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					                                                   A knowledge-based, comprehensive,
                                                   four-day program designed for pharmacists
                                                   and pharmacy technicians. This course is based
                                                   on Australian professional practice standards,
                                                   assisting attendees in understanding and
                                                   implementing these standards in the practice of
                                                   pharmacy compounding. We will explore how
compounding can be a valuable tool to help solve medication problems of both human and animal
patients as well as techniques to grow your compounding practice. Attendees will have the
opportunity for extended time on lab equipment to provide a thorough laboratory experience,
customised to their individual needs.

                          9TH - 12TH NOVEMBER, 2010
                     8:30AM - 5:30PM    TUESDAY - FRIDAY
Equipment Use and/or                         Legal Issues                      Hands-On Training
Demonstrations:                              Dispensing Devices/Techniques     Procedures / Unique Dosage
                                             Transdermal Delivery Systems      Forms:
  Electronic Balance                         Topical Delivery Systems
  Convection Oven                            Problem Solving with Various         Suspensions
  Jaansun® Capsule Machine                Dosage Forms                            Gels
  Tube Sealer                                Wound Care Applications              Base Selection
  Ointment Mill                              Pain Management                      Creams
  Electronic Mortar & Pestle (EMP)           Veterinary Compounding               Lip Balms
  Hot Plate                                  Bio-identical HRT                    Suppositories
  Foam Dispenser                             Pricing Issues                       Troche
  Filling Both Plastic & Metal Tubes         Technical Support/Basic              Capsules
                                          Formulations                            Percent Error Calculations &
                                             Basic Calculations                Potency Testing by Eagle Analytical
Ares of Discussion and                       Flavours                             Lollipops
Training:                                    Cosmeceuticals                       Transdermal Delivery Systems
                                             Tablet Triturates                    Rapid Dissolve Tablets (RDT’s)
  Safety/Quality in the Pharmacy                                                  Animal Treats and Pastes
                                             PK Software/Members-only Web
  Workflow                                                                        Preparing Compounds for
                                          Site Overview
  Preparing Log Sheets                                                         Dispensing
                                             Disguising Bitter Drugs
  Professional Practice Standards                                                 Effervescent Powders
                                             Advanced Formulations
                                             Owners Workshop                      Advanced Formulations
 This activity has been accredited by
    the Pharmaceutical Society of          C³ is an updated introduction to compounding
 Australia as a Group 2 activity for 50
CPD credits or 75 Group 3 CPD credits          giving participants the foundations for
  on completion of practice change         developing a successful compounding practice
  evaluation. Accreditation number:
              CX100052                                                       C³!
C³ Learning Objectives
1. Demonstrate how compounding can be used to solve patient medication problems
2. Demonstrate the use of contemporary compounding laboratory equipment
3. Prepare contemporary compounded dosage forms including gels, suspensions, creams, sticks,
pastes, capsules, lollipops, powders and tablets.
4. Apply quality assurance principles to compounding activities and apply a quality assurance
procedure to capsule preparation
5. Explain the regulations relevant to pharmacy compounding and then reflect on how their own practice complies
6. Identify effective marketing techniques for contemporary compounding services
7. Understand the Professional Practice Standards relating to Compounding and principles of quality assurance and
then reflect on, evaluate and improve their individual compounding practices

