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									The Blackberry 8520 offers highly tempting levels of technology encased within a
typically impressive Blackberry styled handset. This particular brand of mobile phone
has become popular due to its build quality and communication capabilities. This
particular model is also known as the curve and is now available in a red colour
variant. The Blackberry 8520 comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, which is a
common theme throughout this particular brand of handset. The keyboard is located
underneath the main display screen and offers simplistic landscape mode text entry.
Above it is a 2.4 inch TFT display screen, which has the ability and actively displays
up to 65,000 colours within its 320 x 240 pixel screen size. Navigation around the
provided functionality is provided by the touch sensitive optical track pad which is
included with the package and is centrally located. GPRS and EDGE connections are
included a long with Wi Fi, for web access, as well as Blue tooth and micro-USB
connections. The unit has an internal memory capacity which is quoted at 256 MB the
same as Blackberry 9500 however by utilising relevant cards and the integrated
microSD card slot this can be expanded up to 32 GB. The handset combines
functionality and form perfectly, with its use of the Blackberry operating system and a
512 MHz central processing unit to ensure reliability and stability. The standard SMS,
MMS and e-mail capabilities are also provided as well as instant messaging and a
browser. The unit comes with a variety of games, for entertainment purposes, as well
is the opportunity to download additional games if desired. Audio and video
capabilities are provided by the MP4/MP3 media player, which actively supports a
wide range of file formats. Accompanying the existing options is also an organiser
and a voice memo facility. The Blackberry 8520 Red is one of the colours available,
with black being the other option. If you are a Blackberry fan, you can choose any
tyle of mobile phones such asBlackBerry 8900 and Blackberry 9500. The handset is a
comprehensive and functional mobile phone which has a distinct appeal and aesthetic
styling. Its popularity is down to a simple mix of style and effective communication
capabilities for which the brand has become well known for. Joanne-myluxphone
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