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               No Electricity
On Wednesday morning, the breaker to feeder four at the                to residents and businesses in Rupert’s Valley. Yesterday
Power Station in Rupert’s Valley tripped and left Rupert’s itself      afternoon the damaged line could be replaced and the
without electricity. It also caused a power surge on the entire        Manager and Head of the Public Works and Services
Island causing danger to sensitive electric equipment. The             Department, Derek Richards, reported on Saint FM that
breaker refused to be reset and the feed had to be isolated            testing of the repair was undertaken yesterday afternoon.
from the rest of the grid to avoid further surges. During              The 11,000 Volt line was fed with twice the voltage to make
Wednesday, intensive fault finding of the mains supply in              sure that the replaced line was safe for use. Last night at 7
Rupert’s took place and in the afternoon it could be verified          o’clock power could be restored to the consumers in Rupert’s
that the fault was on the outgoing line close to the Power             Valley that had been without power for 36 hours. Fortunately
Station. This line was buried under a thick concrete paving            Argos Atlantic Cold Stores could continue to operate and keep
and could not easily be reached. To make it even more                  their huge freezers going with their own emergency generator.
difficult to reach, it was buried together with the main power         Solomon & Company also helped the residents in Rupert’s
feed to Longwood. This meant that no heavy equipment                   by storing people’s frozen goods in their freezers.
could be used to break up the concrete as this could damage            Derek Richards has extended thanks to the staff at the Energy
the Longwood feed. However, on Wednesday evening the                   Division involved in this quick and dedicated repair job, which
Energy Division mustered all possible manpower to dig a                was undertaken under the leadership of Nicky Thomas and
trench through the concrete to reach the faulty line. The              Colin Anthony. Derek also thanked the residents in Rupert’s
men worked until midnight on Wednesday and started again               for their patience and co-operation.

                     No Water
early yesterday morning to re-establish the electricity supply

Yesterday afternoon drastic measures had to be undertaken              and hose pipe ban will be introduced in this distribution area
to secure the water supply to the Longwood area. Once                  as well. The water level in the earth dam at Haper’s is very
again, the water levels at the Hutt’s Gate had                                 low which also is giving problems, with discolouration
reached dangerously low levels with no water at                                    of the water feeding the treatment plant. This is
all coming in from the Grapevine Gut reservoir                                          caused by high levels of sediment in the
and the system completely reliant on the bore                                             incoming water. The sediment cannot be
holes at Willow bank. The Fire & Rescue                                                     filtered away. Derek Richards also said
Service was called out in force to bowser                                                     yesterday that due to the low water levels
water from the hydrants in the Grand                                                          the lines and tanks cannot be flushed often
Parade in Jamestown to Hutt’s Gate to top                                                     enough to clear the water as this would
up the system to ensure that the                                                              cause a high wastage which we cannot
Longwood and Alarm Forest area would                                                          afford. However he was apologising the
not be completely without water. Every                                                      consumers in the Red Hill distribution
90 minutes the fire tenders could add 2000                                                 system for the low water quality.
gallons to the Hutt’s Gate distribution                                 Last year, the Hutt’s Gate system run completely dry in the
system. Derek Richards said yesterday                                  beginning of January and bowsers had to be used to help
afternoon that a sprinkler and hose pipe ban                           with the supply. The situation this year is not any better and
has been put in force in the Longwood area in an attempt to            the main population areas on the Island might face serious
cut down consumption. Already earlier in the week bowsers              difficulties with their water supply if no rain falls within a week.
had to be used to fill up the small tank in Perkin’s Gut.              The water situation and the water management have been
Yesterday, Derek also said that the water situation in the Red         criticised for many years without enough resources being
Hill system is critical and if no rain falls in a few days sprinkler   allocated to solve the problem.
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It is a lot to talk about this week. First of all, we are very      is a grave concern. We are talking about economic
pleased to welcome Nick Hewes to our team. His talents              development, inward investment and growing private sector
and skills have vastly improved the contents of the St Helena       but we have no infrastructure to cope with development. DfID
Independent. This week we have the largest issue ever, with         has also said that there will be no money available for
a wide variety of articles. We have short news stories, longer      improvements of the water and electricity supplies either.
human interest stories and topics for discussion. We are also       Who can invest money in an Island where not even the
making history today as this is the first time the St Helena        essential services can be provided?
Independent goes in print. We are only making a small trial         In an advert earlier this week, DfID seeks a new Public
issue of 100 copies to give people a taste of what the St           Solicitor as Colin Forbes is leaving, on completion of contract
Helena Independent can produce and we hope this is                  in July this year. DfID says in the advert that “It is anticipated
welcomed by our readers. It is well worth buying a copy as it       that, by 2008, the volume of legal work on the island will
will have a historical value – the first ever printed edition of    have grown in parallel with economic development, and
the St Helena Independent.                                          inward investment in particular, to attract a practice from the
Yesterday afternoon, Volcano Radio on Ascension Island              UK or South Africa to establish ‘a branch’ in St Helena.”
broadcast the first ever local news from St Helena, supplied        What economic growth will we have seen in two years time?
by Saint FM. Many people on Ascension listen to Saint FM            We do not even have the most elementary framework to
on internet but not everybody has internet access. Yesterday        cope with inward investment. Saying that this will all change
afternoon, the listeners on Ascension could hear Angela             when we have our new tourism and investment policies in
Williams reading a summary of local events on St Helena.            place is naïve. It will take years to build up a local
The Island’s water situation is deeply worrying. Yesterday’s        administration and a local framework before we get anywhere.
statement by the Head and Manager of the Public Works               I am a born optimist but hoping for an economic explosion
and Services Department that bowsers have to be used to             on St Helena within a few years is to go too far.
secure the water supply in the Hutt’s Gate distribution area

 Our Comment on the Ascension Issue
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                               2
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Dear Independent,
I read with utter disbelief and                                                           Press Release
disappointment the article in The
Herald dated 13 th January,                                             Bulk Fuel Installation
concerning the refusal of an
application to open a
Chinese restaurant
                                                                           discussed by
on St Helena, and
felt compelled to                                                             Council
voice my opinion.                                                       The Bulk Fuel Installation was discussed in depth at
My family and                                                           Friday’s informal Legislative Council Meeting.
friends were so looking                                                 Questions were put to Financial Secretary, Linda Clemett,
forward to enjoying a                                                   with the first relating to a special fund. The Financial
proper authentic Chinese meal amidst the appropriate setting            Secretary told the House that a special fund did not exist
of the East for the first time in St Helena. Others have also           to help Islanders cope with the increase in fuel prices.
told me how disappointed they are as well.                              She said this matter had in fact been discussed in a
According to rumour, the application was refused on the                 previous meeting of Legislative Council in November,
grounds that there are “enough eating-places already on the             and at the time, it was said that a fund had indeed been
island”! Whether this is true or not is irrelevant, because if          discussed but the Department For International
so, why is it that one can’t go out on impulse and get a meal           Development would not allow it to be established.
on a Sunday?                                                            Still on the subject of funds, the Financial Secretary then
Recently, whilst in the UK on holiday, I noted there were four          confirmed that the BFI operates two UK Bank accounts.
Chinese restaurants/takeaways (all with Chinese staff) in the           The Barclays account is used to pay the freight of fuel in
street next to where I was living. In addition to these, there          the UK and the second account is with Crown Agents
were other eating establishments as well. It did not appear             who manages the investments of the BFI.
that there was any loss of business, because most times                 Linda then moved on to discuss the reasoning behind
there was always a queue.                                               the increase in fuel prices. She said that this was “as a
Saints should have the right to choose and not be obliged to            direct result of rising world fuel prices.” This was another
continuously make do, as they have been doing for decades,              matter, which had been discussed in the November
especially now that the expertise is on our doorstep. Who is            meeting when it was said that Government had done
offering the service should not be an issue. For goodness               everything in its power to look at other possible avenues.
sake, this is the 21st century!                                         Some monies from the profit and loss fund were used to
I am sure Chinese food will not be everyone’s cup of tea, so            cover operating losses but this could not continue. A letter
I am unable to see how such a restaurant would affect the               was sent to the UK Minister asking for assistance but
eating places already established on the Island. It is my belief,       the UK Government was unable to help. Therefore, the
speaking from a personal point of view, that business                   St Helena Government decided that it would be best to
competition should be seen as a challenge and not as threat.            increase prices gradually. The first increase has occurred.
I would however, disagree with the statement that, “the Island,         It was also made clear that there would be no increase
by choosing to forgo the chance of having a proper Chinese              in electricity for this financial year. The Financial Secretary
restaurant is definitely missing out”. I would like to point out        explained that she is unable to speak about the next
that the “Island” did not “choose” – it was the Immigration             financial year as no budget has been approved as yet.
Board that did the choosing. However, I will admit the island           If fuel prices had not been increased SHG might have
is missing out, big time! What has happened to inward                   been placed in a position whereby it would have had to
investment, I am wondering?                                             reduce other services.
Yours truly,                                                            Public Relations/Information Office
Mrs Betty Clingham                                                      Office of the Chief Secretary
                                                                        25 January 2006

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                                     3
 Political Turmoil On Ascension
The political situation on Ascension Island is worsening. After     said that it would be improper for him to comment as he was
receiving Lord Triesman’s letter last Friday the Councillors        supplying legal advice and the Acting Governor, Ethel Yon,
on Ascension are determined to fight against the decision by        MBE, said that she had not been dealing with Ascension.
the Minister. On Saint FM this week we interviewed both
Councillor Caroline Yon and Councillor Lawson Henry about           A Council meeting was held last night where the funding of
the background to the decision to refuse right of abode and         legal assistance for the Councillors was discussed. The
land tenure. Both Councillors expressed strong criticism of         Councillors feel that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and their handling of           decision can be legally challenged and are seeking public
the situation. It is also symptomatic that no representative        funds to seek independent legal advice to get further
of the administration within the Ascension Island Government        clarification. The outcome of the meeting last night is not
was available to comment on the recent event. Saint FM              known at this stage but it is clear that the Administrator and
tried for days to get in contact with the Administrator on          the Attorney General would have made attempts to stop giving
Ascension, Michael Hill, without success. A representative          funds for legal advice. The Administrator on Ascension has
from the Foreign and commonwealth Office in London                  also issued a letter to all Councillors saying that they should
promised to call us back with a comment but the returning           be careful when they are talking to Saint FM. We hope to be
call was not forthcoming. Our Attorney General, Ken Baddon,         able to publish this threat letter in next week’s Independent.

