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					Do you want to know about boxing protective gear? Many people don’t give much
importance to safety equipments in boxing. They think it is waste of time and is of no
use. But the fact is different, if you don’t wear boxing equipments you may end up
either land up with a hand fracture or If you want to protect your hands and other
parts of body it is important that you wear protective gear like boxing Headgear,
Groin protector, Body protector or Boxing Mouth Piece.
 Wear Boxing Headgear if you want to protect your head from injury while fighting
in the boxing ring or during sparring session. Boxing headgear can protect a boxer’s
cuts and bruises. When buying a headgear you should consider certain factors like
Protection, Size, Adjustability, Material and Liner.
 Always choose a full or open faced design headgear. Beginners should go in for full
faced headgear to protect their chins and cheeks. Choose a headgear that fits you well.
You should buy a boxing headgear that is easy to adjust based on the size of your head.
Always buy a material that is foam padded. These are a few tips for buying boxing
headgear. You should always buy a full faced headgear to protect your head from
 Boxing Mouthpiece helps in protecting your teeth during sparring and fighting. But
some feel it also offers protection against knockouts. Don’t make the mistake of
thinking that mouth guards protect you from a direct punch in the teeth. Always make
sure your opponent is using padded gloves, because your mouthpiece won’t help very
much when you get a knuckle sandwich.
 While choosing a mouth guard make sure that it is made up of gel-like plastic that
becomes soft and pliable when you dip it in boiling water for 10 to 15 seconds. After
the hot water bath, immediately dip it in room-temperature water to get rid of boiling
water, then put it in your mouth and gently bit into it while sucking the air out from
around your teeth. This will mold it to your teeth.
 Wear hand wraps before wearing boxing gloves. Hand wraps will protect a boxer’s
bones and tendons in hand. Hand wraps should be tightened around hands so that it
can provide adequate support. It is important that boxer’s or others who are using this
product wash hand wraps regularly. After you have washed hand wraps there would
be wrinkles which can be dried if hanged properly. Buy several sets of hand wraps if
you are practicing every day. Boxers with small hands should use 120 inch wrap
while fighters with large hands can buy 170 inches wrap.
 Shin guards can protect your shin and instep against some of the contact you will
receive while training. Buy a pair of grappling/MMA shin guards. If you buy all these
equipments you will be able to protect your body from injury.
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