; Cake Decorating Tips Using Fondant Icing
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Cake Decorating Tips Using Fondant Icing


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									Decorative cakes are highly popular today. It is mostly seen in weddings, debuts, and
on birthday parties. Most of the layered cakes you usually saw in weddings are made
out of fondant icing.
  Fondant icing is widely used by professional bakers around the world. Fondant is a
thick and creamy sugar mixture used in designing and decorating cookies and cakes.
It is much easier to use for decorating custom made cakes compared to coconut
buttercream frosting.
  If you are a skilled baker or an aspiring one, creating fondant based cakes is very
exciting and a fun baking experience. Below are some tips for cake decorating for you
to practice.
  For beginners, handling fondant may get tough and messy. Don't fret. There are
ready made fondant icings that are for grabs on the market. You can choose from
getting a rolled fondant or poured fondant.
  Rolled fondant is much easier to use for cake decorating. They can be made
available in various tastes such as chocolate, custard, mocha, raspberry buttercream
and other exciting flavours. Since they are bought with flavours, they came in with
different colours too. You can instantly cover and pattern the fondant icing over you
cake in a matter of minutes. Be careful not to tear the rolled fondant whenever you
cover your cake.
  You can use cookie cutters with different sizes and shapes to create designs on rolled
fondant. You can design or create just about anything. If you are skilled in moulding,
you can create ruffles, flowers and various stuffs. You can use the rolled fondant to
create those. Your creativity can play and ideas are widely open.
  Poured fondant is more advanced than rolled fondant. It may require some skill and
coordination when decorating your cake or cookie. The first step you will have to do
is heat the icing or melt the candy. Check the box or label on pre-heating instructions.
Follow the steps to achieve the desired amount and texture of the icing.
  Fondant icings are quick to dry and harden. After heating the icing, you may need to
set it aside in order to cool. Make sure your work station is clean and dry. When the
icing is cooled, place it on a piping bag. You can now have control over the icing and
make designs for your cake.
  Working with fondant can be hard and fun at the same time. You can create a wide
range of designs with it. You can find a large array of resources such as cookbooks
and magazines to gain ideas on how to decorate cakes.
  The author writes about giving tips on cake decorating for moms and aspiring

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