 The following letter was                                                                                liabilities on UK taxpayers,
sent by the Minister in the                                                                              or would introduce
       Foreign and                                                                                       significant new risks. On
 Commonwealth Office                                                                                     this I am answerable
with responsibility for the                                                                              through Parliament to the
  Overseas Territories,                                                                                  UK electorate.
  Lord Triesman, to the                                                                                  I have therefore had to
Councillors on Ascension                                                                                 balance the aspirations of
          Island.                                                                                        those living and working
                                                                                                         on Ascension Island
Dear Councillors,                                                                                        against the risks to the UK
Thank you for your letter of                                                                             in terms of contingent
7 December about some                                                                                    liabilities and security and
key issues affecting the                                                                                 developmental costs. I
future of Ascension Island.                                                                              have done this extremely
Firstly, I would like to                                                                                 carefully, in the light of
congratulate you on your                                                                                 evidence from a wide
election to this, the second                                                                             number of sources; the
Island Council; and to pay                                                                               views of the Users; and in
tribute to your predecessors. The Island Council has                particular of the points which you and others on island have
achieved a great deal since its inception. The quality of life      made now and in the past to the Governor, Administrator
for those living and working on the island and the                  and visiting FCO officials. To grant permanent right of abode
management of resources have both improved significantly.           and rights of property on Ascension Island would constitute
This is a testament to the hard work and dedication shown           a very fundamental change in the nature of the Territory, and
by Councillors. I believe the introduction of democracy to          could not fail to bring an unacceptable level of risk to the UK.
Ascension has worked well, and should continue.                     I have therefore concluded that the right of abode and the
In your letter, you raise the issue whether those now living        establishment of the right to purchase property will not be
on the island should be granted the right of abode and              developed.
opportunity to purchase property on the island. As the team         I realise that this decision will come as a disappointment to
of officials that visited the island in November indicated to       some on Ascension Island. I want to assure you that the UK
you, this issue gives rise to some fundamental questions for        remains committed to trying to ensure that the Territory
the UK Government. Ascension is unique. All those who               continues to provide an appropriate environment for those
currently live there do so for a particular purpose, either         who work, and therefore live, on Ascension. But this must
because they are associated with the British or US military         be within the existing framework.
forces; or are involved in some way in communications; or           I have sent copies of this letter to the Administrator and the
work for the Ascension Government in supporting the Users.          Governor for publication in the local news at the first available
Without the Users, the economy of the island and its very           opportunity.
raison d’être would be put in jeopardy.                             David Triesman
It follows that, in considering the future of Ascension, the UK     The Lord Triesman of Tottenham, FCO
Government must take into account whether fundamental
change, of the sort you propose, would impose new financial             Ascension Island Councillor’s Answer on NEXT PAGE
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                              4
             Comments on
         Lord Triesman’s Reply                                          New Porteous
  By the Elected Members of the Ascension
               Island Council
We specifically asked that the Islander publish our letter to
Lord Triesman and his reply side by side so that it can be
easily seen that either a) he didn’t actually read our letter or
b) he read it and then chose to disregard it in its entirety.
The opening of para 3 of Lord Triesman’s letter states “In
your letter, you raise the issue whether those now living on
the Island should be granted the right of abode and
opportunity to purchase property on the island.”
Although these two issues are at the root of the FCO U-Turn
our letter was specifically aimed at the manner in which we
had been, or more accurately not been, consulted. Our only
request to the Lord, which he has chosen to ignore, was to
have the summit proper honoured so that we could at least
be allowed to try and address FCO concerns over contingent
Unfortunately the Island Council, since it’s inception in 2002
to the present day, has been a victim of the FCO’s most tried
and deadly weapon……..if you don’t want to have to defend
the indefensible just ignore the problem until everyone forgets
about it or goes away. It appears it will fall to Councillors,
Ascension Residents (or would-be Residents!), and the
Island’s Supporters in the UK and elsewhere to ensure this
issue does not go away.

                                                                    The controversy over the land holding permit for
The following letter was published in The Daily Telegraph           Shelco Investments (St Helena) Limited to purchase
last Saturday, 21st January, on the political situation on          New Porteous House continues. Legal action was
Ascension.                                                          instigated by the Proprietor, Mr Rodney Buckley, in
           Ascension Betrayal                                       December last year, when he was granted leave for
                                                                    a judicial review of the St Helena Government’s
Sir - Ascension Island, a small volcanic outpost of the British
Empire, is about to become yet another blot on the record           inability to relay a decision to the parties involved.
of the Government. The St Helenian people, British citizens         After an Executive Council meeting last week the
who mainly man this working island, are to be deprived of           following press release was issued:
a promised right of abode there and forced to leave what
for many have become their homes and businesses.                    On Tuesday this week, “the Governor in Council
Up to now, families on Ascension have been forced to split,         informed Shelco Investments (St. Helena) Limited
because children over 16 who do not obtain employment
like their parents on the island have had to return to the
                                                                    that it is deferring consideration of the company’s
mother island of St Helena, two days’ boat trip away.               applications under the Immigrants’ Landholding,
St Helena suffers from high unemployment and low wages,             Restriction Ordinance until new tourism and
which is why the Saints (as they are known) originally              investment policies are in place. The Governor in
travelled to Ascension.                                             Council’s decision relates to the applications in
In the late 1990s, the Government agreed to Ascension               respect of land at Broad Bottom and Salt Spring, and
having its own council, with a view to building up the island’s
                                                                    the New Porteous House building. The aim is to adopt
infrastructure, and encouraging tourism and private
enterprise. Many invested their life savings in a shop,
                                                                    the new policies on investment and tourism by the
garage, bakery, etc, believing the Government would keep            middle of this year, following receipt of expert advice.
its word over rights of abode and property ownership, which         The Governor in Council decided that, until the new
had not existed before.                                             policies have been adopted, it is in the public interest
Now the Government, without consultation with the island            to adopt a cautious approach to matters such as
council, has stated that it deems it inappropriate to grant         these.”
these rights. How can we treat loyal British citizens in this
cavalier manner? Is this to be another Diego Garcia, where
people were ridden over roughshod?                                  It is not at this stage clear whether an decision to
Having worked on the island and grown to love it and its            defer would be sufficient to stop the judicial review
people, we are thoroughly ashamed of our Government.                against St Helena Government.
Sue and Neil MacFall, Tattershall, Lincs
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                     5
                                                                                                                  Nick Hewes

      HIV decision proves unpopular
  Last week’s ExCo decision on the HIV screening of migrant             4. The recommendation that screening is a costly
  workers for HIV appears to be generally unpopular. The                   option is completely and absolutely false. On the
  recommendation not to screen for HIV was presented to                    contrary, the test for HIV is very cheap: - it costs
  ExCo by the Chief Secretary (now the acting Governor),                   only £3.50. What is that compared to the £80 million
  Mrs Ethel Yon, MBE, probably on the advice of the English                it’s going to cost the poor British taxpayer to build
  public health consultant, Dr Michael Owen. At this point it              the airport!
  looks like a prime example of giving a hostage to fortune,            5. The question – where do you draw the line? – has
  if not of shooting yourself in the foot (a favourite island              a simple answer: you simply leave the line where
  pastime these days). For the point is, why choose to remove              it’s drawn now. At present we do not screen
  the option of testing for HIV from the range of the Island’s             yachties, Saints returning from UK and Cape Town,
  diagnostic possibilities? Any workers who come here will                 workers on the RMS or genteel English
  need to be tested for other diseases, such as pulmonary                  holidaymakers. They are within the line. In a couple
  tuberculosis, or hepatitis B, (neither of which would be very            of years however, we will have 200 vigorous
  popular here) so why not ask them to test for HIV at the                 migrant workers from somewhere in Africa with
  same time? It is a fact that some visiting health                        money in their pockets, staying for a period of up
  professionals who are at present working on St Helena                    to two years. Those workers will be beyond the
  are already tested for HIV seroprevalence as a matter of                 line. All you have to do is leave the line where it is
  course. Not one of them has complained that their human                  drawn now, and test those people who are outside
  rights have been infringed. To remove the option of testing              it.
  may be seen in future years as a mistake.                             6. The idea that screening might damage the
  The recommendations of the Chief Secretary were divided                  reputation of St Helena is rather quaint. Imagine,
  into six points, each one of which has a hole so big a bus               on the other hand, the polite applause we will
  could be driven through it. These points can be refuted on               receive for our political correctness, when it is
  the following grounds.                                                   confirmed that the first case of HIV/AIDS has
                                                                           arrived on the Island!
      1. The idea that HIV/AIDS is not contagious in the
         normal sense of the word only holds water if you           The fact that each of the above points can be systematically
         define consensual sexual intercourse between               contradicted so easily suggests that the Councillors were
         adults as an abnormal activity. If, on the other hand,     wrongly briefed in the first place. The debate was therefore
         you consider sexual intercourse to be a normal             unsound, and should be referred back to the Chamber for
         human activity, then normal contact with an                further discussion.
         infected person would indeed constitute a health           There is another reason for presenting the case for testing
         risk, contrary to Government claims.                       again, and that is that the body specifically set up to increase
      2. The idea that testing is not reliable in the early         awareness of HIV – the Sexual Health Strategy Group –
         stages of infection is vastly overstated. There is a       was not even told that Executive Council were going to
         short window after infection when HIV may not              debate the matter. I have been told by a member of the
         show up, but it only lasts for a few weeks at most.        committee that the Group were genuinely mystified to find
         Anyway, a test that is say, 80% reliable is still better   that Government had made no attempt to consult with them
         than no test at all.                                       on the matter of testing. “We all heard the debate on the
      3. The assertion that testing for HIV might cause a           radio, just like you did,” he said. “That was the first we knew
         climate of discrimination can be countered on the          about it. The SHSG is multi-agency, so we look at the issue
         grounds that if the tests were done in the workers’        of HIV/AIDS from a wide range of views and professions.
         country of origin, under the authority of the airport      People in the Group come from the Police Force, the
         contractors, and as part of a general medical              Church, social services, education and mental health. Why
         examination, then nobody on Saint Helena would             on earth was no one in the Group told that the Government
         have any basis or knowledge upon which to create           was debating these recommendations?”
         a climate of stigma or prejudice.
                                                                                              Continued on NEXT PAGE

