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Chirp 01


									The Newsletter for the Sun Valley Group of Schools

Newsle er 01/11                      Visit us in full colour at
Wednesday 19 January 2011 
It is so wonderful to welcome all    first five months in order to iden-
our students back to school for       fy poten al leaders. A Pupil            Chirp Goes Digital
the academic year.                   Counsel of 12 student leaders         The 2011 Chirp will be pre-
A special welcome to our 75
                                     will be elected in May and a          sented to all our parents in
                                     Head Student and Deputy Head          a digital form. Every se-
Grade R students in the Sunbird
                                     Student will be announced in          cond Monday, the Sunbird
Pre-Primary School. This is the
third year that our Pre-School                                             Chirp will be emailed to all
has been opera onal, but the         Our Estate Staff have worked           our parents as a pdf docu-
first year that we have only en-      hard to revamp the school during
                                                                           ment. We have always up-
rolled Grade R students.             the recess. The ablu on blocks
                                     have been repainted and many          loaded the CHIRP to our
Our 126 Grade Ones arrived with                                            website, but now we are
                                     classrooms were given a faceli .
enthusiasm and energy this
morning.      Having met their
                                     The grounds have been trimmed,        going to email it to you.
                                     watered and fer lised and Sun
teacher at the New Grade 1 Par-
                                     Valley is looking good.               A ached to this newsle er
ty, they were confident and excit-
ed about big school. Yes, we         Our staff returned posi ve and         is a CHIRP Email address
know, the enthusiasm of ge ng        enthusias c. We had a wonder-         form. Please send us a con-
up and coming to school fades,       ful evening on Monday building        tact email and if families
but school will always be a place    team and laughing together.
of great learning, laughter and
                                                                           are separated, please send
                                                       And so we wish      all the addresses so that we
new experienc-
                                                       everyone       a
es.                                                                        can email the news to
                                                       warm welcome
800 Grade 2 to                                         to our Family.      them.
Grade 7, “old”                                         The Sun Valley
boys and girls                                         Group is a real     The Form makes provision
slipped     back                                       family. What        for an opt-in sec on. Par-
into their class-                                      you put into        ents without access to
rooms painless-                                        this family will
                                                                           email and who would pre-
ly. And what beau ful class-         determine what you get out of it.
rooms too. We have a number          Our goal is to hold the hand that     fer to receive a paper copy
of new students in Grade 2-7 and     holds the future. The future of       can opt-in to receive the
we extend a warm welcome to          this country rests in the training    Newsle er. Spare copies
them too. The brand new Grade        that we give our youth. This im-      will always be available at
7 wing with en-suite toilets and a   mense task is a team effort and        Recep on too.
wheelchair ablu on unit was          we look forward to being a part-
completed in record me. The          ner with the parents to ensure
builders moved in on 14 Novem-       that this happens.                    We hope that this will give
ber and we moved into the class-                                           parents an opportunity to
                                     All new parents from Grade R to
room on 14 January. A few final
                                     Grade 7 are invited to a New Par-
                                                                           read the news in full colour
plumbing issues and the passage                                            and enjoy the photographs
                                     ent social on Thursday evening at
flooring needs to be laid, but the                                          of their children.
                                     7.30pm. Join us in the School
rest is func onal and just what
                                     Hall for a Cocktail Party. It will
our senior students need.
                                     not last much longer than a hour      Please complete the form
                                     or so. Child care will be available   this evening and return it to
The Grade 7 learning programme
                                     in the Library and Jubilee Quad.
has been upgraded for 2011. The                                            school.
Pupil Leadership programme will
extend all our students in the
        Invitation to all New Parents
   The Principal and Teachers invite all new parents from
                   Grade R to Grade 7 to
          New Parent Cocktail Party
Meet the Team, make connections and learn about our school
        Thursday 20th January at 7.30pm in the Hall
Survival Training for the new Sun    Lesson 4:                             instruc ons, drop the teacher a
Valley Parents.                      The CHIRP Calendar must be            polite note for clarity.
                                     pasted on the fridge.
Lesson 1:                            Print out the calendar and paste      Lesson 7:
Drop and Drive                       it on the fridge and highlight        Room Parent
As from Thursday, no parent will     events that affect your child/         If you can commit an hour or
be allowed beyond the gate.          children. This is a busy school       more a week to support the
The quicker parents Drop and         with tons of ac vi es. SMS are        teachers, why not join the Room
Drive, the be er children se le,     o en used to highlight events. If     Parent Programme. We current-
make friends and engage in the       you are not receiving SMS’s,          ly have 150 trained moms, dads
school programme. No child has       please contact Recep on so we         and grandparents involved in
died because their mother or fa-     can check your profile on our da-      this volunteer programme.
ther did not lined up with them      ta base.                              Many parents go into work a
in the morning. If your child is                                           li le later one day a week so
trauma zed, we will handle it at     Lesson 5:                             that they can assist their child’s
school and keep you briefed. We      Remember that your child is pre-      teacher. It is such rewarding
are experienced in this field and     cious and so are the other 31.        work—you will so enjoy it.
will handle the situa on in a way    Teachers are human. Imagine
in which the child’s well-being      having the class to a party in your   Lesson 8:
remains a priority.                  home for 5 hours. It gets hec c.      Get involved
                                     When you need to see your class       The biggest moaners in a school
Lesson 2:                            teacher, please send a note in        are parents who are not in-
One Way for the safety of our        the Homework Diary and she will       volved. The more you know—
children                             make me to see you. Please            the more you appreciate what
Drive in an an -clockwise direc-     never catch them at the class-        we are offering at our school.
 on around the school. This          room door. A er teaching all day      No ma er how demanding your
means that the front passenger       they may not respond well to          job is, your children will remem-
door always faces the school. In     your issues, however pressing         ber whether you par cipated in
this way we ensure a smooth          they may be. Rather write a note      their school career or if you
floor of traffic and few aggressive     and the teacher will contact you.     were an absent parent. Children
responses. The safety of our chil-   If she/he doesn’t respond in 48       of absent parents ba le with
dren is very important.              hours, contact Recep on and we        this. Make me in your busy
                                     will make it happen.                  schedule to a end whatever
Lesson 3:                                                                  you can. It will make a profound
School Times                         Lesson 6:                             difference to your child’s per-
Week One Grade 1-7                   Prac ce makes talent.                 cep on of learning.
08:00 School opens                   The research is clear. Bright child
12:00 School closes                  are not born—they are grown. If       Lesson 8:
                                     you want your child to do well at     Back to School Night
Week Two Grade 1-7                   school, make sure that the            It is so essen al that you a end
08:00 School opens                   Homework assignments are done         the Back to School Night for
13:00 School closes                  each day.       Re-arrange your       your Grade. Please note the
                                     schedule in order to make me          date and me and a end this
Week Three Grade 1-7                 to work with your child each          mee ng. Child Care is available
08:00 School opens                   a ernoon/evening and make             at school.
14:00 School closes except on a      sure every task listed in the
Tuesday at 13:00                     Homework Diary is completed. If         www.sunvalleygroup
                                     you cannot make sense of the
Sport is alive and well and will
start officially in Week 3. The
Term 1 Sport Brochure and Sport
Selec on list will be published
next Monday. This pink brochure
explains the en re Sport Pro-
gramme at our school including
a ernoon ac vi es for Sunbird
Pre-Primary and the Sport Acade-
my programme.

