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					There are countless elegant luxury hotels and boutique hotels worldwide. Because
most boutique hotels are luxury hotels, you get stupendous amenities and magnificent
views in amazing locations. Lately, the growth of the boutique hotel has made a
remarkable impact on hotel culture. Originating in major cities, like New York, Los
Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco in the 1980s, boutique hotels are also known as
"design" or "lifestyle" hotels.
 Boutique Hotels in New York distinguish themselves from renowned hotels by
providing an extraordinary and adapted level of lodging, services and amenities.
These hotels are endowed in a themed, classy and/or inspirational manner. Although
generally considerably smaller than a mainstream hotel (ranging from 3 to 100 guest
rooms) boutique hotels in New York are normally fitted with telephone and Wi-Fi
Internet connections, candor bars and cable/pay TV. Guest services are attended to by
24 hour hotel staff. Most of the boutique hotels in New York have on site dining
conveniences, and majority of them offer bars and lounges which are also open to the
common public.
 Most travel agents and websites, conversely, will label the boutique hotel as a hotel
of less than 50 rooms which seeks to make your stay an experience exclusive. For
instance, boutique hotels in Chicago have been difficult to find in the past, with the
city's more enlivening hotels verging towards the superior varieties. Since Chicago
rents are not so high, small boutique hotels in Chicago are always economically viable.
A number of boutique hotels in Chicago has opened in recent years that reflect
Chicago’s vibe to perfection.
 On the other hand, boutique Hotels in Los Angeles not only offer extreme
extravagance but also, a romantic getaway for the couples who are in need of a break.
Los Angeles is the ideal choice if you want a blend of luxury and romance. Hotels in
Los Angeles not only fall in your budget but also persuade you fully. Your romantic
get away can be something luxurious or something subtle; hotels in Los Angeles offer
you the best of their services that accommodate your budget as well.

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