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                                  6
                                                                                    Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE

      HIV decision proves unpopular
  The criticism of the Government’s stance is confirmed by          only here for a few days. If people want to come and work
  the consultant cardiologist, Dr Joe Tyrrell, who has just left    here, then it’s not a violation of someone’s human rights to
  the Island for his native South Africa after a brief tour of      test them for HIV. You just have to go to somewhere like
  duty on St Helena. He was mystified by the Government’s           Namibia, where rates of HIV are quite high – up to 20% of
  decision not to test migrant workers. “It’s not my field” he      the population – to realise that it might be a good idea to
  admitted, “but I really think the Government’s recent HIV         test African construction workers coming over here in the
  decision is crazy. The reasons they give just don’t hold          next couple of years. Just go and ask Derek Topliss about
  water. They say, for example, that compulsory testing for         it. He once worked in a town in Kwa-Zulu Natal called
  HIV is a violation of human rights. Anybody who visits St         Eshowe. Eshowe used to have two undertakers in the whole
  Helena, however, has to conform to the conditions laid down       town. Now, only ten years later, there are 27 of them! That
  by the Government. If you want to go and work in Australia,       is an increase by a factor than 13, and it’s the net result of
  for example, you have to have an HIV test. Refusing to            the explosion in HIV/AIDS in South Africa.”
  test visitors for HIV is a bit like knowing that a few people     The consensus of opinion seems to be that our
  in the population possess a handgun: - you know that one          Government’s decision not to minimise the risk of AIDS
  or two of them will shoot someone sooner or later, but you        coming to St Helena actually amounts to a dereliction of
  refuse to search them in case you violate their human rights.     duty. As one official in the Health Department said
  It’s a form of political correctness that comes from Europe.      yesterday, “Why didn’t the Government have either the balls
  It is not appropriate here.                                       or the heart to vote for what they must know is the right
  “You wouldn’t necessarily have to test tourists who were          decision!”

                                                         Press Release

       Executive Council Decision on
              HIV Screening
 Following the announcement on 14 March 2005 that St Helena         •      There is the well-known window period between a
 was to get an airport, concern was expressed over possible         person being infected and a test showing as positive, so a
 introduction of HIV and other infectious diseases. This was        negative test is not a completely reliable indication of HIV
 in light of the fact that there would be increased visitors to     negative status. It would also mean that workers would have
 the island, plus construction and operations workers. There        to be tested every three months or so.
 are no known cases of HIV on St Helena and the same can            •      Restricting entry can be against public health interests
 be said for tuberculosis and some of the sexually transmitted      as it adds to the climate of stigma and discrimination and
 diseases. The question of HIV screening was discussed in           misleads people into believing that HIV is an infection of
 Executive Council on 17 January when it was noted that DFID,       foreigners. This reduces the effect of local prevention
 the Development Board and the Access Project Team were             methods.
 not in favour of HIV screening.                                    •      It is difficult to argue for HIV screening on the grounds
 In considering the matter, Council agreed that there were a        of cost of treatment, without introducing a similar screening
 number of reasons why HIV screening should not be                  for other chronic conditions that incur similar costs.
 introduced for St Helena and that it would be more appropriate     •      It is ineffective to consider HIV screening for one
 for an awareness programme to be put in place to include           category of immigrant, visitor, returnee or worker. There is
 health education, posters, leaflets and the availability of free   the possibility of discrimination if certain groups are targeted.
 condoms.                                                           A non-discriminatory approach would have to involve
 The reasons for not agreeing to HIV screening included the         screening everyone.
 following:                                                         •      The reputation of St Helena would suffer if it became
 •       HIV cannot be transmitted by the mere presence of a        known that St Helena was insisting on HIV screening.
 person with HIV in a country – HIV is transmitted through          Public Relations/Information Office
 specific behaviours that are usually private and prevention        Office of the Chief Secretary
 requires voluntary acts.                                           20 January 2006
                                                                                          A letter on HIV Screening on Page 8

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                                   7
                                                                                          Press Release