In Week 2, from Monday to Fri-
day, the Grade 4-7 classes will
take part in trials for Athle cs
and Swimming during the aca-
demic day.      Students should
bring their costumes, swimming
caps and towels on the days that
their Sport House is having trials
(check calendar). New students
have been allocated Sport Hous-
es and will be informed this

The New Sport Department at
Sun Valley is young, fit and dy-
namic. In 2011 we will be offer-
ing Physical Educa on from
Grade R to Grade 7 and Visual
Motor Exercises from Grade R to
Grade 3. Our Swimming Coach
will ensure that every child learns
to swim during summer. In the
a ernoon, every child is ex-
pected to par cipate in a school
sport. The programme is varied
and provision is made for both
the sporty and the not-so-sporty.
Everyone needs to exercise and
be part of their school sport’s
programme. It builds team and a
sense of belonging.

For further informa on, please
Contact our Sport Administrator,
Wendy Thompson on Extension
237. If she is out of the office,
leave a message on her voice
              Please complete this Form and return it to your class teacher
                      tomorrow. Deadline Friday 21 January 2011
                        Name of child

Is this Child the eldest or only child in
Grade R to Grade 7 at Sun Valley
                                                      YES                                NO
Group of Schools?                            Now complete the Form            Send this form back to your
                                                                                     class teacher

Only complete the rest of this Form if you answered YES to the ques on above.

                                                  OPT-IN AND RECEIVE THE
                                            NEWSLETTER DIGITALLY BY EMAIL
          Our primary email address is:

  Please send the Sunbird Chirp to this
              addi onal email address

  Please send the Sunbird Chirp to this
              addi onal email address

  Please send the Sunbird Chirp to this
              addi onal email address

 I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the school of any changes to the addresses listed above
                          in order to receive the Newsle er every second Monday.

                Signature: ___________________________        Date: _____________________

 Tick:                       OPT-OUT OPTION AND RECEIVE THE
                         NEWSLETTER VIA THE HOMEWORK BOOK
     My email address is unreliable or I do not have access to an email account.
           Please send a printed copy home via the Homework Diary.
  I understand that it is my responsibility to check that the Newsle er has been sent home
      every second Monday, as per the calendar, and ask for one if it has been mislaid.

                Signature: ___________________________        Date: _____________________

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