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                               CYFF News
                                    C a n a d i a n Yo u n g F a r m e r s ’ Fo r u m
                                                                                                August 2007        Volume 1, Issue 2

      Rod Scarlett, Executive Director
         It has been nearly six months since    applications, there are exciting events         Territorial representatives will be funded
      the AGM and I believe the Board that      planned for the fall and winter. Posted         to attend. The earlier those selections
      was elected has accomplished a lot.       on the web-site are some of the events          can be made, the better. We have also
      Private sponsorship was a priority that   that are planned, if you would like             begun planning a young farmer’s
      was identified by the previous Board.     additional information from your prov-          “Summit of the America’s” for the winter
      Contracts have been signed and            ince, e-mail me at For            of 2008.        Stay tuned for more
      numerous leads are being followed         those of you who haven’t checked the            information.
      which will hopefully result in            web-site, we post all the                          Finally, work is being done on
      additional dollars and support for The    minutes from our meetings, so don’t             completing a five year business plan for
      Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum.            hesitate to take a look at the activities the   Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
         Applications for funding support       Board is participating in.                         If you have suggestions or ideas, not
      for the provincial organizations are         Planning and preparation is underway         only for the newsletter, but for the
      well ahead of the pace set last year.     for the next AGM. Once again, four              program in general, please do not
      From the looks of most of the             delegates from every province plus              hesitate to contact me.

        Inside this issue:
                                                               CFA Report - Rob Brunel
        CFA Report,             2
        Erik Leach
                                                      I was able to attend the 2007 CFA          the ability of young farmers and new
        IICA Report,            3                 semi annual meeting in Saskatoon for           entrants to enter the agricultural indus-
        Leona Dargis                              two days this year. Being in Saskatche-        try.
                                                  wan there were several delegates from              There were two interesting speaker
        IICA Report,          3&4                 the province there. This gave me an            from the US on the farm bill. They
        Mark Richards                             opportunity to meet with some young            discussed what is happening in the
                                                  farmers that were APAS delegates and           discussion on the new farm bill and
                                                  gain some contacts for further discus-         what it will probably look like.
        Nova Scotia             5
                                                  sion on what CYFF does and how they                There was also a speaker from Statis-
        Young Farmers                                                                            tics Canada on the last census. I think
                                                  could become involved or more aware
                                                  of what were are about.                        there is some information from that
        Ontario Young           6                     As for the CFA meeting there was           census that CYFF could use to target
        Farmers                                   one resolution that passed from the            new members.
                                                  Strategic Growth Committee                         Also while in Saskatoon, I was able
        Ontario                 7                 specifically pertaining to young               to talk with Deanna Allan of the CWB.
        Young Farmers                             farmers.                                       She expressed interest in the CWB
                                                      BE IT RESOLVED that CFA                    meeting with some young
                                                  engage the government that the Next            farmers over the winter.
        Contact                 8
                                                  Generation of Ag Policy develop spe-
                                                  cific programs and policies to improve