   HIV Screening                                                        Ethel Yon MBE Sworn in as
 Dear Independent,                                                           Acting Governor
 May I firstly admit that I have a vested interest in St Helena
 as my family home is in Longwood. I am also a health
 and safety practitioner with a passion for ensuring that
 people do not come to any harm. Having read the 20th
 January 2006 issue of the St Helena Independent, I felt
 compelled to write and express my concern over the
 decision not to carry out HIV testing on those foreign
 workers likely to be involved in the construction of the
 It is not a secret that most people consider the majority of
 the workers will be sourced from Africa and we all know
 that Africa leads the world in HIV/AIDS cases. Below is
 reproduced part of a BBC News bulletin from 2004, clearly
 showing that the British Government is considering
 compulsory testing to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS
 in the UK.
 “The review was prompted in part by figures which show
 that most new cases of HIV in the UK are diagnosed in
 people who came to the country from abroad.
 According to the Health Protection Agency, two out of three
 heterosexuals who are now diagnosed with the disease
 contracted it in Africa. Reports have suggested that
 ministers have already come down in favour of testing all          Ethel Yon, MBE, Acting Chief Secretary, was sworn in as
 immigrants and asylum seekers for HIV and other                    Acting Governor this morning 25 January 2005 at the
 diseases, like tuberculosis, when they arrive in the UK.           Governor’s Office in the Castle.
 The move would bring the UK in line with other countries           The Ceremony was conducted by the Sheriff Mrs Greta Musk
 like Australia and Canada, where everyone seeking                  JP, MBE, in the presence of Bishop John, the Honourable
 permanent residence is screened for HIV”.                          Speaker, Executive and Legislative Councils, Heads of
 Whilst this did indeed provoke a lot of opposition, it does        Government Department and other officials.
 show there are nations that take the threat of HIV/AIDS            In her address, the Acting Governor thanked Governor Clancy
 seriously enough to actually insist on tests for those who         for his trust in her, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
 wish to seek permanent residence in their countries.               for their support and trust. She also gave special thanks to
 Airport workers could be on island for 3-4 years and I             her Deputy, Gillian Francis for her support and
 think that should be considered a sufficiently long enough         encouragement and her husband Gilbert for being “a pillar
 term to warrant the same considerations as those seeking           of strength”.
 permanent residence.                                               Thanks were also extended to the staff in the Office of the
 I think that there is a trick which is being missed by the         Chief Secretary and the Acting Governor said she was
 Executive Council in making their decision. I agree entirely       confident that she could continue to rely on the support she
 with them that they should not consider screening people           was getting.
 for HIV themselves. What they should perhaps consider              When describing her appointment, the Acting Governor said:
 is making it part of the contractual agreement with the            “This is something beyond my wildest dreams.”
 successful airport tenderer that they confirm their workers        She added: “This appointment is not going to be a bed of
 are HIV free by provision of medical certification before          roses and I will not have access to a crystal ball to solve all
 they are sent to St Helena. That way, the onus is on the           the problems. But I sincerely say to all of you here this
 successful tenderer to ensure his workforce is healthy             morning and to the people of St Helena, I will give you my all
 and not carrying a threatening virus or disease.                   and work to the best of my ability to serve you.”
 Don’t forget the advantage for the worker is that they have        She told those in attendance that St Helena is facing a huge
 either reassurance that they are healthy or it will identify       change agenda, however, she said that it was not beyond
 that they are carrying the HIV virus and can seek early            the capability of the Island’s people to tackle this.
 life-improving treatment. The advantage for the                    The Appointment takes effect from today 25 January and
 Government of St Helena is that they can feel they have            will run until 4 February 2006. Mrs Yon will then be appointed
 done what they possibly can to ensure that St Helena               Deputy to Governor while Governor Clancy is on Tristan da
 remains an HIV free nation – something which the rest of           Cunha and Acting Governor again from 12 February to 28
 the world would envy.                                              February 2006.
 After all, why run such a terrible risk to the health of the       During the time Mrs Yon is serving as Acting Governor, Gillian
 people of St Helena just to appear ‘non-discriminatory’?           Francis, will be Acting Chief Secretary, and Carol George
 Stewart G Bailey                                                   will take on the role of Acting Deputy Secretary.
 Health & Safety Practitioner                                       Public Relations/Information Office
                                                                    Office of the Chief Secretary
                                                                    25 January 2006
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                            8
                                                                     heart surgery or important investigational procedure. Having
                                                                     been told on numerous occasions that the X ray apparatus
                                                                     at the hospital is old and incapable of obtaining a clear X ray
                                                                     image, I wonder how many of these maladies could have
                                                                     been referred for overseas investigation long before this, if
                                                                     we had the benefit of good efficient up to date X ray
                                                                     equipment. They say we cannot afford the expenditure and
                                                                     yet one specialist who came to the island was reported in
                                                                     the Herald to be retained at £500 per day, most amazing to
                                                                     relate he was not required to organise any health matters
                                                                     because no patients needed his expertise. May I point out
                                                                     that at that rate of charges it would not take long to achieve
                                                                     enough to purchase this most urgently needed equipment?
                                                                     On numerous occasions I have referred to the U.S.A. its
                                                                     politicians and its inane way of trying to make their problems
                                                                     somebody else’s fault. Take the war on drugs; they are willing
Not for the first time and probably not for the last time, I have    to supply money, weapons and military men to under funded
to ask why on earth Executive Council should allow                   nations of people who have as much right to live, breath and
themselves to be used and agree to let the R.M.S. St. Helena         thrive as any American, and if the growth of crops such a
depart for a trip to Tristan de Cunha. Oh! We all know the           marihuana, poppy or coca is their method of achieving a living
Governor is ensconced in a comfortable cabin, but six weeks          wage for themselves and their families, they have every right
meandering around in the Southern Ocean can almost be                to do so. Surely this ugly war is being targeted at the wrong
considered to be culpable homicide as far as the builders            people? Perhaps it would be better and much more realistic
and shopkeepers on St. Helena are concerned. Once again              if the American hierarchy endeavour to break the vicious spiral
we have run out of cement and sand, and one must ask who             of ever increasing drug dependent devotees and the
is responsible for stranding the island in a position which          American Government could purchase these drugs from the
should have been obvious to any serious observer.                    growers and supply their people at a cut rate. This will cut
This is most unfair as the professional builder has to continue      out the local pusher (who can no longer make a living) which
to pay his workers although they can no longer be productive,        in turn will cut out the local agent and then the main distributor,
and therefore many people who planned to move into new               importer and finally the honcho at the top should wither away
premises are unable to do so. So little thought on how this          and drop out from the scene. At that point perhaps they can
heavily subsidised vessel is used, “For the benefit of St.           gradually cut back on the needs of their nation.
Helena and its people!” I was always told the governors              25,000 to 30,000 people laid off by the Ford Motor Company
private launch was sunk in the bay…was it not called the             and numerous factories to close during the next few
Fairy Tern? So how can he allow himself to use the R.M.S.            years….what a shock to those workers, but it hardly mentions
with a clear conscience?                                             the fact that each Ford Worker is at present helping to supply
Furthermore one is forced to ponder the thought that the First       a living wage to seven other workers and their families, and
Lady of St. Helena was somehow able to take time away                those workers are not covered by the Ford Motor Company
from her important job to join the R.M.S. for the trip to Tristan,   health care and pension scheme; so the actual ramifications
I am certain we Saints would have much preferred her to act          of this 25% cut back is going to be frightening as rapidly
the part of The First Lady of St. Helena on St. Helena.              falling expendable income will then affect other manufacturing
It is also amazing to think that at the time the sand pump           areas and depress a good number of previously buoyant and
would have been able to build a good backup supply, it has           upbeat prognostications.
been sent away for overhaul on this “slow boat to China!”            I was rather amused to hear that sacrifices will be made at
(Tristan).                                                           all levels of the company…! Oh Yeah?
In view of the recent dismissal of the applications to start a       To tell the truth I am amazed that Shelco are still willing to
Chinese style restaurant and the application by Bill Scanes          spend oodles of money waiting for a decision about Porteous
to act as a freelance Civil Engineer, one would expect that          House and the land at Broad Bottom, but I suppose after
the Tattooist’s application will also be refused, but on St.         spending great guff’s of the green stuff over so many years,
Helena do not hold your breath as anything can happen (and           they are unwilling to give up at this late stage, after all a few
probably over time will!).                                           morsels might come their way and ease their pain somewhat!
I was indignantly informed that Doctor Strover did not resign        But I personally think the whole episode must be considered
(as had been suggested by me and various others) but asked           very embarrassing to British Government. After all it was they
for permission to leave before the completion of his contract        that for years said that an airport could not be built on St.
of employment. I am fairly certain most of us will wonder why        Helena, bringing forth, no suitable aircraft, updrafts,
such a tiny distinction makes all that much difference, but I        downdrafts, no site available, wind direction, logistical
suppose it should be pointed out that whilst a ‘termination by       problems and throughput. They stood by their assessment
agreement’ normally allows all the agreed contractual benefits       through thick and thin until someone said they could and
to be taken up; ‘resignation’ can empower the employer to            would build one, at which time they offered us a referendum
retract any existing arrangements within the contract.               on the subject. It went against them, an outcome which had
Pernickety and pedantic as it might seem, I agree, there is a        them running around in circles like headless chickens. So in
subtle difference.                                                   the end they swallowed hard and refused the Shelco three
Quite a number of patients, who visited the Cardiologist whilst
he was on the island, might well be sent overseas for major                                             Continued on NEXT PAGE

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                                 9
                                                                    malady, which might affect our islands future. In view of the
                                                                    involvement of South African contractors who will without
                                                                    doubt employ their own staff picked from an area which has
                                                                    the highest rate of dangerous viral infections in the world.
                                                                    We should stipulate our wishes and insist on screening
                                                                    incoming employees without any further interference from
                                                                    Britain (after all in Europe, they have already succumbed to
                                                                    the invasion of such frightening ailments and deadly infections
                                                                    and no longer look upon it in the same manner). I think it is
                                                                    an appalling cheek when our people are medically screened
                                                                    by our doctors before any person is allowed to take up a
                                                                    contract on Ascension or the Falkland Islands.
                                                                    In this column last week I postulated that some of these new
                                                                    viruses have been with us for many years. I was therefore
                                                                    more than pleased to hear that some 37% of the people tested
                                                                    show antibodies present in their bloodstream which clearly
                         Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE
                                                                    show that this Bird Virus has been with us for a great number
legged stool proposal saying, “for the good of the island”          of years but we clearly have not been able to label it until
they would prefer to stump up some £26million and build it          now.
themselves. Since then we have been long on promises
(and not all that short of experts); however the main outcome       In view of the fact we nearly had a Chinese restaurant…..
of all this has been prevarication, delay and reappraisal at        herewith
every turn. Now I have heard a sniff of a rumour that it is         A couple goes for a meal at a Chinese restaurant and orders
thought the runway proposal might be unsatisfactory and             “Chicken Surprise”.
need a vigorous and (no doubt very) expensive                       The waiter brings the meal, served in a lidded cast iron pot.
reassessment as to its construction and direction. But to           Just as the wife is about to serve herself, the lid of the pot
me, the most upsetting is for my fertile imagination to be          rises slightly and she briefly sees two beady little eyes looking
filled with a really ugly thought, “We might not get an airport     around before the lid slams back down.
at all!”                                                            “Good grief, did you see that?” she asks her husband. He
So why should we be surprised at the double dealing on              hasn’t, so she asks him to look in the pot. He reaches for it
Ascension Island, it was getting rather obvious that the jig        and again the lid rises, and he sees two little eyes looking
saw of bits and pieces affecting the African and South              around before it slams down. Rather perturbed, he calls the
American continents were becoming a troubled scenario               waiter over, explains what is happening, and demands an
as far as America is concerned and unfortunately having             explanation.
tied ourselves to the American coat tails, wherefore they           “Please sir,” says the waiter, “what you order?” The husband
go, there go we, bases in the South Atlantic are more               replies, “Chicken Surprise.” (don’t kill me for this
important than people.                                              one.......)Ah... so sorry,” says the waiter, “I bring you Peeking
Now we also find that Dfid are telling us what to do; I did not     Duck”
think this could possibly include anything political, but now       I am not certain if any one has thought of this before, but it
we have been told by them that we must not ask for overseas         came to me suddenly and seemed right! “Truth is the last
workers to be screened for any contagious disease, or other         refuge of the liar!”

