the industry by spending      of the company. I enjoy playing my part in      unconditional blessings that are bestowed
                time in various engineering environments         the very exciting times in which we find        upon us on a daily basis.
                e.g. different disciplines, planning/            ourselves, where strategic decisions of
                designing, construction, etc.                    significant proportions are made.               IF YOU COUlD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT
                                                                                                                 NOW, WHERE WOUlD YOU lIKE TO BE?
                TEll US ABOUT YOUR INVOlVEMENT                   WHAT IS THE ONE THING THAT GETS                 Somewhere in the bushveld on a safari or
                IN THE ExCITING GAUTENG RAPID RAIl               YOU GOING IN THE MORNING?                       hiking along the sea!
                lINK PROJECT.                                    You mean apart from having to earn a
                I was involved in two phases of this project,    living? Well, engineering is such a dynamic
                namely the Preliminary Design phase and          career, never a dull moment, with new
                the so-called ‘Early Works’ phase. This          challenges on a daily basis. And to be part
                involved the relocation of infrastructure        of a team that comes up with feasible
                at the sites for the Gautrain subsurface         and sustainable solutions, that is very
                stations, as well as the temporary               rewarding. That gets me going in the
                deviation/accommodation of traffic from          morning!
                these sites.
                                                                                                   MoviNg forward
for presheila, aNythiNg is possiBle                                                                with iNNovatioN

                                                 Working as a Civil Technologist at KV3,           Innovation is not a function of
                                                 Presheila embarked on a new adventure             intelligence, training or academic
                                                 and began studying towards her Civil              learning, but a combination of guts,
                                                 Engineering degree at the age of 50.              resilience and an adventurous mind –
                                                 “Going to university with youngsters              attributes not easily found. With this
                                                 was a different experience, but I was             in mind, out-of-the-box thinking was
                                                 able to relate with them. I just had a            initiated to make KV3 the pioneer of
                                                 more mature outlook on life.”                     engineering through innovation.

                                                 Her journey to graduation was not                 One of the significant attributes that
                                                 without obstacles. She had to sacrifice           many companies have in common
                                                 many hours and organised her life                 today is the desire to be recognised
                                                 around her studies. Fortunately she               for their innovation by developing
                                                 has a very supportive family. “I know             new products and services.
                                                 I started late in life, but everything
                                                 comes at the right time for each                  let us be different and most
                                                 person.” With an amazing spirit and               importantly – let us be unique.
                                                 heaps of enthusiasm, she rather focuses           Through the innovative thinking of

         t the age of 57, Presheila              on living life to the full than on the            our Pretoria Electrical Division, KV3
         Ismail received her Bachelor            limitations set by her disability.                has now acquired the equipment
         of Technology degree in Civil           “I have always worked as a normal                 and ability to perform Soil Resistivity
Engineering at Durban University of              human being doing normal things.”                 Testing (with specific focus to
Technology. Despite being bound to a                                                               Eskom’s requirements) ourselves.
wheelchair since the age of eight after          Congratulations, Presheila! KV3 is                This will further enhance KV3’s
a near-fatal train accident, she never           honoured to have you as part of                   service to our clients.
allowed her disability to keep her from          the team.
breaking boundaries. Instead, she believes:                                                        Special thanks go to Nico Britz and
“It has made me take some risks, if only to                                                        Jeff Mutale for taking the lead in
                                                      coNtact:     Presheila Ismail
prove to myself that anything is possible.                                                         enlightening other KV3 staff in the
Especially if you believe in your abilities.”                                                      use of this equipment.

                                                                                                       coNtact:      André van der Walt
Sources:	Berea	News,	The	Mecury

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