                                    CYFF wishes to extend our deepest sympathies to our Board Member,
                                              Leona Dargis, one the sudden passing of her
                                                   Mother, Father and Grandmother.
      Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                           Page 1
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                                                       CYFF News
                        CFA Report - Erik Leach
                 July 24th to 26th                discussion. Other items on the agenda      am not the one to go into deep
                                                  included; maintaining and increasing       discussion about the WTO talks. The
          Leaving Ottawa on Monday                the amount of agricultural research        committee meetings wrapped up on
      afternoon, I arrived in Saskatoon that      provided by the government, encourag-      Wednesday evening.
      evening with committee meetings             ing private producer and government            We opened Thursday morning
      starting the next morning.                  research, and enhancing producer           with a speech from Saskatchewan’s
          We began the morning agenda with        participation in the value chain. Justin   Minister of Agriculture, Mark
      the Safety Nets Committee meeting. We       To, Executive Director, of the             Wartman. The Census of Agriculture
      heard from Dan Foster, Director General     Canadian Federation of Agriculture         was then reviewed by Catherine
      of AAFC. He joined us via phone,            (CFA) discussed the Made in Canada         Cromley of Statistics Canada. Most of
      commenting mostly on what happened          Label. I found the discussion quite        the presentation was about farm
      at the all ministers meeting in Whistler.   interesting and very well put together,    income changes in the last six years.
      He broke his report down into four          but I believe that there could be some     There was some information regarding
      different programs, Disaster Relief for     more development made to the Made          the lack of young people in the
      Large and Small Scale Disasters, Agri       in Canada Label. Consumers seem to         industry but she didn’t go into much
      Investors Savings Account, Agri Stability   want our food but we need to have          detail. I unfortunately had to catch
      Program, and Agri Insurance, all of         protocols and programs to support          my flight for home so I missed some
      which will be offered. The funding for      Canadian grown food. Tom Shenstone         presentations from the North Dakotas
      the Disaster Relief for Large and Small     spoke again on behalf of AAFC,             Farmers Union, on the development
      Scale Disasters, such as BSE, would be      adding very little input or answers to     of the new US Farm Bill.
      discussed on a case by case scenario. The   our questions. I asked him, “What was          Over all, I found the semi annual
      Agri Investors Savings Account will         under strategic growth programs for        meeting to be very interesting. I again
      replace the CAIS program, which is          young farmers?” He didn’t have an          learned a lot of the process of lobbying
      exactly what farmers are asking, and it     answer but did offer to discuss the        the government. I was disappointed in
      will be in a NISA like savings program.     topic afterwards. I was expecting some     the amount of discussion surrounding
      This program will be based on eligible      discussion on the future of Young          Young Farmers, the future of
      net sales with the Federal Government       Farmers, but there was only a little bit   agriculture, as well as participation
      contributing $100 million to production     said. I used this opportunity to put out   from young producers within
      accounts. The Agri Stability Program will   a challenge, to all association            associations. There were a lot of
      be aimed for more specialized industries.   representatives, to bring some more        teachers in the room with no students.
      For the Agri Insurance program, AAFC        young faces into their organizations.      I was the youngest person in
      is looking at providing more coverage for   Which I did receive some                   attendance by at least twenty years.
      livestock producers. Resolutions were       encouragement from the association         The association members seemed to be
      discussed and proposed at the semi          members.                                   interested in a lot of short term fixes
      annual meeting on Thursday.                    The Trade Committee was the last        and ideas without a lot of thought
          The afternoon continued with the        to be discussed. Don Knoerr, of the        based on the future of agriculture. I
      Food Safety Committee. We started off       CFA Trade Committee, brought               know there are people concerned
      with a discussion on the next generation    everybody up to speed on the current       about the future of agriculture but I
      of policy about Food Safety. Tom            world trade issues. We then had the        think that Young Farmers have to start
      Shenstone from AAFC commented on            opportunity to hear Steve Verheul          the discussion and others will follow.
      the development. He had very little to      from Agriculture and Agri-Food; he         CYFF has to take up that leadership
      add and few answers to questions asked.     spoke on the WTO negotiations as           position. We have the plans in place
      There seems to be not much develop-         well as what was happening in the talks    to do so and it will take time to follow
      ment in Food Safety based on “Growing       in Geneva. To be honest, I didn’t          through.
      Forward” documents. Resolutions were        really have much background, as to
      discussed about the Food Safety             what was going on at the WTO talks.
      programs were added at the semi annual      From what I could understand Canada
      meeting.                                    does not have a lot of leverage at the
          We all moved back to our hotel          negotiation table. Europe and the
      rooms that night, with thoughts of policy   United States are the biggest players
      dancing through our heads.                  and they seem to be very far apart
          The Strategic Growth Committee          when it comes to funding agriculture
      meeting took place the next morning.        in their budgets. Most of the problems
      First thing on the agenda was research      resolve around market access. Again, I

      Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                        Page 2
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                                                          CYFF News
                        IICA Report - Leona Dargis
                   Trip Report to Santiago, Chile                           group was able to understand the messages exchanged in
                                                                            translation. Through our sharing of information and ideas, it
          In late July four Canadian Young Farmers Forum board              sparked evolving thoughts and potential future opportunities.
      members had the privilege to travel to South America. I am                I find it really interesting that a lot of people talk about
      proud to say that I was one of these travelin’ farmers! I must        international relationships and its importance. But nothing is
      first indicate that my anticipation towards this trip was             really accomplished unless the connection is made. For this I
      extraordinary and with a creative mindset to learn,                   am glad that CYFF had the opportunity to travel to Santiago
      opportunities presented itself. With no doubt, IICA provided          prior to Buenos Aires, Argentina to explore and create a
      the building blocks for potential partners and new friendships.       perspective and understanding of Chilean Agriculture.
      For this I thank Kimble Costain and his supportive staff.                 In final thoughts, I think this trip was very worthwhile and
          As we attended meetings with government officials and             will boost CYFF to continue to develop an international
      various producer organizations it was evident that although our       strategy. I am proud to be one of the next generation leaders in
      agricultural cultures were very different, the issues surrounding     our agricultural industry and look forward to our future full of
      the next generation and renewal were parallel to Canada’s.            opportunities that will no doubt ‘make a difference’.
      Although language was somewhat of a limiting barrier, our