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The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                             10
  AND FIRE REPORT                                House of Horst is falling down
Last Saturday afternoon, 21 January,                                              Nick Hewes
about ten to four, a car fire at Brendan
Lawrence’s Garage in Half Tree Hollow,
was reported. On arrival of the Fire &
Rescue Services it was discovered that
extensive damage was sustained by a
bus parked in the yard. The incident is
currently under investigation.
Also Sunday afternoon the Fire and
Rescue Services were alerted to a car
fire, this time at Crack Plain. When they
arrived at the scene, the driver, together
with by-passers had managed to put out
the fire in the engine compartment by
suffocating it with dirt.
The Police Service received and dealt
with a total of 30 reports for the period
Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd January.
This included 8 criminal reports and 3
                                                                                                            Horst     Timmreck
road traffic reports.
                                                                                                            alongside one of the
On Thursday a case of common assault
                                                                                                            massive cracks in his
was reported to Police and on Friday a
                                                                                                            dinning room wall
report of a breach of the peace was
reported. All cases occurred in
Jamestown and are currently being
investigated along with two cases of
suspected arson which occurred in St.
Paul’s and Half Tree Hollow. Also a
report of theft of two digital cameras and    Horst Timmreck, who returned to the
a memory stick, in the Half Tree Hollow       Island last November after a period
area.                                         of 12 years in exile, is finding that
A verbal warning was given to a person        life here is not quite as idyllic as he
for the offences of criminal damage and       had expected. “I came back thinking
common assault. A person was also             things would be good here once
given a verbal warning for theft of pot       again, but now I find that my troubles
plants and another person was given a         begin!” he said when we met at his
verbal warning for the offence of             home in Jamestown this week. The
keeping a dog which is an unreasonable        main problem for Horst and his wife
source of annoyance to a passer-by.           Sonia is the perilous structural state
                                              of their house, Hussey Charity School.
Out of the three road traffic reports, one
                                              The house, which dates from the early 1700s, has recently developed some alarming
was a road traffic accident and occurred
                                              cracks. “The house is falling down” he said, “Huge cracks have opened up recently,
in Jamestown. The driver was breath
                                              because the whole house is subsiding into the valley. Every night I sit in the kitchen
tested and was found to be over the           and I can hear the rumbling of stones as they fall away from the foundations of the
prescribed limit. A verbal warning was        house and roll down the hill towards the Run. It’s not even a shock any more. If the
given for driving without due care and        house fell down it could kill us both. I don’t want my poor wife to be killed because
attention and the offence of driving          the house has fallen down!” Horst believes the damage has been caused by a burst
whilst over the prescribed limit is under     water main, which saturated the mortar of the stone wall over a period of three
investigation.                                years, and also by the rumbling of heavy lorries as they travel up and down Side
Verbal warnings were given to two             Path. He believes that PWD are responsible for the damage to some extent, but he
persons for the offence of using a motor      has failed to reach any agreement with them. The problem is that if he wants to sell
vehicle on a road whilst displaying           the house, the severe structural damage is bound to aversely affect the price he can
incorrect lights to the front of a vehicle    ask. “I’ve spent about £60,000 on renovating the Hussey Charity House, and of
and using a motor vehicle on a road with      course I want that to be reflected in the asking price. It’s one of the most beautiful
a defective silencer.                         houses on the Island, but I can’t sell it in this state. That would be like having a lorry
It has also been brought to Police            running into your brand new car, and then the lorry driver offering you the price of the
attention that dogs have been roaming         car in its smashed state. You’d say, ‘Oh no! I want the price of it before it was damaged.’
unattended in the town area and been          The house was here long before the road was built, and of course the wall was
annoying to property owners. This is          never designed to take the weight of large lorries. So there is a question of liability to
                                              be considered. I have also been told that I might be offered a price for the house,
an offence and all dog owners are
                                              and that if I don’t accept it, the house will be expropriated by Government. Of course
asked to keep their dogs under the
                                              that could be nothing more than a rumour, but it does worry me.”
proper control.
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                                 11
                         Submitted by the Education Department
Education Committee will be making regular visits to schools
over the next few months. Members feel this is important for
a number of reasons including:
•       The establishment of a positive repertoire between
Department staff and themselves; enabling a professional
relationship to be developed and an understanding of how
the service is operating; the constraints and the efforts and
achievements of pupils, students and staff.
•       The importance of showing pupils and students that
Members are interested in what the students are doing and
for Members to interact with them.
Education Committee Members have agreed protocol for
school visits in line with good practice between schools and
visiting Members to ensure both get maximum benefit from
the visits. A roster for visits have been drawn up whereby                                  The Public Library in Jamestown
Members will take turns to visit in pairs, enabling each school
to be visited twice between now and the end of this Term.           PUBLIC LIBRARY SERVICE
                                                                    The Public Works & Services Department Store has now
EDUCATION STRATEGY                                                  been vacated. Meanwhile, the Library Sub-Committee will
The Education Committee is currently actively debating              arrange visits to the store in its present state as they work on
strategic direction for the education service. The new              action plans for relocating the Public Library.
Committee has already approved the Adult Vocational                 The proposed plans will not be finalised until adequate advice
Education Strategy which was presented to Executive Council         has been gained and consultation has been carried out to
in November 2006. The strategy produced in the John Cock’s          agree the type of library that will best serve the Island now
Report – November 2005 was approved in principle by                 and into the future. There is also the need to resolve how
Executive Council for further consultation with Heads of            the Archives and archival materials will be dealt with.
Departments on the return of the Head of Education                  The Archives are overcrowded and there is a need to re-
Department from overseas leave in January.                          locate some of the material. There have been some
Committee approved the general strategic 5 Year direction           suggestions that the East India Company Records be kept
for the Department in line with the National Strategic              in the current Archives, and that the 1836 material should be
Objectives and is now debating various organizational options       moved elsewhere (old Printing Office was an idea). Another
in view of the challenges facing the services now and in to         recommendation has been that the material be made
the future. These challenges include options for primary            available in the new library in digitized form and only serious
organization, sustaining a viable secondary curriculum and          researchers would be permitted to handle the original
developing AVES alongside of the challenge of falling school        documents. The material could also be made available via
rolls and the effects of staff attrition.                           Internet to researchers overseas. This would reduce the
                                                                    handling of irreplaceable documents and support the longer
                                                                    term conservation of them. Provision has been made in the
      ACTING APPOINTMENTS                                           preliminary Library relocation plans for the accommodation
                                                                    of this digitized access.
  His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint
                                                                    Funding to date for the new Library stands at fifty thousand
  Mrs Ethel Caroline Yon MBE, Deputy Secretary, to Acting
                                                                    pounds. The Archives also has the same amount of funding.
  Governor for the periods 25 January to 4 February 2006
                                                                    It has been suggested that the funds be combined and be
  and 12 February to 28 February 2006 respectively.
                                                                    used as a joint venture with Library relocation.
  By command of His Excellency the Governor.
                                                                    As the PW&SD is a listed building no alterations can be made
                                                                    to the façade of the building. Only the interior can be changed.
  Her Excellency the Acting Governor has been pleased
                                                                    This constraint has meant abandoning the idea of a third
  to appoint Mrs Gillian Francis, Senior Assistant Secretary,
                                                                    floor being part of the interior design.
  to Acting Chief Secretary for the periods 25 January to 4
  February 2006 and 12 February to 28 February 2006
                                                                    The Education Committee continues to keep abreast of this
                                                                    as a part of its strategic direction – improving the community
  By command of Her Excellency the Acting Governor.
                                                                    education and leisure facilities on the Island in line with the
  B A George
                                                                    National Strategic Objectives to improve the standard of
  Chief Personnel Officer
                                                                    education for the people of St Helena.
  25 January 2006

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                            12
   In Focus
 Many interviews go out over the airwaves on Saint FM, here
                                                                        Photo: Darren Henry

 are a few of the interviews you might have missed over the         proud of that. You can’t get much more remote or much
 past week on Saint FM.                                             more wonderful” says Libby

                                                               Whilst visiting Ascension Island, Libby describes the
LIBBY WEIR-BREEN                                               atmosphere on the arrival of the RMS St Helena in port as
On a drizzly Thursday morning, Saint FM studios was visited wonderful and electric. “I managed to get on the ship to
by Libby Weir-Breen, who is a conservationist and one of have a look around and I was surprised because I always
the founders of the “Island Holidays” Tours Company, which imaged it was a bit of tub” laughs Libby. “You know, a mail
was established in 1987 by Libby and her late partner Bobby ship and a working ship, but to my surprise she’s gorgeous,
Tulloch MBE.                                                   she absolutely tremendous. She’s a way of life, just an old
Initially operating only to the Falkland Islands, the tours fashioned sea voyage.” Wasting no time once back in the
company was formed out of Mr Tulloch’s interest in the UK she immediately contacted Andrew Weir Shipping and
differences in remote groups of islands in the south and north booked some cabins straight away and started setting about
Atlantic. “And that’s where we first came into contact with putting a the tour together.
Saints – there’s so many of                                                                    Island Holidays has already
you down there” says Libby.                                                                    taken bookings on cabins for
The majority of the tours                                                                      3 more tours in November, and
provided are natural history or                                                                in January and February next
conservation orientated                                                                        year.
although cultural tours are                                                                    The 7 day tour on the Island
also provided. This year saw                                                                   was full of hikes, guided tours,
the first tour of its kind run by                                                              bird watching expeditions,
the Island Holidays Company                                                                    dolphin watching, tours of the
to St Helena with 12                                                                           islands endemics and the
participants including Libby as                                                                historical buildings. Basil
their guide. “That’s the                                                                       George, local tour guide of
optimum number because you                                                                     “Magma Way Tours” was the
don’t want to swamp the                                                                        on-island organiser of the
place. This way you can come                                                                   week’s events. He designed
and you can contribute to the                                                                  the itinerary for the group and
Island rather than detract from       Walk to Flagstaff with basil George’s local tour
                                                                                               coordinated the tours, talks,
it - it makes it more personal.”                 company “Magma Way” tours.
                                                                                               transport and facilities.
Coming from Britain where                                           Photo: Darren Henry Commenting on the group’s
conservation is a huge topic                                                                   response to the tour Libby says
[British bird watching fairs                                   smilingly, “besides they can hardly walk, they have loved every
raise over a million pounds for conservation projects alone] minute of it. I have been leading tours for about 30 years
Libby says that the market for tours such as these is and I can’t remember the last time I had a tour when no one
reasonable but very competitive.                               made a complaint about anything – it’s amazing.”
In addition to the many places around the world that the “We’re very lucky because so many people have given their
company caters to they also provide a tour of St Helena’s time in interpreting the island for us. It is a full programme
sister island, Ascension. Always passing through Ascension with lots of walks for the walkers whilst still finding loads for
en-route to the Falkland Islands, Libby visited the island those who don’t want to do the big hikes. Personally seeing
herself 5 years ago and loved it and decided to offer tours a pair of wild endemic Wirebirds with two chicks was very
there. “We are the only UK operators to offer tours to rewarding.”
Ascension and now St Helena, as stand alone destinations.                                        Continued on NEXT PAGE
We give the islands a full page in our brochures – I’m quite
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                       13
                                                                    on the way in which we have been treated this week,” says
                                                                    Libby. “It’s been delightful, wonderful and it would be a terrible
                                                                    shame through training if the ‘naturalness’ is trained out of
                                                                    people. You must retain this wonderful warmth of welcome”
                                                                    Some might see a tour such as Libby’s as a blueprint of how

