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									Appliances to rural areas across the country have been facing, but what happened with
sales of services. Sale can keep up, farmers can not enjoy regular "warranty"? In
particular, how to get farmers to know what pre kind of product is suitable for their
own enterprises can not pursue sales sold to farmers that do not apply anything.

 2009 2 1st, by the State Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce's "

 Home Appliances The countryside "project after the implementation of the pilot to
extend the primary air journey across the country had begun. Our rural population and
wide market, implementation of the" home appliances to the countryside ", especially
in the current world financial crisis has swept the world situation, no doubt is to
expand domestic demand, especially consumption of rural markets is an important

 However, bringing home appliances, and services, how then? Really live up the
expectations of government, benefits the country has? Grandpa really make rural Aunt
at ease and comfortable it used?

 First to give after-sales service. Farmers spend a few thousand dollars is not easy to
buy a home appliance, vending business really strict compliance with the
commitments when selling goods on the user to implement the "three guarantees"
service? We carefully recall, not that rural areas, even cities, there are a few people
enough to buy appliances, vendors fill out warranty cards do? There are several
businesses out of the formal invoices?

  Most rural users living in remote areas, to a market, we should turn a few hills. For
large household appliances, household appliances Chamber of Commerce sent people
home services? For small objects, a dedicated maintenance point of it? Maintenance
of price do? Electrical appliances break down, and migrant workers will not be the
same as many of us first look at Baidu, or by other convenient means to see the
situation. They only have commissioned the repair shop. Many repair shops at this
time began to Bluff, and they do not understand bullying farmers market, wild
speculations, a

 TV Machine shell open dozens of pieces installed dozens of blocks, a common
capacitor also purchased dozens of pieces installed dozens of blocks, electric iron
Akira two, drop a few drops of rosin down on tens of thousands of farmers lost a drop
of sweat . You do not buy does not work, a small

 Fitting The damage can not make out who in your TV. Not necessarily be able to buy
good, chances are you stealing change a part, a few days so you TV still out no one.

 Say that pre-sales service. Rural areas despite the recent years a marked change, but
the city is still a relatively large gap. Unlike many of the city, know what kind of
appliances for you. Not only in rural, urban, there are many consumers to buy
appliances with the most feelings, and vendors sell.

 Years ago, manufacturers will have product inventory backlog, the countryside of
some outdated goods sold. Still do not rule out this possibility, and even some
businesses do not experience bullying farmers, to take a number of defective products
sold to rural areas, Bluff, the results did not use electrical appliances two days at fault.
Farmers a load of grain, dozens of money, 10,000 drop Khan ah! Buy electrical
appliances to Burongyia! Big city

 Mobile Explosion of life out there in possession of, remote and backward corner of
electrical leakage into trouble a few people hear it?

  How to buy TV Just the right size and the living room? Which combination of sound
and best original appliances? Country's current electrical power for more? Rural
businesses are able to provide consumers with pre-knowledge training, home visits for
field trips, providing consumer purchase plan? Rather than to the sale of, ah, do make
money blindly.

 To know the tile-roofed house in the mountain valley to spend beautiful

Air conditioning

 Is to find life more beautiful feeling. To a computer illiterate to the old man to the
end, will only harm the interests of consumers, damage the credibility of the appliance
business, stop the "home appliances to the countryside" policy.
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