Brick masonry work is improved by tuckpointing

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					One of the reasons why Tuckpointing is used is because it gives a building the look
that the masonry has been put together with fine joints. This architectural element
improves the overall look of brick masonry. It is a technique that traces its origins
back to the days when uneven bricks were the most common brick available. The
technique is very simple. Before the brick masonry sets, the mason will place either
clay, mortar, or putty inside the joint. It is then smoothed over to make an even line. It
would be a mistake to think that tuckpointing is only done on a new wall. Older walls
that are beginning to show their age benefit greatly by tuckpointing. The added
advantage of this is that this increases the safety of the wall as well as highlighting the
brick masonry.
  In case you are wondering, this procedure is called tuckpointing because the mortar
or clay is tucked between the bricks. And it is usually done with the point of a trowel.
And while it is a perfect accent for the facade of a brick building, there is a very
important reason that all building should have this done. As brick masonry ages, it can
develop cracks which will eventually grow so that it will become harmful to the wall.
It becomes a space where water can enter the small cracks and then by melting and
freezing, it will expand and contract until the entire brick masonry wall is damaged. It
can go on for so long that a simple job of tuckpointing will not fix the problem.
Generally speaking, the old mortar will be cut to a depth of about 3/4 inch and
scraped off. Then the space will be filled with new mortar and tucked under the
  All this will be needed because of the aforementioned weather damage, or simply
because of the age of the building. Sometimes it means that the building has had time
to settle and the pressure of the walls can lead to the cracks. Even with the uniform
nature of modern bricks, brick masonry has small variations in the weight and that
force will cause changes in the mortar. Tuckpointing is a great way to deal with these
problems, and head them off before they become so serious that they damage the
integrity of the structure. If you contact the Bruno construction company, you will
find professionals who understand how a brick wall is put together and how to use
this material to repair your building.
  The look of a brick depends on what it is made of. The experts at Bruno construction
understand which brick will give you the finish that you need, or be able to match the
facade you already have. It is one thing you can expect when you deal with
experienced personnel like the ones at this company. Their many years of experience
with the entire construction process will remove many of the headaches that are
associated with this kind of work, and will give you and your building exactly what
you need.
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  If your building is in need of tuckpointing or you need to have any kind of brick
masonry work, please consider Bruno next generation construction company. A call to
them will begin a process that you will be pleased with for many years to come.

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