                        IICA Report - Mark Richards
                        Visit to Santiago, Chile                            Ottawa. This meeting was to allow the CYFF board members
                                                                            to gain an understanding of the function of IICA. The IICA
                           July 22-25, 2007
                                                                            representatives were able to gain a better understanding of the
      Background Information                                                function of the CYFF and in particular the interest of the CYFF
                                                                            has in international relations.
         Recently the CYFF and IICA have signed a letter of intent to          As a result of this meeting another meeting was scheduled in
      explore areas in which the two organizations could                    July after which the aforementioned letter of intent was signed.
      collaborate to further the mission and directives of both             As a result of this letter of intent, four members of the CYFF
      organizations.      CYFF was formed to encourage the                  Board;
      participation of Canadian young farmers in leadership training               Chris Kletke, Chair
      and business management training. As the group has met and                   Ian Richardson, Vice- Chair
      had discussions it has been recognized that one significant                  Leona Dargis, Board Member – at large
      aspect of success in the agricultural industry in the future is the          Mark Richards, Past Chair
      ability of the average producer to understand the environment         Who were attending the IFAP Young Farmer World Congress
      in which products are marketed, not only regionally and               in Buenos Aires, Argentina made plans with IICA, through Mr.
      nationally, but at the global level as well. This is not to suggest   Constain, to stop over in Santiago, Chile to meet with govern-
      that the individual producer would be expected to participate in      ment and organizational leaders.
      marketing their individual production at the international level,
      (although that may be an option), but rather to imply that an         Purpose of Trip
      understanding of international trade may help them in assessing
                                                                               The CYFF delegation met with Mr. Costain in Santiago
      potential opportunities at home. To date the CYFF has been
                                                                            prior to meeting with any officials in Chile. The purpose of this
      exploring ways in which to expose the members to international
                                                                            meeting was to plan and organize how the meetings were to take
      issues and has sent one contingent to meet with the Young
                                                                            place, logistical information, and brief outlines of the
      Farmers’ committee of the International Federation of
                                                                            organizations with which we were to meet.
      Agricultural Producers (IFAP).
                                                                               The first day the delegation met with Victor Venegas, from
         In February of 2007, the CYFF board of directors met with
                                                                            the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture. Sr Venegas briefed the
      Mr. Michael Bedoya, Acting Representative in Canada and Mr.
                                                                            delegation on the agriculture industry in Chile, the structure of
      Kimble E. Costain, Technical Cooperation Specialist
                                                                            the ministry of Agriculture and the focus on renewal. The main
      Agriculture and Rural Development from the IICA office in

                                                                                                                   Continued on Page 4

      Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                             Page 3
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                                                         CYFF News
      IICA Report, Mark Richards - Continued from Page 3

