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									Boyzone is a popular boy band hailing from Ireland, and was first catapulted to fame
in 1994. They originally formed when responding to a call for a new Irish boy band
group, and the members of Boyzone - Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham,
Shane Lynch, and the late Stephen Gately - were handpicked from among over three
hundred applicants who had responded to the advertisement.

 Boyzone quickly rose to fame and fortune, selling over twenty million records by
2009, both in the British Isles and outside the region. In addition, they have released
six number one UK singles, not to mention four number one albums. Some of their
most famous singles include "Love is a Hurricane," which was number 44 in the UK
and 39 in Ireland, and "Better," which was number 22 in the UK and 26 in Ireland.

 Modelled loosely on other popular boy bands, Boyzone nonetheless retains its own
unique style and image, which set it apart from its peers in the musical world. They
are arguably the preeminent group of its kind in Ireland, and enjoy worldwide
recognition and popularity to this day.

 The group split up in 2000, but luckily enough for its many clamouring fans, the
band reunited recently. However, this joyous revelation was also accompanied by
some sad news, as long-time band member Stephen Gately died in 2009 at the young
age of 33. At the time, he was on holiday in Mallorca with civil partner Andrew

  Gately's death was sudden, but reportedly from natural causes. Of course, this
tragedy left his former band mates both shaken and saddened. In response, the newly
reunited band dedicated its new album "Brother" as a heartfelt tribute to Gately, as it
included two new songs that he sang for the band before his passing.

 "Brother" is Boyzone's most recent album, having only been released in March 2010,
and includes one number written by hit singer-songwriter sensation Mika, which also
includes the deceased Gately's vocals. It is said to be the last song that will ever
feature the deceased singer's voice on a track.

 Although "Brother" marks a noticeable shift in style from its the band's previous
albums, this is only to be expected after such a long lapse in time since their previous
work together.

 That said, it also seems that the seven plus years spent apart has also given each of
the remaining members of the band a chance to mature as performers in terms of their
style and musicality, which is abundantly obvious on each track in the exciting new
album. Moreover, the songs on the album also retain the original flavour and style of
the band that once made them such a sensation in Ireland, the UK, and beyond.

 As such, the group's old school, hardcore fans are unlikely to be disappointed by this
long anticipated new turnout by the band. In fact, the album peaked as number one in
both the UK and Ireland, demonstrating its wide appeal to audiences across the board.

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