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					You want it to have a comfortable feel in the hand and fit ergonomically in your hand
so that you can work with it for long periods of time without your hand cramping up
on you. Is your tactical knife for military or law enforcement work? If it is then you
will want to consider an auto opener versus a manual opener for deployment and
execution of chores as the job demands.

Do you want your tactical knife to be a folder or be a fixed blade? If you are going to
carry a knife everyday for work or just to have one then you will want a folder and if
you are geared toward outdoor activity then you will want to maybe consider a fixed
blade. steels as they do not hold and edge or perform for the long term. Will you carry
your tactical folding knife using a pocket clip? Will you carry your tactical folder in a
belt sheath? If a fixed blade will you carry in a sheath on your belt or on a MOLLE
compatible vest?

Vintage                                                                              Pocket
     When looking for the best tactical knife for you here are some things to consider
before purchasing one. The tactical knife has been in production for years and yes
they have been used for military and law enforcement applications by such people as
soldiers and police, but over the years these excellent tools have found their way into
the mainstream for such things as hunting, fishing and everyday carry by the masses.
The Xcrmo13, Xcrmo8,Xcrmo9 etc. Do not settle for the stainless steels out of China.
You want your tactical knife to fill up your hand properly and leave no gaps for it to
slip. Are you a fireman or some form of rescue or first responder? If so many people
in this area use a tactical folder that has a rounded point and is referred to as a rescue
folder or rescue fixed blade. If you want to look at knives that way then you will have
to resign yourself to the fact that any knife can be a tactical knife whether it is a folder
or a fixed blade type.

This is very common is the search and rescue fields. Whether you are an avid hunter
or just a guy or gal that carries an EDC (everyday carry) pocket knife, choosing the
best tactical knife for your situation can save you a lot of time and problems. If a
tactical knife handle is to thin in your hand then it can move around in your hand and
be uncomfortable. The last thing to consider is the carry option that you will employ.
Stick to high quality stainless steels made in either USA, Japan, Sweden and

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