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									Building a brand online has become a must for every small and medium sized
business and individual professionals. The times of "I know this guy, who knows that
guy so I will try to put you in touch" are (almost) over. Everyone seeking a product,
service or person will go online to compare, connect and get information. So how
canSMEs build a strong brand online? According to Michel Joel, Canada's most
influential male in social media there are some basic rules individuals and SMEs need
to follow to build a successful brand online:
 1. Stay informed: Using RSS feeds like Google Reader, iGoogle, My Yahoo and
Netvibes will help you to stay on top of all the news in your particular industry.
 2. You need a plan: Plan your showcasing and promotion strategy. What do you want
to accomplish online? Once you have a strategy follow blogs and engage in industry
forums. Try to contribute something valuable and try to keep the conversation alive.
 3. Build a community of like-minded people with whom you can share ideas and do
business with: you can start with a blog, online social media groups (Facebook,
Linkedin), micro blog (Twitter) or a podcast (audio / video content). Keep in mind:
whoever has and creates the best content wins.
 4. Build a terrific website: Apart from blogging, social media, and forum posts you
need to have a well maintained website, which is easy to navigate and demonstrates
the same level of quality as your other web content.
 5. Convey helpfulness and sincerity: You can't "fake passion", so ensure that your
message is genuine and try to focus on a special niche, even a very small one. You
should speak like a human being not a press release.
 6. Content is king: write short, punchy, memorable, fun and most importantly, simple.
The material you publish should thoroughly engage your target.
 7. Apart from test use good images, audio and video (YouTube)
 8. Plan a robust mobile strategy: the future is going to be mobile so try to design
your website in a way that it works also on small and keep the navigation simple.
 9. Try to deliver the right message and the right type of content at the right time.
 For more information about how to "connect your business to everyone" you can
read to book "Six pixels of separation" from Mitchel Joel.
 European SMEs who want to do business in new markets like India should follow
this basic rules. A recent Harvard Business Review study showed, that Indian
consumer use blogs, twitter, Facebook etc. more than Europeans. So traditional
marketing methods like trade fairs, print brochures, B2B meetings etc are not enough.
In oder to succeed companies need to develop a well planned online marketing and
social media strategy. What do you think? Post your comments and ideas about
building a successful brand online....

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