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									This "Spanish Notch" is said to have been used to catch the opponent's blade,
although its actual use is somewhat unclear. The first knife, designed by Jim Bowie's
brother and made by blacksmith James Black, looked like a cross between a Spanish
hunting knife and a regular butcher knife, with a blade nearly 10 inches long, a
quarter of an inch thick, and about an inch and a half wide. The steel is usually
relatively thick and broad, up to 2 inches wide and 1/4" thick. These knives were
made by many companies in Sheffield, England, since the 1850s, and are sometimes
called "Sheffield Bowie" knives. The first knives made for Jim Bowie throughout his
lifetime resembled other common knives of that time period. Other features included
an upper guard to catch an opponent's blade and protect the user's hand. Once the duel
was over, a fight broke out among the spectators, and Bowie killed three men using
his knife even though he had been shot with a rifle. This first version of the Bowie
knife became quite famous after a fight following a duel in 1827. It may have been
used as a tool or as a guide for the blade sharpening process.

When Bowie and his knife rose to instant popularity, Bowie and his brother began
receiving many requests for the knife, and ended up commissioning many versions
from various knife makers.

Unlike modern Bowie knives, this knife did not have a clip point; it also did not have
a hand guard, unlike modern versions. The first Bowie knife and all subsequent
knives made by James Black are known for very hard steel; he died without giving up
the secret, and to the present day, the process has not been duplicated.

The term actually refers to a certain style of knife popularized by Colonel James
"Jim" Bowie. They are available in decorative and commemorative styles as well as
functional hunting or survival knives. Today, a bowie knife is any type of large sheath
knife with a clip point.

Army issued these knives, because the teeth could cut through the acrylic of a downed
plane or helicopter.

This knife, in its modern incarnation, is useful for camping and hunting as well as a
weapon; it is designed to do both jobs exceptionally well, leading to its present-day

Today, many different companies make Bowie knives, and term is often used to
describe        any         large     sheath      knife.      Vintage     Pocket
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