                                                                    we should model our tourism market in the future. Yes we
                                                                    do need an airport and we do need a boost in tourism but as
                                                                    with all things in life, it’s the ability to cope with the influx
                                                                    whilst finding a balance where we can retain that homeliness,
                                                                    welcome and charm about the place, so that people want to
                                                                    keep coming back.
                                                                    Finally Libby suggested that we as an Island go for the high
                                                                    value tourism for people who are prepared to spend that little

   In Focus
                                                                    bit extra for being more or less exclusive in numbers. “Once
                                                                    you start offering ‘cheap and cheerful, come to St Helena on
                                                                    special offer’, you will be getting the wrong mentality of people
                         Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE               Island Holidays holds strong conservation ethics and believes
                                                                    that tourism should benefit not only the traveller but also the
With the announcement of an airport decision, St Helena will        communities which they visit.
see huge changes in the not too distant future. Many                Tourist should always put something back into the
islanders overlook or take for granted the island’s natural         communities they visit. Smaller tours such as these use as
history and heritage aspects. Most expect a huge influx of          many local companies and private individuals as possible.
tourism once the airport arrives, boosting the economy,             And it all costs money - transport, drivers, local guides,
without considering the work needed in basic infrastructure         accommodation even down to their paid packed lunches - it
to best cater for those tourists. From Libby’s stand point as       all puts money into the pockets of locals. These everyday
a tour operator she says “the charm of the Island is that it        costs put more back into the community, rather than someone
hasn’t got spoilt by tourism yet. There’s a freshness and a         who comes and plays a round of golf.
welcome which, as soon as the big numbers come in and               “In my experience it happens all over the world:- the big boys
you start with 200 bed hotels and everything provided, the          come in and the communities are marginalised. I just hope
whole thing changes, the whole attitude changes. The people         that there’s enough wisdom in the government here to ensure
who come in, they just come for their holidays they don’t           that doesn’t happen. YES an airport is needed and you can’t
come with an interest and respect for the Island on the whole.      live in the past, but please retain the charm.”
As soon as you go into the numbers game, individuals matter
less, so I think it will change. I can’t think of any improvement

SHDA ENTREPRENEUR SCHOOL                                            LUCY CAESER
During the Constitution process last year Adam Burdess was
                                                                  Recently returning from overseas training in the UK was Lucy
on the island and whilst here he saw the opportunity of extending
                                                                  Caesar who is the curator of the new museum. Lucy took
his services to potential entrepreneurs on the island who were
                                                                  the reins of running the museum from Sarah Holland who
looking for a way into their respective markets. Adam works as
a visiting lecturer at UCL & the London Business School. In was instrumental in the museums move from Broadway
the latter part of 2005, plans were underway with SHDA for        House to its current site near Jacobs Ladder. Lucy spent a
Adam to return to St. Helena and provide                                               while before Sarah departed, “learning
an intensive course in January to those       Entrepreneur School                      the ropes” of the day-to-day running of
interested in launching their own business.                                            the museum before taking over.
Unfortunately, Adam was unable to come                                                 Lucy left over a year ago for training in
to the island and taking his place was Tim                                             her role as museum curator. During that
Barnes – who is also a visiting lecturer at                                            time she studied how to care for, protect,
UCL & the London Business School. The                                                  store and display artefacts as well as the
course was held over five days and thirteen                                            admin side of running the museum.
people took part. All aspects of running a                                             Now that she is back, Lucy’s first project
business were covered and at the end of                                                is to organise another local artists’
the week, although there are some who                                                  exhibition to coincide with the St. Helena
could potentially launch their business                                                Day celebrations (and of course the
within a few days, all are currently working                                           “birthday” of the New Museum). At the
alongside a mentor from recently                                                       moment Lucy is looking for ideas on what
established businesses. The mentor will
                                                                                       theme could be used this time for the art
aid/guide the ‘student’ though the
                                                                                       exhibition. Anyone with potential ideas
processes of how and who to see for
                                                                                       can contact Lucy at the museum or on
various aspects in getting started and
hopefully we will see some new business                                                telephone 2845.
ideas being introduced shortly.

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                              14
                                                                     really nice things about the recent style and content of The

    “When you’re                                                     Herald. So yes, Mike, I really felt I had a good chance of
                                                                     getting the job.
                                                                     MO: So why didn’t you?
                                                                     NH: Call me either arrogant or dumb, but it’s still a mystery

     not wanted,                                                     to me! I’d got up quite early to prepare for the interview. There
                                                                     were a few technical points that I thought might come up,
                                                                     such as the paper’s running order, layout, where to put press
                                                                     releases etc. Also, there were questions of office

      you walk!”                                                     management that I thought might need discussing, such as
                                                                     the need for a daily meeting between the editor and the
                                                                     editorial assistant, who decides the front page, a weekly
                                                                     review of each edition of the paper to see how it could be
                                                                     improved, and the extent of editorial independence the Board
                                                                     would tolerate. All these things had been going round in my
                                                                     mind on Monday morning.
                                                                     I got to the office at about nine and went straight down to the
                                                                     Courthouse, where Legislative Council were about to meet.
                                                                     I met Robin Richards, and we had a quick chat. Robin’s a
                                                                     very nice guy and he’s done great things for Radio St Helena.
                                                                     (Ironically, the topic of our discussion was The Independent!
                                                                     Little did I know that within four hours I would be working for
                                                                     the opposition.)
                                                                     At eleven o’clock I went into Vernon Quickfall’s office for the
                                                                     interview. There were three people present: Colin Yon, Jean
                                                                     Gough and Vernon himself.
                                                                     What happened next was something I was completely
                                                                     unprepared for. As I said, I had expected to be asked about
                                                                     my qualifications, experience and my suitability for the job,
                                                                     my political stance, even about editorial mistakes that had
                                                                     been made during my time as editor. But there was not one,
Until last Monday, Nick Hewes was the acting editor of The           single question over the next 20 minutes that had anything
St Helena Herald. By Monday afternoon however, he had                to do with the job of editor. The whole interview was about
walked across the road to the offices of the The Independent,        work permits, entry permits, and my status as an immigrant.
where he is now working on a freelance basis. Why did he             Colin Yon started the proceedings with a question about
go in such an abrupt manner? In this interview with Mike             whether my wife, Catherine, would be continuing as a support
Olsson he gives his reasons.                                         teacher at Pilling school. I replied that she was intending, if I
                                                                     got the editor’s job, to offer her services as a supply teacher,
MO: So Nick, give me the background to what happened                 rather than going for a full time post. This being the case,
on Monday.                                                           Colin said I would lose my right to live here once her contract
NH: Well Mike, I had an appointment with the Media Board             expired in July, and I would then have to apply for an entry
at 11 o’clock. The interview was for the permanent job of            permit, and the job of editor would therefore have to be re
editor at the paper. For the previous two months I had been          advertised. Also, I would be required to reapply for a work
doing the job in a temporary capacity, due to the former acting      permit as soon as my temporary permit expired in February,
editor, Liz Houghton, going off-Island for Christmas. So I was       as well as in July. In both cases the job would be readvertised,
acting editor for the acting editor, if you like! In November        and I could lose it at any time. The bottom line was that, no
the paper was in an extremely precarious position, as it had         matter how well qualified I was for the job, no matter how
had three editors since July! The job was continuously               well I actually did the job, if one, single suitable person who
advertised for almost the entire time I was doing it, both on        was born on the Island applied for the job at any time, I would
the radio and in the paper. That was been quite annoying,            be sacked.
and so I asked for the interview, as I felt it would settle things   MO: You must have felt great!
one-way or the other.                                                NH: It really took the wind out of my sails, Mike. I felt I had
MO: So you expected to get the job?                                  done my very best whilst editing the paper, and I was so
NH: I loved doing the job, and I had put a great deal of my          keen to improve The Herald, to open the doors on things
energy into it. Up to now I have always believed that if you         that had been hidden in the dark for years. I wanted it to be
like doing something and you do your very best, then it is           interesting and readable, rather than just chewing gum for
highly likely you will succeed. I felt I was well qualified to do    the mind. It was such a shock to find that these three people
the job: - firstly, I’ve got an OK degree [2:1] in English, from a   were quite unconcerned about the paper’s quality – about
decent British university [Birmingham]. Secondly, I edited an        whether it was a respectable, interesting publication or a
academic periodical for three years just before coming out           national embarrassment – and that their primary aim on that
here, which meant I was quite familiar with editorial duties         morning was to remind me that I was an immigrant who really
such as proof-reading, liasing with printers and what-have
you. Also, quite a few people in Jamestown had said some
                                                                                   Continue on the NEXT PAGE
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                              15
                                                                    “I’m going home, to where I’m wanted!” And by home I did
   “When you’re not                                                 not mean Market Street, I meant Yorkshire. That was the
                                                                    end of the interview.
                                                                    MO: Have you any plans for the future, Nick?
   wanted, you walk!”                                               NH: I really have to go back to the UK now. Doing The
                                                                    Herald was great. I loved it. But now it’s gone, I can’t stay
      Continue from PREVIOUS PAGE                                   here. Of all the jobs I could have done here, that was the
                                                                    best and the most appropriate. Now that’s gone, I’m just
had no right to live here, let alone to work here.                  marking time. There’s no point considering any other kind of
Over and above the fact that the job would have to be               work, because to be honest, if I’m not required as an editor,
continuously readvertised, Jean Gough insisted that the entire      there is no point in going for anything else. I’d never get a
responsibility for obtaining any permits would be mine alone,       permit for a start.
both in financial and administrative terms: - I would have to       The way permits are used can be so aggressive. It’s not
pay for the permits, and also do all the leg-work, even though      great to come here, see the Union Jack flying over the Castle,
I would be an employee of Media Services.                           and then spend the next two years out of work due to the
I muttered something feeble about this inequitable state of         fact that one has suddenly become an immigrant. I really
affairs – of how Saints, for instance, can go to UK and buy a       don’t want to be an immigrant any more. It’d be much nicer
house and get a job without having to endure any of this ill        to be called a non-resident than to be called an immigrant. I
disguised xenophobia – but Colin and Jean simply smiled at          talked with Dale Bowers recently, and he told me about the
me and said, we’re sorry, those are the rules and there’s           outrage people here felt when Mrs Thatcher removed their
really nothing we can do about them. At least Vernon had the        British citizenship. Now I too understand what it feels like
decency not to smile!                                               when your right to work is taken away. You have lost a basic
MO: And how long did this go on for?                                human right. I have a 19 year-old son who has been sitting
NH: For the entire interview, Mike. They basically spent 20         doing nothing since he came here three months ago,
minutes telling me I was an immigrant, and that I could try         because, I have been told, he has virtually no chance of
and get a permit if I wanted to, but that they were prepared to     being allowed to work on the Island. This kind of restriction
lose me at any time if an Islander applied for the job. There       is so inappropriate in a place like St Helena, which can be
came a point where I suddenly, overwhelmingly realised my           so friendly. All I wanted to do was to come and live here
services were entirely unwelcome. So I said, “You don’t want        for a couple of years. I don’t want to buy land or a house
me then!” Then I waited in silence, hoping that either Jean or      here, or take anybody’s territory away from them. It would
Colin or even Vernon would say, “No Nick, you’re wrong, of          be nice to be able to work here as well, and be able to pay
course we want you, you’ve done a good job”. But, as the            for my own beers. But as I was born in the wrong place, I’ll
silence stretched on and on, no answer came. As                     just have to wait till I get home. Till then, Mike, I’ll try and
Shakespeare wrote in King Lear, “Nothing comes of nothing!”         help The Independent if I can.
When you’re not wanted, Mike, you walk. So I slowly rose
from my seat, smiled politely at my interviewers, and said,

