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cancellation of enrolment form - Cancellation of enrolment

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                                         PERSONAL DETAILS                                                                         Please complete using blue or black ink.
                                         Student number                                                          Date of birth (DD/MM/YY)

                                         Family name                                                             Given names/s

                                         Program name                                                            Program code

                                         School                                                                  Student contact number
    Cancellation of
                                          Academic career         Preparatory          TAFE           Undergraduate          Postgraduate           Research

                                          Are you an onshore international student?           Yes           No

You must read the information on page 2 before completing this form.
Program/s to be cancelled
Please list all program/s from which you request to cancel your enrolment.
Note: you will remain active in any programs not listed below.

Program name                                                                                                                                             Program code

Effective term (student to complete – see page 2 for information about academic terms.)

I wish my cancellation of enrolment to take effect in the following academic term:                  Term code

Classes will be cancelled from the date the form is received by the University, as evidenced by the stamped date on this form. Students will incur an
academic penalty and be financially liable for fees if the Cancellation of enrolment form is received after the relevant census date.
HE census date:                                TAFE census date:

For more information please see page 2.

Reason for cancellation of enrolment (tick one box only)

     academic difficulties                                  tuition fees too high                                      other RMIT program

     program not what expected                              illness                                                     travelling overseas

     financial                                              support difficulties                                        YPRG – Y program change of stream

     personal                                               work commitments                                            onshore to offshore program transfer

     visa not granted                                       English language difficulties                               other

     dissatisfaction with program                           family

Student declaration
I understand the following:
1. I will remain liable for all fees if I do not formally cancel my enrolment prior to the relevant census date.
2. The effective date is the date this form is received by RMIT University.
3. I have read and understood the information on the reverse of this form.
4. I have received and retained a stamped copy of this form as evidence of submission.

Student signature                                                                                                                                    Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Office use only
Has student received a stamped copy of this form?                                       Yes            No

Has the student card been returned?                                                     Yes            No
                                                                                                                                                     Office use only
Is the student an onshore international student aged under 18?                          Yes            No                                            Hub date stamp
If yes, RMIT International Services authorisation required below.

International Services authorisation:                                                 Date:                                                 Date:

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                               Cancellation of enrolment                                                                  Page 2 - Information

Students considering cancelling their enrolment are advised to contact their school and consult their program coordinator (or nominee).

Suspension of studies procedure
Detailed information regarding the RMIT Suspension of studies procedure may be obtained from

Effective dates
The effective date of submission is the date this form is received by RMIT University.

Financial liability
If students do not formally cancel their enrolment prior to the relevant census date they will incur a financial penalty for their course enrolments. Students
who have not officially withdrawn by the census date will remain liable to pay for the study they have enrolled in, even if they are no longer attending
classes. There is no provision to extend the census date deadline. Census dates are published annually in the RMIT academic calendar.
Go to or

Academic penalty
The dates for the cancellation of a program without academic penalty are also published annually in the RMIT academic calendar and may differ from
census dates. Go to

Students who have elected to defer payment of their fees through HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or VET FEE-HELP will remain liable for outstanding fees if they
cancel their enrolment after the relevant census date.
Go to or

Fee refunds
Eligible students may obtain an Application for refund of fees form from If you are entitled to a reversal of materials
fees you are required to contact your school.

Onshore international students
Cancelling your enrolment will affect your student visa. You must contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for visa information
before submitting this form. Contact DIAC by telephone on 131 881 or through their web site at
Currently enrolled onshore international students who have been approved for entry into another RMIT program must not use the Cancellation of
enrolment form to vary their enrolment. An Application for change of program form is required in this situation. This form may be found at
See RMIT Suspension of studies procedure – internal change of program for onshore international students for more information at
Onshore international students aged under 18 must have authorisation from RMIT International Services before submitting this form.
Onshore international students who have not completed six months of study in their principal program must apply for a release letter from RMIT
International Services if they wish to withdraw from RMIT to undertake study at another education provider. Students are generally not permitted to
cancel their enrolment in order to undertake study at another education provider. All applications for release letters must be made prior to submitting this
Cancellation of enrolment form.
RMIT International Services may be contacted at: Building 22, 330 Swanston Street, Melbourne. Tel: +61 3 9925 5156.

Sponsored and scholarship students
Sponsored students or students in receipt of a scholarship must contact their sponsor or scholarship provider.

Form submission
Students must retain a signed copy of this form as evidence of submission. The Cancellation of enrolment form must be submitted in person to the Hub
on your campus or sent to: the Hub, RMIT University, GPO Box 2476, Melbourne Vic 3001.

Academic term TAFE                                                               Academic career
Term code      Description                                                       UGRD      Higher education undergraduate
1005           Semester 1 2010 – TAFE                                                      Bachelor and honours level programs
1045           Semester 2 2010 – TAFE
1105           Semester 1 2011 – TAFE                                            PGRD      Higher education postgraduate
1145           Semester 2 2011 – TAFE                                                      Master by coursework, graduate diploma and graduate
                                                                                           certificate level programs
Academic term HE
Term code      Description
1000           Summer Semester 2010                                              RSCH      Higher education research
1010           Semester 1 2010 – Higher education                                          Master by research, doctor of philosophy level programs
1050           Semester 2 2010 – Higher education
1080           Spring Semester 2010
                                                                                 TAFE      TAFE (Technical and Further Education)
1100           Summer Semester 2011                                                        Advanced diploma, diploma, certificate level programs
1110           Semester 1 2011 – Higher education
1150           Semester 2 2011 – Higher education
1180           Spring Semester 2011                                              PREP      Preparatory and Adult VCE students
Note: The last two digits of the year are the first two digits of the                      Providing entry to higher education or TAFE programs such
      term code, e.g. 1005 = 2010                                                          as Foundation Studies

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