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									Building a cage for your bird could be a satisfying experience besides having the
opportunity to have fun and save money. Many bird lovers however, do not know how
to build a bird cage. The initial step to begin the process would be considering the size
and design of the cage. You might want it to be really beautiful or spacious enough to
accommodate your bird but beware about the size of the cage as you do not want it to
appear too prominent or restricting the space in your home. A better idea would be
jotting down the right measurement before you gather the materials.
 Then you will need to consider other features of the bird cage you wish to build.
Some cages have attached legs, others can be hung onto the ceiling and several
designs may only allow you to place solely as a cage. You should decide how you
want to position the cage as it utilizes its respective materials. If you have chosen a
cube shape then you may just use two pieces of wire of similar lengths then molding
them into thirds. The two pieces will come together from the top, sides and bottom.
Join and fasten the two pieces of wire using cage clips or electrical ties, if you have
any. You can make the opening in either side of the cube then use a small portion of
the wire for the opening of the door.
 People who know how to build a bird cage will notice about the weight of their birds
hence using a heavier gauge wire. Lighter wires are not encouraged as they are prone
to breakage, injuring your allowing your bird to escape. If you think wires are not
sufficiently sturdy, you can build a wood frame beforehand as a stronger support.
However, the surface of wood facing your bird should not be furnished as furnishings
contain chemicals that might potentially intoxicate your bird. You can attach some
additional accessories onto the cage such as perches, tug ropes, bells, mirrors or
swings for your bird to play with. Perches are favored by birds, especially the parrots.
 Disregard of the style of bird cage you intend to make, one of the most important
element is the bottom base. You will need a solid tray as the bottom to permit the
droppings from your bird to pass onto the tray for easier cleaning and removal. The
waste products will not contaminate the cage and thus keeping a cleaner environment
for your pet. Coating with tray with a layer of newspaper or wax paper is more
preferable as a hygienic step.

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