Yesterday in the Magistrate’s Court, Shavon Mark George of
Half Tree Hollow stood trial for two charges of criminal
damage, one at Donny’s Place and one at the Market in
Jamestown. He had previously pleaded not guilty to these
offences. The Court found him guilty to both charges and                Tanker in
fined him £30 and £20 respectively. He was also ordered to
pay a total of £90 damages. Today he was also fined £10 for
obeying a call of nature in the public view to which he had
pleaded guilty. A previous charge of criminal damage at the         Monday afternoon about 2.30pm the Bermuda registered
Leisure Park in Jamestown was dropped by the Prosecution.           crude oil tanker, Front Brabant, sent out a distress signal,
The Public Solicitor, Colin Forbes, appeared on behalf of the       indicating fire onboard. The tanker was about 150 miles north
defendant and the Senior Legal Officer, Alan Nicholls               north-west of St Helena. People listening on channel 16 could
represented the Crown.                                              pick up conversation from St Helena Radio to this effect.
On the Bench were Miss Jenny Corker, JP, as Chairman;               Fortunately, the ship could later confirm that it was a false
Harry Legg, OBE, JP; and Mrs Ruth Pridham.                          alarm from an automatic satellite transmitter and they said
                                                                    that everything was well onboard.
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                            16
The registration period for the 2006 Register of Electors                  Mr Douglas Bennett, Main Street
begins today, 24 January and will end on Tuesday, 21                       Mrs Trudi Constantine, Market Street
February 2006. If you missed the 2005 registration period,                 Mrs Alicia Thomas, St John’s Flats
then here is another opportunity for you to register.                      Mrs Olive Williams, Napoleon Street
The 2006 Register will be an up-dating of the 2005 Register
and not a brand new one. However, the 2006 Register will                   Mrs Connie Johnson, Nr Three Tanks
include a new feature whereby you may have your name                       Mrs Karen Yon, Clinic Drive, Half Tree Hollow
listed to enable you to vote in a different Polling District from          Miss Michelle Yon, Half Tree Hollow
that in which you reside, as long as it is within the same
Electoral Area. For example, if you live in the Blue Hill Polling          Mrs Serena Ellick, Nr Prince’s Lodge
District, which is in the West Electoral Area but it would be              Mr John Lawrence, Sapper Way
more convenient for you to vote in the St. Paul’s Polling                  Mrs Maria Yon, Trapp Cott
District, which is also in the West Electoral Area, then you
will be able to do so, as long as you indicate this on the                 Mr Harold Francis, Salt Spring
Registration Form. However, you will not be able to vote in a              Mr Stedson Francis, Thompson’s Wood
Polling District within the East Electoral Area if you live in the         Mrs Lorrian Yon, Blue Hill
West Electoral Area, or vice versa.
If you have changed your name or your address or moved to                  Mrs Phyllis Coleman, Sandy Bay
a different area since the 2005 Register was compiled, you                 Miss Anita Legg, Sandy Bay
should take this opportunity to update the information and
ensure the 2006 Register is accurate. Maybe you have had                   Mr Ronald Coleman, Silver Hill, Levelwood
your eighteenth birthday since the 2005 Register was
compiled, if so, you should take this opportunity to have your             Miss Priscilla Isaac, Bottom Woods
name included in the 2006 Register so that you will be able                Mr Peter Johnson, Longwood
to vote in the event of a By-Election or a General Election.               Miss Paula Moyce, Longwood
Watch out for the Public Notices - printed in red - which were
published today setting out all the information you need for               Mrs Jane Augustus, The Briars
you to become a registered voter. For this, forms will be                  Mrs Brenda Thomas, Gordon’s Post
available from Ethel Yon, Registration Officer or Carol                    Mrs Carol Thompson, Alarm Forest
George, Assistant Registration Officer, at the Office of the
Chief Secretary, the Public Library, Solomons Spar at Half           Please note that delivery of forms will not be done on a door-
Tree Hollow and the Supermarket at Guinea Grass,                     to-door basis. If you require a form, then you can contact
Longwood Supermarket, Mr Eric Andrews’ Shop in Half Tree             any of the abovementioned persons or call the Office of the
Hollow, Mr Philip John’s Shop, St. Paul’s, Mrs Doris Yon’s           Chief Secretary on tel 2470 and a form will be sent to you.
Shop at New Ground and Mrs Audrey Yon’s Shop at Blue                 You have 28 days in which to register, up to 21 February
Hill. Forms may also be collected from any of the Assistant          2006, but please make an effort to register early to make
Registration Officers who are:                                       sure you don’t miss the closing date.
                                                                     Office of the Chief Secretary
                                                                     The Castle, 24 January 2006

                                                                          The fishing vessel Portzic, which arrived
                                                                          back at St Helena on Monday morning,
                                                                          finished unloading just after lunch time,
                                                                          Tuesday. In total, almost 7.9 tonnes was
                                                                          landed, which is the biggest catch for the
                                                                          Portzic for a long time. The catch mainly
                                                                          consisted of yellow fin tuna but also big
                                                                          eye, yellow tail tuna and bulls-eyes were
                                                                          landed. The Captain of the Portzic,
                                                                          Roger Morice, says that they are heading
                                                                          back for the sea mounts on Monday next
                                                                          week. It has also been indicated the
                                                                          Atlantic Rose will arrive back from
                                                                          fishing, tomorrow, Saturday.

