Building A Strong Working Relationship With Your Downline

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					Ask anyone who is in your downline what their biggest complain is and most will tell
you it is a lack of information from the top. Sure, there may be plenty of information
about how the compensation plan works and how much many of your peers are
making every week or every month. They may even send you pictures of supposed
marketers standing beside their new luxury car or boat wither family on another
  Ask yourself, what does that really convey to your downline? Does it explain how
they did it and what your folks can do to make it a reality for them? No. Most
members of your downline will probably tell you they see it as their working hard and
following all of the company programs has enabled you to live the good life they are
having trouble reaching.
  Some of the people on top of the marketing network forget that their downline needs
more than encouragement and more than carrots dangled from a stick. They need real,
honest advice about how to run their business. Never take no for an answer is simply
the wrong advice for most of them and even the most persistent and aggressive
marketers will give up after awhile if they do not feel their upline is rooting for them
to succeed.
  Remember that marketing to your downline is the most important part of your
marketing strategy because when enough of them become disgruntled you will not
have a downline and your style of living will come to an abrupt halt. Yes, there will
always be another group of people ready to join in a successful business, but it takes
time and effort, which in the network marketing business is money, to train new ones
and get them up to speed. In the meantime, your income falls and so does the income
of everyone else in your upline.
  Keeping your downline motivated is not marketing, it is essential in any business
where you are responsible for the success of those who make your success possible.
An important point to remember is that how your downline goes, so you go. You want
to market to your downline with training opportunities. Do not call them and try to
hard sell them into making more money. Tell them how to make more money. Scripts
do not work for everyone, nor do they work on everyone. Make sure they understand
their options and if the script is a guideline let them know. Also let them know what
the limits are on how far they can stray from the script without crossing any lines that
can get them or the company in trouble.
  If something negative appears about the company do not try to gloss over it by
telling them that is for someone else to worry about and that their concern should be
to focus on sales. As simple as that may sound, it is not going to work. Your downline
will likely start jumping to another company before the dam breaks. If the outside
influences do not sink the ship a sudden exodus of your downline certainly will.
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