C³ Agenda
Day One:                                                    Day Three:
————————————————————————————                                ————————————————
8:30am-9:30am   Welcome & introduction to PCCA              8:30am-8:35am   Pre-Test for CPD
                Compounding                                 8:35am-10:30am  DEMONSTRATION and LAB TIME:
9:30am-9:35am   Pre-Test for CPD                                            Lip Balms, Topical Applicators,
9:35am-11:05am  DISCUSSION: Workflow, Quality                               Effervescent Powders, Unmold
                & Safety Technical                                          Lollipops, Bitter Drug Formula
11:05am-11:20am Break                                       10:30am-10:45am Break
11:20am-12:20pm DISCUSSION: PCCA Bases &                    10:45am-11:45am DISCUSSION: Legal, Professional
                Topical Delivery Systems                                    Standards
12:20pm-1:20pm  Lunch Break                                 11:45am-1:00pm  DEMONSTRATION and LAB TIME:
1:30pm-2:45pm   LAB TIME: Workstations,                                     Polyglycol and Gelatin Troche
                Compounding Gels-E4M &                      1:00pm-1:30pm   Lunch Break
                Carbomer, Log Sheers, E4M Gel               1:30pm-2:00pm   LAB TIME: Preparing Compounds
2:45pm-3:00pm   Break                                                       for Dispensing
3:00pm-3:30pm   DEMONSTRATION: EMP,                         2:00pm-3:30pm   DISCUSSION and
                Ointment Mill, Tube Sealer, Foam                            CALCULATIONS:
                Dispenser, Plastic & Metal Tubes                            Capsule Packing and Formulating,
3:30pm-3:40pm   Post Test for CPD                                           Capsule Machine, % Error
3:40pm-5:00pm   LAB TIME: Compounding Topical                               Calculations and Potency Testing
                Formulas, Using Equipment &                                 Post Test for CPD
                Filling Tubes, Foam Cleanser,               3:30pm-5:30pm   LAB TIME: Capsules / Product
                Lipoderm® & 40% Urea in                                     Testing
                Versabase® Cream
Day Two:                                                    Day Four:
————————————————————————————                                ————————————————————————————
8:30am-8:3am    Pre-Test for CPD                            8:30am-8:35am   Pre-Test for CPD
8:35am-9:30am   DISCUSSION: Problem Solving                 8:30am-9:20am   DISCUSSION: Pricing Discussion
                with Various Dosing Forms (PCD)             9:20am-10:05am  DISCUSSION:
9:30am-9:45am   Break                                                       Marketing your practice 1
9:45am-10:45am  DEMONSTRATION and LAB TIME:                 10:05am-10:20am Break
                Rapid Dissolve Tablets (RDTs)               10:20am-11:05pm DISCUSSION:
10:45am-12:00pm DEMONSTRATION and LAB TIME:                                 Marketing your practice 2
                Calculations and Compounding                11:05pm-11:50pm Compounding areas #1
                Suppositories                               11:50pm-12:05pm Break
12:00pm-12:30pm DISCUSSION: PK Software and                 12:05pm-12:50pm Compounding areas #2
                Members Only Web Site                       12:50pm-1:45pm  Lunch Break
                Information                                 1:45pm-2:00pm   Tour of PCCA - Tours will leave
12:30pm-1:30pm  Lunch Break                                                 from the kitchen as lunches are
1:30pm-2:15pm   DISCUSSION: Art of Flavoring                                finished.
                (PCD)                                       2:00pm-3:30pm   Equipment
2:15pm-4:15pm   DISCUSSION and LAB TIME:                                    Post Test for CPD
                Unmold RDTs, Unmold Rectal                  3:30pm-4:50pm   WORKSHOPS-Advanced Formulas
                Rockets, Polyox 301 Bandage                                         Oil in Water Emulsion
                Systems and Animal Treats                                           Water in Oil Emulsion
4:15pm-4:45pm   Break                                                               Vet Shampoo with pH Meter
                Post Test for CPD                                                   Thiamine oral solution
4:45pm-5:30pm   DEMONSTRATION and LAB TIME:                                         (create your own formula)
                Lollipops                                   4:50pm-5:00pm           Wrap up and Evaluations
C³ Speaker Credentials
               Frank Raue has been the General
               Manager of PCCA Australia for 8 years.                     Noela Bull
               He has held various marketing, sales &                     BPharm MPS
               general management roles over his 30                       MACP joined
               year career in the healthcare sector in                    PCCA in March
               Australia. Among his significant previous                  2010 as the
               positions, Frank served as Managing                         Business Development Manager southern
               Director of Kendall Healthcare, a leading                   Region. Noela first registered as a
global manufacturer of medical & surgical devices. Frank   pharmacist in Victoria in 1975. She has over 35 years
earned his MBA (Marketing) from MGSM in 2002 and has       experience in community pharmacy and has owned
a particular interest in the development of specialised    three pharmacies in Melbourne’s northern suburbs over
areas of practice in the pharmacy sector in Australia.     the years. Noela is very interested in compounding as it
                                                           is something unique to pharmacists and it is one of the
                                                           few areas where they can become a bit creative and
                Jenny Giam BPharm (Hons) MPS
                                                           actually produce a one off medication for patients with
                MACP. Since graduating in 1981, Jenny
                                                           special needs. She is particularly interested in helping
                has worked in formulation development
                                                           our members to develop their compounding practices in
                and software quality assurance in the
                                                           accordance with current standards, and consequently to
                pharmaceutical industry, and in
                                                           increase their sense of professional satisfaction.
                independent community pharmacy as an
                employed pharmacist and a pharmacy
                                                                          Nazmy Salib, BSc (Hons)MSc
                owner. As the Technical & Training
                                                                          (Chem), MRACI, has been employed as
Manager for PCCA since 2001 she is responsible for
                                                                          the Quality Assurance Manager for
supporting and training compounding pharmacists and
                                                                          Professional Compounding Chemists of
their staff in contemporary compounding techniques and
                                                                          Australia (PCCA) since 2004 and is
clinical applications for compounding. She is also the
                                                                          responsible      for     the    effective
Secretary of the Australasian Compounders Association
                                                                          management and implementation of the
established in 2007. Jenny was appointed as a member
                                                                          Company Quality System to ensure
of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration
                                                                          compliance to the Australian code of
Technical Working Group responsible for developing
                                                           Good Manufacturing Practice. Nazmy has more than 25
compounding standards for larger scale compounding
                                                           years management experience in the pharmaceutical
pharmacies in 2007 and is a reviewer of the
                                                           industry with solid expertise and ability to develop and
compounding relevant sections of the current Australian
                                                           implement systems for the development, regulatory
Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook. She is also a
                                                           compliance, quality assurance and quality control of
member of the Expert Advisory Group appointed by the
                                                           pharmaceutical products. Nazmy has also successfully
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia to review the
                                                           developed and implemented quality management
compounding practice standards for Australian
                                                           system for ISO 9001 Standard certification and
pharmacists. As a part time PhD candidate in the Faculty
                                                           successfully passed many training courses in Total
of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney, Jenny is
                                                           Quality Management, Continuous Quality Improvement
investigating the quality use of compounded medicines
                                                           and Occupational Health & Safety throughout his career.
in community pharmacy.
                                                           Nazmy has also been invited to represent the industry
                                                           on various technical & standard committees with the
               Marina Holt BPharm MPS MACP, has            Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI),
               been employed as the Business               Complementary Health Council of Australia and the
               Development Manager (Education) since       Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).
               August 2006. Marina has over 25 years of
               experience in community pharmacy and
                                                                          Victoria Mercer has been employed as
               has practiced in both Sydney and regional
                                                                          the Business Development Manager for
               New South Wales. Immediately prior to
                                                                          PCCA for just short of 8 years. Victoria has
               joining PCCA, Marina spent three years
                                                                          over 25 years of experience in the
working as a compounding pharmacist in Sydney’s
                                                                          healthcare sector working in various roles
southern suburbs. As well as providing technical support
                                                                          including Veterinary Nursing, Sales and
for members, Marina conducts training classes for
                                                                          Sales Management, Product Management
technicians, as well as providing hands on training
                                                                          and now Business Development with
and lectures for University of Newcastle students as
                                                           PCCA. Victoria also holds a diploma in Advanced
part of their pharmaceutics course. Marina is also
                                                           Marketing with an interest in the development of
actively involved in teaching the Introduction to
                                                           building and growing individual pharmacies compound-
Veterinary Compounding on-line course to students from
                                                           ing practices across the numerous therapeutic categories
Australia, the US and Canada and is accredited to
                                                           particularly suited to their own business and practitioner
provide RACGP training.
C³ Registration Form                                   9th-12th November 2010
Pharmacy Details:
________________________ ____________________________________________________________
PCCA Member #            Pharmacy Name
__________________________________________ __________________________________________
Pharmacy Owner Name                        Pharmacy Owner Signature