      message in the presentation was the importance that the             dairy producer, Guillermo Barras. Our meeting was hosted in
      Chilean industry places on exporting high quality agricultural      the Canadian Embassy with arrangements made by Rene
      products. In order to maintain the current level of quality and     Plouffe. Guillermo gave the delegation a number of reasons
      integrity in the export systems in place the ministry has           why he felt there should be a CYFF like group in Chile. The
      identified a need to target the incoming generation of small        need for future producers to have                  access to
      producers for further training and education. In order to do        appropriate training and educational opportunities related to
      this effectively and in an organized fashion, the indications are   their operations was identified by Guillermo on more than one
      that they would like to set up some version or variation of the     occasion in the discussion with the CYFF delegates. When
      CYFF within the Chilean territories.                                looking at the Canadian model he seemed somewhat
          The same morning our delegation met with INDAP. This            encouraged at what we had accomplished within the CYFF.
      department of the MAG is charged with delivery of
                                                                          Next Steps
      government programs to the many smaller farms in the country.
      The ministry defines a small farm through the use of a ‘model       MAG and INDAP were very eager to sign a letter of intent with
      Farm’ which averages out the differences in productive capacity     CYFF while the delegation was in Chile. Details would have to
      of the different zones within the country and sets a standard       be worked out as to the content of such a letter and the CYFF
      annual sales level for the maximum size of an operation to          would need to identify concrete benefits to such a relationship.
      q u al i f y a s a s m a l l f a r m .          All minis try       In this delegate’s opinion there are many areas in which mutual
      personnel referred to 15 ha as the limit. INDAP puts extension      benefits could arise from a formal relationship with the Chilean
      staff (usually contractors) in the different areas of the country   government and its departments.
      and these consultants then deliver training or technology to the               1. CYFF has some expertise in setting up and
      local farmers to increase their understanding of the system of                 formalizing a structure for a young farmer group.
      Research, farmer, export market, and how to achieve the                        2. CYFF members would have some areas of
      ultimate goal of having a group of smaller farmers work together               experience with which to share with the smaller
      in a cooperative to achieve efficiencies and improve quality and               farmers in Chile.
      raceability of the product being produced and marketed                         3. The Chilean goal of an export oriented agriculture
      internationally. INDAP currently works with 125,000 or so                      industry would hold some lessons for us as Canadian
      producers. When the definition of 15 ha is applied there are                   producers
      more than 300,000 producers eligible for the assistance                        4. The survival of small operations in Chile and the
      provided by the programs.                                                      models they use to encourage these producers could
          The day was filled out by a lunch with the staff of INDAP                  be of benefit to the smaller operations in Canada.
      and a meeting with the general manager of a large fruit and                    5. A formal partnership with Chile’s young producers
      vegetable coop, FedaFruta. This gave the delegation some                       could spawn many learning opportunities for both
      insight into the larger farmers and the level of organization                  current and future members of the CYFF.
      involved in this major sector of the agricultural economy of           In     parti cular         this     delegate        is   very
      Chile.                                                              interested in possibly returning to Chile on either an internship
         The next day was spent in roundtable discussions with a          or expertise exchange pertaining to the formation of a national
      number of Chilean Producer groups including,                        Chilean young farmers’ body.
      CAMPO-COOP, MUCECH, and Voz del Campo, led by
      Francisco Leon, president of CAMPO-COOP. The discussion
      was hosted at the CAMPO-COOP offices. During this
      discussion it became apparent that there is a genuine concern in
      the camposino (small farmers) population regarding the viability
      of the industry and the succession of the current operations to
      the next generation. It was also evident that these groups
      represented a number of producers who were not being assisted
      through INDAP. While the members of these organizations
      acknowledge the need for technology transfer within the
      camposino communities, the general impression was that if the
      MAG would put the money directly into the hands of the
      producers, the same amount of transfer would be incurred and
      more producers would be assisted.
          The last meeting of the trip was with a young progressive

      Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                           Page 4
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                                   CYFF News

      Volume 1, Issue 2                        Page 5
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                                                       CYFF News

                                           Ontario Young Farmers Forum
                                          Facing Challenges to Create Opportunities
                                         Sunday, November 18th & Monday, November 19th 2007
                                             Doubletree International Plaza Hotel, Toronto

       OYFF is open to all young farmers and persons involved in agriculture between ages of 18-40.
       Early Bird Registration $100.00, Monday October 1/07. Final Registration $130.00, Friday November 9/07.
       Both prices include OYFF sessions, meals and evening entertainment.

       Registration fees do not include accommodation.

       All registration forms must be mailed with payment to the Junior Farmers Association of Ontario office. When we receive your
       registration form and payment we will send you a confirmation notice.


