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					Massive Reductions on New Luxury Items
  It seems all Bidfrenzy Online Auctions result in the winning bidder saving a lot of
money and the losing bidders having a lot of fun... trying to win! Also the winning
bidder has the new item delivered to the front door... without delivery cost
  You can't sell your own items at this online auctions place. Bidfrenzy claim all the
items are factory fresh... in-demand products. You could win a new automobile, travel
voucher, gift card or any top brand name technology product.
  Social Interactive Auction Format
  Bidfrenzy Online Auctions have several fun action houses. The fast and furious
'Penny Auctions' have two versions. The regular penny auction has a 10 second timer
and the 'Hyper' version has a 5 second timer. Where the fun comes in... firstly you
have got to beat the clock... and secondly you need to be the 'current bidder' when the
time runs out. I guess the idea could be if the other bidders see you're in it to win...
they may withdraw... or at least holdback long enough for the timer to run down!.
  With penny auctions the price goes up one cent with each bid (all bidding is in US
currency). The 'Set Price' auction works the same as penny auctions... but the winner
of the biding... only pays the 'set price'... no matter what the auction bidding goes to!
So with this one you know exactly what you'll pay before you start. A 'Set Price'
auction could also be 'set' at zero dollars.
  Longer auctions are the 'Down to Zero' and 'Buy Anytime' auctions. With the Down
to Zero auctions... you want to be the bidder that takes the biding to zero! With the
Buy Anytime auction... you buy when the auction gets down to a price you're happy
to pay! Both this auctions start at normal retail price and go down 20 cents with each
  Bidfrenzy Bid Credits and Vouchers
  To be able to place bids at Bidfrenzy online auctions you need to:
  1. Register Online
  2. Buy Some Bid Credits
  3. Choose Auction House
  4. Choose Item
  5. Place Bids.
  When you register... you give yourself a nickname. So when you logon each time...
you use your nickname (username)and password. Bid credits are the currency used to
place bids. You are able to purchase these bid credits in packs from GBP20 to
GBP600. The bigger the package... the cheaper cost per 'bid credit.
  From the drop-down menu you select an auction house. You might pick the
quick-action 'Penny or Set Price' auctions or the slower 'Down to Zero' or 'Buy
Anytime' auctions. Then from the chosen auction house you select the item that takes
your fancy! The item could even be a voucher for a specific value. Vouchers can be
turned into products of your choose. Bidfrenzy Online Auctions have introduced an
innovation in auction products. At their online products store you can select an item to
spend your voucher on. Bidfrenzy are international and are working towards having
country specific products. It might be that you could select a local product to spend
your voucher on.
 When you place a bid the price goes down 20 cents... in the Zero auctions and goes
up one cent in the Penny and Set Price auctions. That bid has cost you from 50 cents
to 66 cents. The residual amount makes up Bidfrenzys running costs. With each bid
you place... you'll see at the top right hand side of the screen that your number of
available bid credits reduces. You can also buy and transfer bid credits to someone
else in the system. Also you are able to buy 'Gift Vouchers' and have the gift voucher
code number emailed along with instructions on how to use the voucher.

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