Attendee Details:
_________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________
Attendee Name                             Credentials        Job Title

Dietary Requirement:
   □ Vegetarian          □ Vegan          □ Gluten Free          □ Lactose Free         □ Pork Free
Any other allergies/or dietary requirements ______________________________________________________________

C³ Training Fee (including GST): Use your points to receive your discount!
                                                                                       To find
        □ $2,200 per person                                                                    out how
                                                                                      Loyalty            many
                                                                                       your ph         s Points
        □ $1,100 using 1000 PCCA Loyalty Reward Points                                          armacy
                                                                                      call +6            has,
                                                                                              1 2 931
        □ Free using 2000 PCCA Loyalty Reward Points                                                  6 1500

        □ Free attending as part of your original contract
                                                              * All registration fees will be charged to your PCCA account.

Accommodation bookings will be made however you are
responsible for paying your own account direct with
the hotel.

Accommodation (if required):

        □ Standard Room            $195 per night

        □ Ocean View Room          $245 per night

Request only: □ Twin     □ King    Number of rooms required ________

_________________________ ________________________
Check In date              Check Out date

     Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach 242 Arden Street, Coogee 2034 Hotel Phone # (02) 9315 7600

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your registration, you must let us know in writing, 3 weeks before class
commences otherwise there will be a $1,100.00 cancellation fee applicable. If reward points have been used to register
the $1,100.00 cancellation fee will still be applicable.

Guests staying at the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach will be picked up each morning at 8:10am sharp and taken to PCCA
Office by Local Courtesy Coaches. You will be taken back to the hotel at the end of the day.

Note: If registration is not made before the cut off date, the corporate rate will not be available, rack rates may apply.
If the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach are unable to accommodate you at this time, due to availability, PCCA will locate al-
ternate accommodation for you.

           To register, please complete and fax form to: (02) 9316 7422
   You will receive a confirmation & tax invoice to confirm your registration. Any enquiries please
               contact Roslyn Mackenzie: or (02) 9316 1506

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