Bright Ideas on Small Marketing by hkksew3563rd


									Small business marketing works better if you know what to do and where to start.
Here are some of the tried and tested marketing ideas that may work for you and your
company. Believe it or not, the yellow pages are still in. Many of us consult the pages
when looking for businesses and services. If you want to publish an ad in one of these
handy books, get the biggest that you can afford because visibility is always important.
Direct mail is also more effective that sending out numerous emails and making too
many phone calls. It is preferred by most customers because it gives them the time to
contemplate if they really want the product. By doing this, you make them feel that
you value their decision and time.
 Business cards are marketing vehicles for your business. They are an obvious way of
marketing but every piece of card that you hand out to a potential customer will serve
as a reminder of your company. Who knows? They may need your services in the
future. Cable TV advertising is a great way of promoting your product. This may
sound like it's high-end but the truth is it is very affordable. Most TV companies offer
an advertising package that will surely fit your budget. Infomercials and commercials
have a very wide reach because a lot of people watch the television every minute of
every day. The same thing goes for radio advertisements.
 You can also take advantage of eBay listings. A large number of audiences make
their purchases through eBay. Viewing your listing will make them aware of the
products and services that you offer and they may even talk about it with their family
and friends. It sure is a fast and convenient way of selling your goods. One other thing
that you can do is to include a promotional offer with the invoices that you sent to
your existing customers. You can try the 'bring a friend' promo since it always works.
People like the idea of getting a freebie. But in truth is that you are anticipating that
their friend will become one of your regular customers too once they've experienced
your excellent service.
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