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                           17
SPEAKER RETIRES                                                                            NO CEMENT
The Honourable Speaker of the                                                              The Island’s building sector has come
Legislative Council, John Newman,                                                          to a standstill because of the lack of
OBE, announced in an                                                                       cement on the Island. Only very small
information meeting of                                                                     quantities of cement arrived on the last
Legislative Council last Friday                                                            sailing of the RMS and for most
that he is retiring from his post                                                          contractors this means that work has
with effect from March this year                                                           to be delayed until the ship arrives back
after eight and a half years in the                                                        on 1st March. The few that still have
post. Several names of possible                                                            got cement might not be able to use it
future speakers have been                                                                  as the sand pump is out of commission
mentioned, among them Cathy                                                                and a vital part of the pump has been
Hopkins, who is returning from                                                             sent to Cape Town for repair.
UK in March. Mrs Hopkins
could be the Island’s first         A summary of the weeks news
female Speaker. Other names
of possible Speakers have also been mentioned – Former Councillors Eric George
                                                                                           NEWER JUMBO TO
and Cyril Gunnell and also the former Speaker Harry Legg, OBE.                             ASCENSION
                                                                                           The Air Atlanta aircraft dedicated to the
                                                                                           MOD scheduled South Atlantic air-
                                                                                           bridge is due to be replaced. The current
                                                                                           aircraft, a 747-200 series, is due to be
                                                                                           retired from service on February 18 and
                                                                                           will be temporarily replaced for two
                                                                                           flights, after which a newer aircraft will
                                                                                           be permanently assigned to the route.
                                                                                           The permanent replacement aircraft is
                                                                                           a 747-300 series; that is 10 years
                                                                                           younger than the current aircraft and is
                                                                                           scheduled to begin operations on 28th
                                                                                           The 747-300 has a longer upper deck
                                                                                           and more seats, although there is a
  Legislative Council 2005                                                                 reduction in the number of ‘business’
                                                                                           class seats compared to the 200 series.
                                                                                           A 300 series has been used
POST AS PUBLIC SOLICITOR ADVERTISED                                                        occasionally before on this route.
The post of Public Solicitor was advertised on the Civil Service Recruitment               The total number of passengers that are
website in the UK this week. The post is offered as a two year contract with a             carried will not change, there will be
pay of £39-£51,000 per annum. The advert also says that “It is anticipated that,           greater scope for passengers to be
by 2008, the volume of legal work on the island will have grown in parallel with           seated throughout the aircraft thereby
economic development, and inward investment in particular, to attract a practice           increasing the level of comfort.
from the UK or South Africa to establish ‘a branch’ in St Helena. It is hoped that
such a practice would provide the services which are currently supplied by the
Public Solicitor.”                                                                             NEWS FOR
It is therefore suggested that the Post of Public Solicitor should be abolished by
2008. It is unlikely that a new Public Solicitor will be arriving to the Island prior to
                                                                                            ASENSION ISLAND
the departure of the current post holder, Colin Forbes, leaves the Island.                 Saint FM expands its news bulletins
                                                                                           once again to include a weekly news
                                                                                           bulletin for Ascension Island. We are
                                                                                           pleased to announce that as of
        APPEAL TURNED DOWN ON THE                                                          tomorrow, Ascension Islanders will have
                                                                                           a news bulletin broadcast on their local
                FALKLANDS                                                                  radio station, produced specifically for
In September last year, Brian John “Barker” Williams on the Falkland Islands               Saints living there by Saint FM. The 24
was found guilty of sexual activity in presence of person under 16, sexual touching        hour American station, Volcano radio
without consent, and sexual penetration without consent. Mr Williams was                   runs local programming by a team of
sentenced to three years’ imprisonment.                                                    voluntary presenters in addition to
Mr Williams appealed against the conviction and the case was heard in Stanley,             rebroadcasts and now for the first time
Falkland Islands, on Wednesday, 26th January. The appeal was entered on several            Saint FM News will also feature in their
grounds but the Falkland Island’s Chief Justice Wood turned down the appeal.               programming, keeping St Helenian’s on
The Chief Justice said that a full judgement would be available later.                     Ascension up to date with current
                                                                                           events on St Helena.
The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                             18
   Applications are invited from interested persons to fill the post

   of Personal Assistant to the Attorney General within the Legal,
   Lands & Planning Department.
   The post holder will be responsible for the provision of
   comprehensive, co-ordinated administrative, secretarial and
   clerical support to the Attorney General. The post holder will
   also be expected to provide similar support to Crown Counsel.         FOR PERSONAL ASSISTANT
   Applicants should ideally be in possession of GCSE passes in         TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL
   Maths and English at Grade C or above, and should have the ability
   to deal with members of the public, be computer literate and also to give
   close attention to detailed documents and procedure. You will need to have at least 2 years relevant experience and a basic
   knowledge of government procedures.

   The main duties of the post are to:
   •   Maintaining and co-ordinating the Attorney General and Crown Counsel’s diaries and weekly programmes.
   •   Arrange meetings and appointments.
   •   Ensure relevant information is readily to hand.
   •   Receive and address public/business enquiries (by telephone, in writing and in person) and re-directing such enquiries as
       deemed appropriate.
   •   Draft, type and dispatch correspondence for and on behalf of the Attorney General or Crown Counsel, including classified
       documents. Conduct correspondence in his/her own right as directed. Type legal instruments/documents and legislation as
       drafted by the Attorney General and Crown Counsel.
   •   Initiate and undertake research work on behalf of the Attorney General, assemble it and submit material in a coherent fashion
       to the Attorney General.
   •   Perform the duties of Secretary to any meeting called by the Attorney General.

   Salary for this post is at Grade Level 4 commencing at £5028.00 per annum.

   For further information about the post and a full job description, interested persons are invited to contact the Senior Executive
   Officer on telephone No. 2270.
   Application forms, available from the Personnel and Legal, Lands and Planning Departments, should be completed and submitted,
   where applicable, through Heads of Department, to the Senior Legal Officer, Mr Alan Nicholls by Monday, 6th February 2006.

                                    Valentine Fete

     St. Paul’s Middle School will hold a Valentine Fete at the school on Saturday 11th
                         February 2006 from 12 noon to 4:00pm.
     There will be various stalls including Cake & Candy, Bottle & Can, White Elephant, Plants and
                                    Vegetables, Books & Magazines etc.
   Teas, Tuck shop, Lucky Dips, Sideshows will also be available and other highlights for the afternoon
   will include a Miss& Mr.Valentine Competition for children ages 4- 6 years and 7- 10 years, musical
                      entertainment, donkey rides,and a junior football tournament.
                   An afternoon not to be missed so please come along and join the fun.
                                 Proceeds to St. Paul’s Middle School PTA.

          The Headteacher, Staff and PTA of St. Paul’s Middle School wish to thank all who
                      supported their fund-raising activities during Term 1.
                                      Monies collected for these events are as follows:-
                                                 Sponsored activities - £639.63
                                      Collection from Xmas Nativity Production - £145.97
                                               Collection from Carolling - £26.66.

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                              19
                                            6am - 10.30am     Wake-up call - Angela Williams
                                            10.30am-12.30am   Downtown Party - Mike Olsson
 Programme schedule
                                            12:30pm - 4pm     Another Day in Paradise - Emma-Jane Yon

                                            4pm - 4:30pm      Drive Time
                                            4:30pm – 6:30pm   May contain Nuts - Woodrow Stevens and Friends
                                            6:30 – 7:30       Friday Allsorts - Cloe Terry and Alexia Lawrence
                                            7:30pm – 9:30pm   Tony Johns Special
                                            9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX Entertainment

                                            7am- 8am
                                            8am – 1pm
                                                              Behind the News - Mike Olsson
                                                              Saturday morning Brunch - Joe Terry                        Saturday
                                            1pm – 3pm         Backstreet Mixture - John Coleman
                                            3pm—6pm           Youth Radio - Kaylee Young, Danielle Yon, Shady Thomas
                                            6pm - 6:30        Saint FM local TOP TEN CHART [rpt: from Wednesday 10:30am]
                                            6.30 – 9.30pm     Saturday Night party - Cathy Bowers
                                            9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX entertainment

                                            7am – 9am
                                            9am – 10am
                                                              Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down - Derek Topliss
                                                              Knowing Me, Knowing You - Mike Olsson,
                                            10am—1pm          Sunday Mix- Charlie Williams
                                            1am—3pm           Youth Radio - Kaylee Young, Danielle Yon, Shady Thomas
                                            3am—6pm           Beans Mix - Patrick Henry
                                            6 – 7:30pm        Sunday Night Rock Show - John Turner
                                            7:30pm – 9:30pm   Special Mix - Colin Forbes
                                            9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX entertainment

                                          Programming is being
                                           updated all the time
                                                                      6am - 9am          Wake-up call - Mike Olsson          Monday
                                                                      9am - 12:30pm      Downtown Party - Angela Williams
                                            and is subject to         12:30pm - 4pm      Another Day in Paradise - Emma-Jane Yon
                                                                      4pm - 4:30pm       Drive Time
                                          change without prior        4:30 - 6:30 pm     Alan Nicholls SHOW
                                              notification.           6:30pm 9:30        Monday Night with Karen Williams
                                                                      9:30 – 7am         JUKEBOX entertainment

                                            6am - 9am
                                            9am - 12:30pm
                                                              Wake-up call - Mike Olsson
                                                              Downtown Party - Angela Williams                             Tuesday
                                            12:30pm - 4pm     Another Day in Paradise - Emma-Jane Yon
 Saint FM - The Heartbeat of St Helena.

                                            4pm - 4:30pm      Drive Time
                                            4:30pm – 6:30pm   Country Mix - Karen Thomas
                                            6:30pm – 7:30     Evening Drive
                                            7:30pm – 9:30pm   Rock Solid - Andrew Darlow
                                            9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX entertainment

                                            6am - 9am
                                            9am - 12:30pm
                                                              Wake-up call - Mike Olsson
                                                              Downtown Party - Angela Williams                       Wednesday
                                                                                                                        1st Feb
                                            12:30pm - 4pm     Another Day in Paradise - Emma-Jane Yon
                                            4pm - 4:30pm      Drive Time
                                            4:30pm – 6:30pm   The Mix-Up Show - Kathy Bowers
                                            6.30 - 7.30       Just Being Myself - Natasha Moyce
                                            7:30pm – 9:30pm   Kieran Forbes & Dominic Hughes
                                            9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX entertainment

                                            6am - 9am
                                            9am - 12:30pm
                                                              Wake-up call - Mike Olsson
                                                              Downtown Party - Angela Williams                          Thursday
                                            12:30pm - 4pm     Another Day in Paradise - Emma-Jane Yon
                                            4pm - 4:30pm      Drive Time
                                            4:30pm – 6:30pm   C . C . C [Cool, Calm and Collected] - Paul Hickling
                                            7:30pm – 9:30pm   Forget the Frills -Jeanine and Ruth
                                            9:30 – 7am        JUKEBOX entertainment

The St Helena Independent Volume 1, Issue 12 Friday 27th January 2006                                                                   20

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