       OYFF participants are responsible for booking their own accommodation.
       Doubletree International Plaza Hotel 655 Dixon Road, Toronto M9W 1J4

       Phone: (416) 244-1711 Fax (416) 244-8031 Reservations: 1-800-668-3656
       Rates: $120.00 per night, plus taxes before November 5th. After that rooms may be subject to availability at that rate. When
       booking your hotel room you must request a room in the Young Farmers Forum Block
       If you would like to share a room with another OYFF participant please check the box on the registration form.
                                              At This Years Forum You ll Hear About:
                                   ~The 5 W s! Young Farmers Success Stories Across North America
                                   ~Who Needs To Know About Agriculture? Communicating Our Story
                                                  ~A Business Plan? You Need One!
                          ~ So You Want to Farm? How we are doing it! Continuation from Young Farmers Success Stories
                                               ~ Farm Employees A Part of the Team
                                   ~ Your Ideas: Challenges and Opportunities on Your Farming Future!
                               ..And join us for an evening of laughing at Yuk Yuk s Dinner & Comedy show

                     For more information contact the Junior Farmers Association of Ontario at 519-780-5326
                                            or go to the OYFF website at

      Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                      Page 6
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                                                          CYFF News

                                                 Ontario Young Farmers Forum
                                                       Registration Form
                                            Facing Challenges to Create Opportunities
                                            Sunday, November 18 & Monday, November 19, 2007
                                                 Double Tree International Plaza, Toronto

                        Open to all young farmers and persons involved in agriculture between ages of 18-40

                                          Early Bird Registration $100.00 - Monday October 1, 2007
                                             Final Registration $130.00 - Friday November 9, 2007
                                   Both prices include all OYFF sessions, meals and evening entertainment.

       First name: ________________________ Last name:_______________________
       Mailing address:_____________________________________________________
       Province:___________________ Postal code:_____________________________
       Email:___________________________________________ Age:_____________

       Have you booked your own hotel room under Young Farmers Forum Block ?                    YES __ NO __
       Would you like to share a room?                                                          YES __ NO __
       Are you an OFA Convention Delegate?                                                      YES __ NO __
       Would you prefer your OYFF info package not be sent via e-mail?                          YES __ NO __
       Do you require daycare for your children?                                                YES __ NO __
       (**Note: Daycare only available if you register by November 9th**)

                          Please mail registration form and payment to the Junior Farmers Association of Ontario:
                                                    (cheque must be payable to JFAO)
                                                       450 Speedvale Ave. W. Suite 101
                                                           Guelph, ON N1H 7Y6
                                                    Phone 519-780-5326 Fax 519-780-5327

      Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                             Page 7
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                                                   CYFF News

                                          2007 Board of Directors
      Chris Kletke, Chairman                Mark Richards, Past Chairman           Leona Dargis, Member-at-Large
      Box 111                               11153 Grove Mills Line, R.R.6          Box 152
      Brunkild, Manitoba R0G 0E0            Dresden, Ontario N0P 1M0               St. Vincent, Alberta T0A 3B0
      Tel: (204) 736-3580                   Tel: (519) 809-9175                    Tel: (780) 646-2456
      Fax: (204)736-4203                    Fax: (519) 683-1946                    Email:
      Email:        Email:
                                                                                   Jean-Philippe Deschenes-Gilbert,
      Ian Richardson,                       Robert Brunel, Man/Sask Rep            Secretaire, Federation de la releve
      Vice Chair & Atlantic Canada Rep      Box 728                                agricole du Quebec
      405 Veterans Drive                    Ste. Rose, Manitoba R0L 1S0            55, boul. Roland-Therrien, bureau 105
      Cormack, Newfoundland A8A 2R7         Tel: (204) 447-1096                    Longueuil, Quebec J4H 4E7
      Tel: (709) 636-1270                   Cell: (204) 447-7104                   Tel: (450) 679-0540, poste 8299
      Email:           Email:            Fax: (450) 679-2375
      Nicholas Dobson, BC/AB/Yukon Rep      Erik Leach, Ont/Que Rep
      Box 100                               2210 Micksburg Road                    Rod Scarlett, General Manager,
      Paradise Valley, Alberta T0B 3R0      Cobden, Ontario K0J 1K0                Canadian Young Farmers' Forum
      Tel: (780) 745-2126                   Tel: (613) 735-6928                    #102, 115 Portage Close
      Fax: (780) 745-2062                   Email:          Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 2R5
      Email:                                                Tel: 1-888-416-2965
                                                                                   Fax: (780) 416-6531
                                                                                   Cell: (780) 498-0231

                                   c           a
                         re o cyff.
                     We a w.
                           w   w
                                              #102, 115 Portage Close
                                           Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2R5
                                                  Phone: 1-888-416-2965
                                                   Fax: 1-780-416-6531

      Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                Page 8