Come to Paris ... for an evening. “Louise Pitre is sensational by dfsdf224s


									            Experience the romance
               of a Parisian cafe
          through the heart and soul
    of a treasured Broadway leading lady.

Louise Pitre may well be best known
for her Tony nominated performance
in Mamma Mia! on Broadway,
but it was her award winning portrayal
of legendary French singer Edith Piaf
that catapulted her to national fame in 1992.

Pitre is dazzling audiences again performing
selections from the world’s favorite French composers
and the hit shows that earned her accolades,
including Piaf, Les Miserables, and Jacques Brel
Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris.

This enchanting new concert is sung
primarily en français.

Come to Paris ... for an evening.

                            “Louise Pitre is sensational ...
              She just doesn’t just sell a song, she lives it.”
                                                — Paula Citron, Globe & Mail

                     “Full-throated emotion and cut-to-the-chase honesty
           are her trademarks, enhanced by a fine sense of theatricality.
                 ... She explores every aspect of heartbreak, from despair
                                    to defiance, in her own unique style.”
                                         — Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star
Louise Pitre ~ La Vie En Rose
 Louise Pitre won the hearts of Canadian and Americans alike as
 the star of “Mamma Mia!” in Toronto, San Francisco, L.A.,
 Chicago and finally as the original Donna Sheridan at the Winter
 Garden Theatre on Broadway where she held the role for the
 first two years of its run, earning her a Tony®-nomination. She
 has starred in countless musicals (“Piaf,” “Jacques Brel is Alive
 and Well and Living in Paris,” “Sweeney Todd,” “Song &
 Dance,” “Annie Get Your Gun,” “Blood Brothers” just to name
 a few), has a thriving concert career with her trio as well as with
 symphony orchestras across the continent. She has starred in
 many TV and film projects (“A Christmas Wedding” with Eric
 Mabius, “Celine” playing Celine Dion’s mother, “MVP — The
 Secret Lives of Hockey Wives” as Taff Baron, and is the host of
 the new series “Star Portraits” which began airing on Bravo! in

 A typical evening with Louise would include
 these long-treasured classic songs of L’amour

 NE ME QUITTE PAS (Jacques Brel)
 MON DIEU (Michel Vaucaire, Charles Dumont)
 J’AVAIS REVE D’UNE AUTRE VIE (I DREAMED A DREAM)                                                                   “... award-winning star of
 (A. Boublil, J-M. Schoenberg) from “Les Miserables”                                                              ‘Mamma Mia!’ stepped onto
 MILORD (Marguerite Monnot, Georges Moustaki)                                                                    the stage [and] gave a knock-
 MON MANEGE A MOI (J. Constantin, Norbert Glanzberg)
                                                                                                               out 90-minute demonstration of
 NON JE NE REGRETTE RIEN (Michel Vaucaire, Charles Dumont)                                                     what star power is all about ...
 LA VIE EN ROSE (Edith Piaf, Louiguy)                                                                    she sang number after number in that
 HYMNE A L’AMOUR (Edith Piaf, Marguerite Monnot)                                               take-no-prisoners style she’s made famous. Each
 J’M’EN FOUS PAS MAL (Michel Emer)                                                           song she performs is a three-act play, filled to the
 LE CIEL EST BLEU (Louise Pitre)                                                                 brim with passion and emotion, but somehow,
 THE WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND (Michel Legrand)                                              magically, never tipping over the edge into bathos or
 LA VIE, L’AMOUR (R. Chauvigny, M. Rivgauche)                                     sentimentality. That’s the true test of Pitre’s artistry a lot of
 LES MOTS D’AMOUR (Michel Rivgauche, Charles Dumont)                 singers know how to go for it; Pitre also knows when to stop. But it was
 LES FLONS FLONS DU BAL (Michel Vaucaire, Charles Dumont)           the heartbreak that won out every time, especially when she switched into
 PADAM ... PADAM (Henri Contet, Norbert Gianzberg)                French. Jacques Brel’s ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ blazed with desperation, Edith
 MARIEKE (Jacques Brel)
                                                             Piaf’s ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’ had the tang of true defiance and Pitre’s own
 MON PAYS (Gilles Vigneault)
                                                                     French lyrics to ‘The Winner Takes It All’ conveyed a wounded nobility
                                                                            that conquered us all.” — Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star
                                                                                                             Portrait on reverse: Caitlin Cronenberg
                                                                                                              Portrait this side: Robert Goshgarian
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